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Tiny Love Gymini Duet

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tiny Love / Type: Activity Gyms

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    3 Reviews
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      14.10.2009 22:46
      Very helpful



      A very good buy

      I had heard good things about Tiny Love whilst pregnant with our first child and decided that I wanted a Tiny Love playmat quite early on. After several trips to Toys R Us we decided to buy this particular one.

      There are two sides, making it more appealing as the baby grows up. From the very early uses I could tell that this was a good buy. Our son loved his time on his play mat and with age was quickly able to play with his reflection in the mirror and the various noises on the mat together with the hanging toys from the two arches.

      The hanging toys are removable and we did buy some extra ones in order to change them around and further stimulate our son.

      I was able to pack this playmat away in it's original bag and take it to friends'/family houses to entertain our baby whilst we were eating etc and not feel guilty for not entertaining him ourselves as we knew how content and happy he was playing and exploring for himself.


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      06.10.2009 19:23
      Very helpful



      see review

      Gymtastic Baby Gym


      This is my first review since giving birth to my baby girl Elouise Deanna King on 2nd November 2008, so I might not quite be up to scratch on my review quality, but I'll give it my best try, so here goes. Tea, coffee and biccies at the ready!!

      All the way through my pregnancy I wanted to buy one of those brilliant gym things that you hear mothers going on about, but I was persuaded not to buy it till she was born, so very reluctantly and very patiently I waited. When the time finally arrived to buy Elouise this Gym it was the run up to Christmas, so off we went up to Babies 'r' us. We looked at a few different types but they were either too expensive or too over the top. We came to a happy medium with the Tiny Love Gymini Duet play gym at £35, we also noticed that there was a large selection of add-on charms and links (called linky-doos on the pack, lol). We later went back to buy some more charms (baby's wind chimes and squeaky bird).

      Some Product Brand History

      The Tiny Love Gymini brand has been around for some 15 years and they are still going strong and going worldwide in over 40 countries. Tiny Love have won numerous prestigious awards for its 7 elements - developmental centre (which I will explain later), and various products have won awards also (including: activitot tropic Isle, gymini super deluxe lights and music activity gym, Gymini Duet Activity Gym, Symphony in motion mobile, clip and go musical mobile, developlay activity centre, Taylor the hug me turtle and Baby's Wind Chimes). So as you can imagine Tiny Love takes pride in being the best!


      Here are the product features:

      * Double-sided mat.

      * Lights & Music Touch Pad.

      * Large mirror.

      * Honking horn (I call it a sqweeker).

      * Jittering car.

      * Rattling Sun.

      * Textured Grass.

      * Flower.

      * Butterfly Teether.

      * Rocking Dog on a Swing.

      * Safe, flexible arches.

      * Peek-a-boo ladybug/squirrel.

      * 20 developmental activities.

      *10 minutes of classic & folk music.

      The packaging

      The play mat comes in a transparent plastic heavy duty prestud seal carrier with a bright yellow plastic handle with a green bead attached to it. The play mat is backed with a large piece of card with various bits of information on it, on the top right of the carrier is the age group which is 0-10 months, in the middle is the name of the product which is Gymini 3-D Activity Gym Duet, and on the top left is the brand name, Tiny Love and the caption 'soft developmental toys' underneath. Also on the carrier is a sticker boasting 20 developmental Activities and full size play mat in a baby poo green colour, just to get the parents to look I suppose, lol.

      On the large piece of card there are various pieces of information. On the front piece of the card are 3 pictures. On the left is a picture displaying the two sides of the mat, one picture for the 0-3 months side of the play mat and one picture of the 3-10 months side of the mat. In the middle is a close-up picture of a baby playing with the lights and music touch pad. On the right is a picture of a baby playing on his tummy with the view of the whole mat. There are also 3 bullet points of features written on top if that picture (Two sides of age appropriate activities, Lights and music touch pad, Ten minutes of classic & folk music). Also on the front is a badge type image saying "Tiny Love Developmental centre, creators of the 7 elements system". And last but not least the heading saying "Double-Sided Playmat" with the words "Double baby's fun with this double-sided & age-appropriate play mat" underneath.

      On the back of the card, there is a lot of information (who'd thought that such a small piece of card could contain so much info). Down the left hand side is a list of pictures of all the charms supplied with the play mat (we also bought a bird charm and some foot wind chimes, later). You only get 5 charms to start off with but that's easily enough when your baby's young, it's only when they get to 3 months that they like a bit more variety. In the middle is a large picture displaying the 2 sides of the mat and the various features for that age described using arrows coming from the pictures of the mat, and there's some more features with small pictures next to them (Lights and music touch pad, Large mirror for extended tummy time (attaches to arches), Peek-a-boo squirrel, side to side flip mat, Provides comfortable padded surface for baby's nappy change and folds up quickly and easily). On the right hand side is a small amount of text and a table explaining the 7 elements table called the developmental chart.

