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Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker

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Brand: Red Kite / Type: Walker

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    3 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 22:23
      Very helpful



      An excellent walker at a good price

      At Christmas Jayden wasn't walking but was pulling himself up and walking around the furniture, however he would get frustrated when he came to the end of the furniture and couldn't go any further so as one of his Christmas presents we decided to buy him a walker.  After having a hunt around we came across the Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker, it was perfect for what we were looking for and also an excellent price.  

      The Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker comes flat packed in a large white cardboard box, there is a large picture of the assembled walker on the front of the box with the name of the product written above it, the picture allows you to see exactly what you will be getting inside the box.  On the back of the box from what I can remember I think there was a small amount of product information, however there was not a huge amount of this, the majority of the product information could be found inside a small leaflet inside the box.  The parts of the walker are all wrapped in clear plastic bags to help protect them and prevent them from becoming damaged.  

      The Walker
      The Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker consists of a green plastic base with bright orange contrasting wheels, the frame part of the walker is made from white metal poles which a white plastic frame at the top, it is this area that the seat fits into.  The seat that clips into the frame is a deep padded seat with back support for your child's comfort, the seat is covered with a white tough fabric with multi coloured birds covering it.  The frame of the walker is made to look like a car with red headlights on the front, there is also a bright orange play tray which has various buttons on it, a gear stick that slides backwards and forwards and also a steering wheel in the centre that turns, in the middle of the steering wheel is a button which when pressed it makes a horn sound.

       The Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker also comes with some green plastic blocks, they fix to the bottom of the walker to alter the height of it as you child grows.  When the buttons on the play tray are pressed lights flash and music is played, there are various tunes that are played, most of which are nursery rhymes.

      The walker is a good size and when assembled measures 50cm (H) x 58cm (W) x 64cm (D), when folded up the walker measures 31cm (H) x 58cm (W) x 64cm (D) this makes it easier to store the walker should you require, the whole thing weighs 3.6kg so it is light and easy to carry around and move from room to room.  

      This product is suitable for children aged 6 months onwards, the minimum weight your child should be to go in this walker is 12kg with the maximum weight being 15kg.
      When it came to putting the Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker together there
      wasn't a huge amount to do, you simply pull the walker upwards moving the upper frame from the base so that it clicks in place, the only other thing you then have to do is click the play tray in place (once you have added batteries) and then fix the seat in place.  The seat clicks into a series of holes within the upper frame.

       If you wish to alter the height of the walker the blocks simply click into the base frame.  There are instructions for safely setting up the walker, however I found that it was pretty self explanatory and we did not really use these.  

      There were a few warnings that came with this product and the focused mainly around making sure the walker is assembled properly and not leaving your child unattended in the walker to avoid injury to your child.  They were pretty standard for this type of product.  

      Price and Availability
      We purchased Jayden's Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker from Tesco online, we paid £27.50 for this item, personally I thought this was an excellent price, at the time of purchasing it I had had a look a quite a few different walkers, some of them were extremely expensive and they didn't do a lot more than this one did, the walker we purchased was of an excellent quality and in my opinion worth the money.
      My Opinion
      Jayden used his Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker for several months and he loved it, he got the hang of it really quickly and enjoyed the extra freedom it gave him.  We liked this walker as it was of an excellent quality, it is well made and extremely strong and sturdy, when Jayden was walking around the house it did take a bit of a battering when he would crash into something in it, however it hasn't got a mark on it and still looks as good as new.

       I felt this this was sold for an excellent price especially compared to some other brands of walker we looked at which were very over priced.

       Jayden loved the play tray on the front and would spend ages using the steering wheel and other buttons and leavers on it, he also looked extremely comfortable and the seat supported him extremely well.

       If I had one criticism of this walker it would be that the sounds and music were very loud, on a lot of Jayden's toys there are a couple of volumes settings on this there is just one and it does get a bit much after a while, we would sometimes turn the music off using the small switch under the play tray, however this does not put me off this product.

       The design is unisex so I would recommend this walker to anyone, it is perfect for allowing your baby to get around and have more freedom until they can walk around unaided.  


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      01.04.2013 03:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice looking but not functional baby walker.

      ~*~*~ Red Kite Baby Go Round Walker ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a baby walker from the makers Red Kite. The products can generally be found in supermarkets and I bought this baby walker in Asda.

      It is a really nice design, the seat is adequately padded making it a comfortable item for baby, the plastic surround makes it easy to wipe clean and there is a removable electronic tray which is very much like an aeroplane.

