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Red Kite Sit Me Up Seat

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6 Reviews

Brand: Red Kite / Type: Play Mats

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    6 Reviews
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      14.09.2011 21:12
      Very helpful



      Not really worth the money

      I bought the Red Kite Sit Me Up Seat three months ago and now I've had some use out of it (or rather my little girl has) here is my review :)

      -- Price and Availability --

      I found the Red Kite Sit Me Up Seat entirely by chance when shopping in my local Asda. It was on the bargain shelf reduced from £18 down to £9. It looked pretty good on the box and as my little girl was two months I wanted to encourage her to sit up more so she didn't get a flat spot on the back of her head.

      As I've seen the usual price for the seat is £18 - £20 so £9 was a real bargain. You can find it in your local Asda, online, and at Amazon.

      -- What is it? --

      The Sit Me Up Seat is an inflatable c shaped seat with a soft base and removable play tray. It is designed to encourage baby to sit up and provides a soft safe nest whilst they learn to sit unaided.

      -- Looks --

      It looks great - so bright! It is fashioned in sections of bright primary colours and has a soft velour touch. The removable play tray has three toys - a red lion which rattles, a yellow bear which squeaks and a little flower with crinkly petals and a mirrored centre. The tray has a velcro edge on each side to hold it on.

      The edges of the seat are styled in black and white high contrast spot and stripe images, great for tiny eyes!

      -- Out of the Box --

      All you need to do out of the box is blow it up, the inflatable ring is inside the velour cover already. It takes a bit of puff to get it fully inflated (!) but once up it stays up and is a nice smooth comfy looking seat. Then all you need to do is put baby in - the play tray is easiest put in place afterward.

      -- My Daughter's Opinion --

      Well, she likes being placed in it, but there's very little in terms of support for her in the Sit Me Up. As there's no between leg support, she simply slides down - more than once I've found her with a Sit Me Up hat! She finds this very funny, but it does somewhat make the seat pointless - I might as well lay her on a play mat surrounded by cushions and encourage her to sit up myself.

      She likes the toys, and as they're attached to the tray, they are always within reach, and she likes the little mirror. But ultimately I struggle to keep her a) sitting up and b) entertained by the toys for longer than ten minutes.

      I have a bouncer chair for her which she happily spends half an hour in, and a Bumbo which she will sit in for half an hour watching Waybuloo, or munching on a teether. Out of all her chairs, seating toys, and so on, I would say she uses this one least.

      -- Mummy's Opinion --

      It was an impulse buy and really it's a testament to why impulse buys are rarely wise - I'm glad I didn't spend any more than £9 on it. She does sit in it two or three times a week but to be honest it gets in the way and I probably wouldn't recommend it if a friend was considering one. There are lots of chairs out there to support a baby and this isn't in my top five. At £9 it wasn't too bad and it keeps my little one entertained but for a very short amount of time. It's not a chair I can pop her in and sit and have a cup of tea - I have to sit next to her and support her as the chair doesn't support her enough and I doubt if it ever will.

      Overall - not my best purchase.


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        24.08.2011 22:15



        not worth the money

        I brought this for my little boy to encourage him to sit up. The product comes deflated any is very easy to inflate. It is very colourful and comes with 3 toys and a hoop so you can add your babys favourite toys. The materia; itself is soft and the ring does feel quite comfortable. The material however is bigger than the inflatable ring so i do have some loose material at one edge.

        I tried to sit my baby in this on several occasions however each time he burst into tears and wanted to get out. The velcro flap at the front with the toys on prevents them from being able to try and move and I think he felt trapped. The ring isn't very high so doesnt offer much support for the babys upper body unless you slouch them.

        My child would not go in the ring, when he learnt to crawl he would occassionally go over to it and play with the toys from the outside but had never seemed comfortable or happy inside it.

        I would not recommend the is product, helping your child to sit on the floor or supporting them with pillows seems a better option.


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        24.08.2010 10:40
        Very helpful



        Get yourself to a charity shop!

        what is this?

        Essentially it is a giant rubber ring which you blow up for your baby to sit in. It can supposedly be used from birth and I guess that they could lie in but I have only used mine since my baby began sitting up. You blow the ring up - prop them up, give them some toys and you have a safe place for them to sit and play.

        Why should I use this not the floor?
        WHen my little one started sitting up for the first time - he could sit supported by cushions but not up by himself. Or if he could he would last maybe 5 seconds and then face plant on the floor - cue lots of screaming and tears.

        This provides support and if he does slip or fall over he only hits the inflatable ring!