      The 7 Elements System - developmental centre

      The best way to explain how this play mat works and how it is used is best explained using Tiny Loves 7 Elements System, which has won numerous awards for it's ease in helping parents to understand their baby's developmental milestones and stages. Here are the 7 elements that make up the system and how the play mat encourages, develops and stimulates those elements:

      The 7 Elements:

      'The Senses'

      *The play mat develops the hearing with 10 minutes of classical pieces by Mozart, and a variety of nursery tunes, as well as the other sounds found on the mat and toys.

      *Sight is stimulated by the double-sided mat with its images adapted to my baby's developing sight, flashing lights on the mat, a mirror and colourful toys hanging from the arches.

      *The range of materials such as the different types of fabric and the hard and soft plastics integrated into the mat and toys will entice and aid in developing my daughter's sense of touch, as will stroking and holding the various toys in her hand and bringing them to her mouth for further exploration.

      *The mat develops coordination of the senses as she looks, hears and explores the various stimuli with her hands and mouth.

      'Gross Motor Skills'

      *The play mat encourages my daughter to lift her head as she lies on her tummy, looking at the clear colourful images on the mat or in the mirror (which encourages her to keep looking at the reflection of her face), thus strengthening her neck and shoulder muscles.

      *The dangling toys entice my baby to reach out to them. She stretches her hand out to the side and ... finds herself on her back, having successfully rolled over. Elouise has yet to do this properly.

      *As she reaches out and bats the toy with her hand and foot, she strengthens and develops her muscles.

      *At about six months, the lights & music touch pad will entice my baby to press it to play the music, which practices shifting her weight to one hand and leaning on it.

      'Fine Motor Skills'

      *The toys hang within hands reach encouraging my daughter to reach out and bat at them, at first it was quite random but gradually it has become more intentional the more she practices and develops hand-eye coordination.

      *Elouise will later explore the various stimuli on the mat and practice holding toys of various sizes and shapes, not just the easy to grab toys. This is how she will practice opening and closing her hand, pulling and pushing and after that, coordinating both hands.


      The mat provides a range of cause & effect activities. My daughter will learn about the connection between her actions and the effects they cause (cause & effect) when she:

      *Bats the toy causing it to swing back and forth.

      *Thumps the Lights & Music Touch Pad with her hand, causing the music and lights to play.

      *Tugs at the toy car in front of him to see it jitter or makes the dog dance.

      '''Object and Permanence'''

      *From the fifth month, babies begin to relate to the disappearance and reappearance of objects from their field of vision, such as when lifting the beetle and seeing the image underneath, thus creating an enjoyable peek-a-boo game.


      Babies' ability to soothe themselves is dependent, at least in the beginning, on outside help:

      *The special structure of the play mat, with its crossed arches, reminds a very young baby of the soft round protected structure of the womb, soothing her.

      *The classical music played by the musical Lights & Music Touch Pad, fills the air with soothing sounds.

      'Language & Communication'

      *Listening to classical music contributes to the development of baby's language skills.

      *Both music and language consist of a series of sounds that make up sentences. In the first case, the sentence is musical, while in the second it is verbal. In both cases, the brain absorbs the series of sounds, organizes them and gives them meaning.

      *The mat offers quality classical music, which when listened to over and over also stimulates the part of the brain responsible for language development.

      And here are the different stages for your baby and what you can do to play with this toy and your baby at the same time (yes, I admit it, I have played with this toy myself before I wrapped it up for my daughter, to figure out how the damn thing works...honest!). The 7 elements are developed at different stages so activities that involve cognition, objects and permanence, EQ, and language & communication will not be observed until the later stages.

      '1-2 months'

      *The play mat stimulates my daughter's hearing with classical music, and sight as she looks at the colourful dangling toys in front of her, and the contrasting colour images on the mat that are age-appropriate for her vision.

      *While Elouise lies on her tummy, the contrasting coloured images encourage her to remain on her tummy for a little longer, thereby strengthening her neck muscles. (This is vital if you want your baby to be able to sit up well)

      *The mat soothes her with classical music and its special protective arched structure. These soothing elements affect my baby's growing ability to calm herself, which is important as I don't want to be up all night trying to get her off to sleep because she can't do it herself.

      'Playing with this toy:'

      *You can try placing your baby on the play mat with the arches crossed and hang a toy so that it is about 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) from her/his eyes - the optimal distance at this age.

      *Some babies feel happy and enjoy being in the play mat from the beginning, while others will still prefer smaller closed places (such as a cradle) and will happily stay on the mat at three months.