      It is suitable to be used from 6 months of age.

      ~ The Walker ~

      I have to say I was initially very impressed with this walker. It came packaged in a flatish box with the walker folded flat inside, the wheels came in a separate bag along with the instructions so these needed to be popped into place which was a relatively easy procedure.

      The colours of my sons walker were a little bit different to the one above but apart from that it was identical.
      The seat part was mainly white and scattered with lots of cute little bugs, the main body of the walker was a white plastic, the bars on the side were white and the large bottom square part was red plastic. It is quite a compact walker and it felt very safe and sturdy when in use.

      It has three different heights which can be adjusted by using the lever under the tray part of the walker.

      A little battery operated play tray slots into the walkers tray and this has a steering wheel, a little back and forth lever, little rotating balls and lights. It plays little tunes which my son found highly amusing!

      We bought this when my little one was around 5 months old as he was eager to be up and about and from there he used it on a daily basis, he wouldn't be in it for long but did love to run up and down the length of the living room.

      Unfortunately after around 8 weeks of use the front wheels on the one side snapped off, I didn't notice at first as the plastic stem which inserted into the walker frame had just bent a little, I am not sure how as my son wasn't particularly heavy but eventually it bent completely before snapping off all together.
      This was a disappointment as the walkers I had bought for my previous children had lasted the duration which they were required for.
      There was no way this could be repaired and I had lost the receipt so I couldn't even return it so it ended up being a waste of £25!

      Another bad point was that the seat started fraying around the edges so I had to stitch it back together to stop the foam being exposed.

      In all this wasn't a very good walker, I have had a different walker for each child, my first being a Mothercare basic walker that has lasted through all four children and is kept in my mums, the second was a Graco walker which I had given to me off my auntie and the third was a Mamas and Papas walker, all of those went on to be used again by friends and family but there was no way this one could be passed on.

      The overall look was very nice and attractive, the shiny plastic meant that keeping it clean was an easy task with a spray of Dettol and a cloth but the faults let it down badly.

      I feel bad giving it a one star rating as when it was whole and not broken it was a very nice walker, but it just didn't live up to the job so I don't feel I can award it more stars. I don't feel it should have broken the way it did, my son wasn't overly heavy nor did he 'abuse' it in any way ... He was only 5 - 7 months old whilst using it!

      A shame really as I expected better.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        27.03.2013 11:45
        Very helpful
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        A quality product

        One of my friends has a saying that you spend your life wishing for your kids to make that next step in terms of development and then spend the next few years shouting at them because they are doing things they shouldn't. I think one if the most important moments in any parents life is when there little princess starts taking her first steps, the first words are important too but sometimes hard to judge when that exactly starts but there first steps well that's hugely important. So to help your 6 month plus or so a lot of people buy walker to help the child get confidence in terms of walking and also to get used to being upright and having free use of their arms.

        We bought the above walker when our first child was about 7-8 months and it has seen us through him, his brother and now one year old sister who still occasionally sits in it. The walker works like any walker in that the walker is really a glorified chair usually with a tray and on wheels. So the child is placed in the seat through holes for the legs and allowed to toddle around, safe in the knowledge that he or she can't get into too much trouble - hmmmm.

        The walker can be stored in the stacked position and then opened, there is a flick switch which will lock the legs into position and send your child out to do as much mayhem as he can reach. This walker does have something to play with on the tray and can be used when the child is nearing one as a seat for dinner rather than the baby chair you had previously been using.

        One of the problems with the walker is the pace the child can get to on the rollers, the height can be adjusted so you can use the walker from about 6 months until about 15 months and your child if on a smooth surface can get a decent rate of speed. They can also use it as a blocking agent, I found one of my children had very effectively herded a collection of children into a corner one day at play school. The other aspect is if either one of the wheels or plastic front runs over one of your hands, having your fingers run over by a full speed nine month old and then by the plastic edge scoring your wrist, it was then I realised I'd rather eat a fistful of wild bees than repeating the experience.

        I would add one note of caution in that the walker does need to be stored carefully because one stacked and stood up it is a large and cumbersome item and is relatively easy to pull over by your still crawling baby. I'd guess that the walker falling on your baby would cause an injury so best to stack in a place beyond their grasping reach. This product has done us well, its relatively easy to clean and is bright and colourful, once the baby moves to becoming a toddler then it is largely redundant but they make these things to be almost indestructible so give it a good clean and pass it on to a family with a 5-6 month old and let them use it.


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