        What is is made of?
        Plastic which is safety tested for babies and is tough - my cat jumped on mine and tried to claw it without bursting it luckily! There is a brightly coloured material cover which comes with it. This cover not only keeps baby entertained with its sensory "feeling bits" (essentially bits made from a different material to let them learn from touch) but it is machine washable. This is essential in a baby product as the un-avoidable vomit, milk, poo and other stains can make a product look and smell disgusting! With this - just take the cover off and wash it.

        Any other features?
        Well it comes with a few toys attached so baby can play - a sort of red monkey / lion (baby animals can be VERY hard to identify) with lots of soft frongs for baby to grab. You can also put in any other toys that you have and let baby play with them so it is a versatile toy.

        Why would I buy this?
        Well for me the best thing was when my baby wanted to sit up and play I could put him in here and let him play for 10 minutes while I made a cup of tea. It does give you a short break although I would not leave him in here by himself for all that long. He will now sit in it for up to an hour and play (although mummy has to watch most of the time as he is an exhibitionist!) It does save your back from supporting his weight ALL the time.

        Where to buy and how much?

        Now baby products are one of the most overpriced markets known to man (and woman). Therefore my rule has always been (in my seven months of being a mum) only to buy new things when absolutely necessary. So I bought a new car seat, a new buggy and a new cot. Virtually everything else has come from ebay, NCT sales or charity shops.

        My Sit me up seat is no exception. Purchased in a second hand childrens shop for £3. If you have to buy one new Amazon is a good bet and this Red Kite Seat is significantly chepaer than an ELC version of this product which is £30. Otherwise keep your eyes out for one second hand!

        Any other advantages?
        It is really quick to inflate - it comes with a pump but it is just as easy to blow it up (well I lie - it was easy for my husband to blow it up!). So if you need to utilise the space this takes up then you can quickly deflate it and put it away. It folds down really small for storage (or for going on holiday!)

        Any disadvantages?
        Just the ridiculous price tag of a new one!

        Overall - for babies learning to sit up this is a great tool.


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          23.08.2010 21:08
          Very helpful



          A decent toy, but cannot be used for too long

          I purchased the Sit Me Up Seat for my niece on the occasions when I look after her, which is quite often now. I wanted to get something that would allow her to be entertained yet kept securely in one place when I was cooking or similar. The seat looked like a good choice, as it promised a soft, safe structure and it was equipped with enough accoutrements to keep her little hands busy.

          The seat is an inflatable ring at its base. The ring is covered in a soft cloth-like fabric that has different coloured panels, including orange, purple and green. This colour scheme is good as it is vivid enough to enchant youngsters, and is not gender-specific. The design also means that children can loll comfortably against the surface of the toy, and if they take a tumble there is no hard surface on which they can hurt themselves. The seat is aimed at children who have just learned to sit unaided - usually around 6 - 7 months. My niece was seven months old when I purchased the seat, and I found the space within the ring was perfect for her, as she was not too enclosed, and nor was there too much empty space around her. The dimensions of the toy, when inflated, are 65 cm x 65 cm x 20 cm.

          There is a tray that covers one side of the toy, and this attaches via Velcro. This is a little worrying when you are leaving the child alone in a room, as they could easily remove the tray and exit the seat. I did not find this to be the case with my niece, but as soon as this was brought to my attention I was reluctant to leave her alone in the toy just in case. There are several toys positioned around the seat, and securely attached so that they are always within reach. The toys have different colours and textures for children to experiment with and amuse themselves. They include mechanisms that squeak and rattle, and fabrics that can be scrunched up and opened again.

          My niece enjoyed the seat, and I felt secure about leaving her in it due to its soft surfaces and entertaining nature. The toys only have limited interactive ability, but they are bright and colourful, and having them attached to the seat means you do not have to hunt for something to keep the baby amused while they are positioned in the seat. For just under £25 this is a decent seat, but there is a limited period in which the child is able to use it. If you could secure the toy for a much reduced price, only then would you feel you had spent your money wisely.


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          15.07.2010 12:58
          Very helpful



          save your money

          I bought this seat when I first started childminding as I though it would be useful for babies to sit in when I had to attend to other kids or cook the tea, things like that.

          Lets just say that I would save my money next time!

          It is a circular shape and is inflatable. It is intended to allow babies to sit up on their own. The seat comes with 3 soft toys which have different things in them. One has a mirror, one has a squeaky button inside along with a bell and the other one has crinkly material to make noises. Each toy is easily detached from the ring and there is a spare empty ring for you to put another toy of your choice on it.

          The toys are quite boring, the children soon lost interest in them. There was nothing to hold their interest, the noise of the bell wasn't very loud and the mirror was only small, not really big enough for the child to see a proper image.

          It is brightly coloured with stripes and spots decorating it. The cover is removable and washable or you can just wipe it clean. It is a soft material, like terry towelling and the ring is easy to inflate and deflate.