      *Place your baby on her/his tummy so that she/he can see one of the images in contrasting colours on the mat.

      *Activate the music of the Lights & Music Touch Pad to develop your baby's hearing.

      '3-4 months'

      The play mat stimulates the full variety of all the senses:

      *My daughter's hearing is stimulated with classical music and cheerful tunes, as well as a range of other sounds made by the various toys.

      *The colourful mat with contrasting colour images, the mirror and colourful dangling toys surrounding her to stimulate her sight.

      *The assorted textures (textiles and soft plastic) stimulate her sense of touch.

      *The mat contributes to gross motor skill development by providing fun stimuli for my baby while lying on her back or on her tummy.

      *The colourful images on the mat and the mirror encourage Elouise to lift her head in order to see them, strengthening her neck and shoulder muscles.

      *As she lies on her back, encouraged by the dangling toys, she will reach out with her hand and bat the toys to cause them to sway back and forth, and she even practices her grip by grasping the toys. This is how fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination develops.

      *When she bats at the toy causing it to swing back and forth, she learns the connection between her actions and the effects they cause.

      *The music has a soothing effect, which apparently contributes to my baby's emotional intelligence (its just damn annoying at times to be honest).

      *Listening to the classical music contributes to the development of her language skills.

      'Playing with this toy:'

      *While your baby is lying on her/his back ensure that the toys are within arms reach so that she/he can reach out her/his hand to touch and bat them.

      *Occasionally place your baby on her/his tummy so she/he can lift her/his head and look at the images on the mat.

      *From time to time expose the other mat and let your baby lie on it on her/his tummy so that she/he can see the musical surface. Activate it and let your baby watch the lights flashing to the sound of the music. This will encourage her/him to lift her/his head.

      *Place her/him on her/his back or her/his tummy facing the mirror and let her/him watch his reflection. Place the mirror at different angles and allow your baby to see the images on the mat together with her/his own image reflected in it.

      *Activate the music of the Lights & Music Touch Pad to develop your baby's hearing.

      '4-6 months'

      *Elouise's developing senses will enable her to play and enjoy the various types of music and sounds that are emitted by the toys and the mat (whistling, rattling and so on).

      *Flipping the side of the mat over reveals new and interesting stimuli for her to look at and watch, as well as to enjoy the flashing lights on the Lights & Music Touch Pad. Her developing vision allows her to clearly see the toys hanging close by, as well as those hanging further away.

      *Elouise develops her sense of touch when she grasps a toy and explores it with her hands and mouth, or strikes and caresses the various stimuli on the mat, or even when she grasps them tightly and pulls them about, lol funny to watch.

      *As my baby lies on her tummy, she looks in the mirror and enjoys the reflections, as well as her own, strengthening shoulder and neck muscles.

      *The dangling toys will entice my baby to reach out for them, and inevitably she will eventually roll over.

      *From her fifth month she will begin to hold the dangling toys. She will shake them and bring them to her mouth for further exploration.

      *From the sixth month or so, the Lights & Music Touch Pad will stimulate my daughter to thump it to play the music or to pull the jitter car with her hand, in this way practicing shifting her weight onto one hand and then onto the other.

      *The music soothes her, contributing to her emotional intelligence.

      *The mirror allows my daughter to lie on her back as well as on her tummy to see her reflection. As she looks at herself, she learns about the structure of the human face, which is the basis of her self image.

      *The play mat offers several cause & effect experiences, such as shaking the toys, tugging on the sun (to see how it shrinks back), or activating the Lights & Music Touch Pad.

      *When my baby lifts the flap on the mat she reveals the squirrel hiding beneath (appearance-disappearance), creating an enjoyable peek-a-boo game for her.

      *Listening to the classical music contributes to the development of language, and looking into the mirror encourages your her to babble at the baby in the mirror (herself), and babbling is the foundation on which language is built, but it don't half make you laugh at times.

      'Playing with this toy:'

      *Show the other side of the mat with the more complex drawings and allow your baby to look at them.

      *From time to time change the position of the hanging toys to draw the baby's attention and urge her/him to reach out and try to grab them.

      *Place your baby on her/his tummy in front of the mirror and encourage her/him to interact with her/his reflection.

      *Draw your baby's attention to the other activities on the mat, such as the jittering car. Urge your baby to try pulling it on her/his own.

      *Place her/him in front of the Lights & Music Touch Pad and encourage her/him to strike it with her/his hand in order to activate the music and lights.

      *Activate the music of the Lights & Music Touch Pad to develop your baby's hearing.

      '7-10 months'

      *My baby will lie or sit on the activity mat, and explore the various stimuli with her hands or mouth, developing her sense of touch, or activate the lights and music touch pad to listen to the different tunes and watch the flashing lights to develop her sense of hearing and sight.