          The child is placed in the ring from about 6 months or whenever they can sit up with no assistance. The ring sits low on the floor and there is a fabric table which sits across the gap in the front of the ring. This is designed to prevent the baby from getting out but it is only secured with velcro on each side. It is easy for the baby to take off and then there is nothing to prevent the baby from falling forward.

          I also found that although the child I placed in was only 7 months old she was easily able to lean too far over the velcro table even when it was attached. I always worried that the table would tip over although it never did. There was nothing apart from the table to prevent the child from slipping out from underneath. With enough wriggling she was ably to get herself into quite an uncomfortable position partially under the table.

          I didn't continue to use the table after the child reached about 7 1/2 months as I didn't feel it held her securely enough. This design could be great if only a bit more care was taken in the safety aspects. It is a good idea and was certainly comfortable enough when the child was in there. It held her upright very well.

          I wouldn't recommend this product as I don't think it is useable after about 8-9 months.


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          25.04.2010 18:58
          Very helpful



          You will be lucky if your baby sits up for 5 minutes in this seat.

          ~ Age Range ~

          Suitable from approx 6 months or as soon as baby is able to sit independently.

          ~ Packaging ~

          The product comes in a very bright and colourful box which has a picture of a cute little boy sitting in the ring and also a picture of the ring on its own and a description of what toys are included with the ring. This is on both sides of the box and similar pictures and information is printed all around the edges too. The box also has the CE mark on it.

          When you open the box you will find the seat deflated and in clear plastic wrapping along with a very simple instruction sheet telling you where the valve is to blow the seat up and then some safety information at the bottom.

          ~ Toy Information ~

          The Play Time Sit Me Up is an inflatable ring with a removable play tray for babies to sit and play in whilst under adult supervision.

          The plastic inflatable ring has a soft, brightly coloured fabric cover over it and has a detachable fabric play tray with velcro strips so you can remove it if needed. There is an orange seat pad for the baby to sit on and the ring and tray have a rattle toy, squeaker toy, mirror with satin and crinkle fabric edging and a loop so you can attach one of your childs own toys to the ring.

          ~ My Summary ~

          I had this delivered with my Asda grocery shopping for my 6 and half month old Daughter to sit in as she is starting to tire of being on her back on her play mat or sitting in her bouncy chair. She cannot sit up alone yet but she is old enough to use the seat.

          I was quite impressed with the seat on first impressions when I saw the box as it looks sturdy, colourful and fun so I set about opening it straight away.

          On removing the ring from the box I was pleased to see that the inflatable ring is already in the fabric cover with just a bit of it uncovered so that you can blow the ring up. I was not so impressed with the fabric the cover is made from which is what I would describe as flimsy and felty feeling but it is very soft.

          I blew the ring up easily with no problems and just had to pull the fabric back over the section where the valve is.

          The sit me up seat was now ready for use and I plopped baby Autumn in it while I unpacked the rest of my shopping and watched her getting excited over the attached brightly coloured toys. The seat is very wobbly and I found myself getting ready to dive over and rescue her as she looked a bit like she was going to go headfirst over the tray a couple of times! If the tray was not attached to the seat she would have just tipped out straight away!

          After Autumn had been playing in the seat for 10 minutes or so she started to get a bit fidgety and bored and then wiggled herself down a bit so her head was resting on the back of the ring.

          Next time I looked up from my unpacking she had disappeared leaving two little arms waving out the top of the ring and she had slipped right down, all squished up with her head on the seat pad. I went over to rescue her and had a little giggle at her before I propped her back up again, she giggled back at me and found it all very amusing, so amusing that within 2 minutes she had worked her way back down into the same position!

          I have found whenever I put my Daughter in this seat now she will play for 5 minutes and will then just wriggle her way down into the squashed up position, I rescue her, it happens again and I get fed up of it and get her out.

          I feel that when my Daughter is a tiny bit stronger she will end up tipping herself over or out of the ring if I continue to use it, which I will not be!

          I also noticed that nowhere on the box or instructions does it say if you can machine wash the cover, the cover looks like it wouldn't survive a spin in the washing machine anyhow so what happens if it gets baby sick or worse or it!

          Overall I would not recommend this baby seat. I wish I had saved my pennies a bit longer and paid for a proper baby nest, not an inflatable one. After 2 weeks of very little use I have found it is unstable and bad quality - it already has a hole in it where one of the attached toys has been pulled a bit and it has become quite clear that is it not very comfortable for my daughter.

          ~ Price and Where to Purchase ~

          The Play Time Sit me Up Seat is made by Red Kite Baby Co Ltd. It is currently for sale in Asda for £15 and £22.99 on Amazon


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