      *Activating the lights and music touch pad will entice my daughter to crawl and reach for it, developing gross motor skills, and pulling on the jittering car and playing with the other toys will develop a variety of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

      *My baby will learn about cause & effect when she causes the music to play and the lights to flash when thumping the Lights & Music Touch Pad, and how pulling the jitter car and letting go, will cause it to drive forward.

      *There are hidden animals on the mat for my daughter to find, which will create enjoyable peek-a-boo games once she can do it and it will teach her about object permanence.

      'Playing with this toy:'

      *Remove the arches and let you baby play on the mat as an activity mat.

      *Encourage her/him to activate the Lights & Music Touch Pad and hum the tunes with her/him.

      *Play peek-a-boo with your baby as you lift and drop the flap to reveal and hide the squirrel.

      *Remove the toys from the arches and allow your baby to play with them individually, to explore them with her/his hands and mouth and learn to play with them by her/himself - let her/him pull the jitter car, explore the sun and flower, and so on.

      *Activate the music of the Lights & Music Touch Pad to develop your baby's hearing.

      My Personal Experience

      I love this toy it's brilliant. The instant feedback when she looks at the mirror is amazing, it encourages her to increase her tummy-time and lift her head, strengthening her arms, neck and shoulders, as well as further developing her motor and cognitive skills. As soon as she started playing with this toy there was an instant feedback from Elouise as she was staring at all the toys dangling in front of her. That has now progressed to her grabbing the toys and thrashing them around so fiercely that the arches started to bend! She's also started recently stroking the crinkly peek-a-boo bit but she hasn't figured out how to flip it over yet though. I think it's both lovely and funny when she's on her tummy and looks at the mirror as if to say "Who on earth is that over there?". I have read in other reviews that you cannot clean the play gym, when in actual fact, you can. To get the lights and music pad out, you just undo the Velcro on the back of the play mat, to get the arches undone, first you undo the prestud at the top where it crosses, then you undo the prestud on each corner. Then hey presto, you can put the mat in the wash like a normal blanket. And the arches can be sponge cleaned, both parts should be left to air dry.

      I will give this product 9/10 because there are hardly any faults with the play mat apart from the fact that the touch pad does get a bit annoying at times because, even though there is an off switch she can still activate the touch pad by touching the cloud on the mat. Everything else is brilliant, the makers of this play mat have clearly not missed a thing here. I can't wait until she does something new with the mat as every time she goes on the play mat she picks up something new. The other thing that I really like about this product is that you can easily find and buy more attachments, we bought some foot wind chimes and a squeaky bird from the same shop (£10 for the wind chimes, £4 for the bird). I also like the fact that the play mat keeps my girl occupied when I have to nip to the loo or make a cuppa, it can also help to keep your baby awake more in the day time and less in the night time if you have a baby that is awake all night (those of you that don't have kids are so lucky, lol.) It's also really handy that you can use the play mat as a nappy changing mat.

      And Finally

      For the soppy git's out there you can see some cute pictures of my daughter Elouise being guinea pig and model for me, lol. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I hope I didn't bore you with writing an essay, lol. My work can also be seen on Ciao and various other sites. Your rates and comments are much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.


      Research sourced from tiny love.com.


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        27.09.2009 22:33



        A brilliant buy

        As with most things baby related I was overwhelmed by the choice of play gyms on offer and went for this one as it was on special offer in Toys R Us and I had some vouchers too.

        When I got it home and had a look at it I was really pleased with my purchase, it is good quality and has a wide variety of toys on it.

        My son loved playing on it when he was younger and spent a lot of his waking time on it. He liked to roll around to look in the mirror and take a swipe at all the toys. The toys are easily removed and other toys can be used on the rings provided. Also the whole mat comes apart for cleaning, and the mat part of it can be machine washed.

        My son is now 13 months old so its been a long time since he used it as a playgym, but we have deconstructed it and have a washable playmat, some toys and a mirror which are still vaguely interesting to him and the rings which we use to attach various toys to his highchair or pushchair straps.


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      • Product Details

        The side-to-side flip blanket provides age-appropriate, self activated fun and fascination for facilitating baby's development. The instant feedback when she activates the touch pad will encourage her to increase her tummy-time and lift her head, strengthening her arms, neck and shoulders, as well as further developing her motor and cognitive skills. Double-sided mat Lights & Music Touch Pad Large mirror Jittering car Rattling Sun Flower Butterfly Teether Rocking Dog on a Swing Safe, flexible arches Peek-a-boo ladybug/squirrel The Gymini Duet Activity Gym develops hearing with the 10 minutes of relaxing classical pieces by Mozart, and a variety of well-loved nursery tunes, as well as the other sounds found on the mat and toys.

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