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Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood Play Gym

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Type: Activity Gyms

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    5 Reviews
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      04.06.2009 20:28



      Great item

      The Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood gym is a must for any Winnie the Pooh fans. It has a classic design and is pleasing to the eye. It comes with a padded blanket, a blow up ring and cover, 4 hanging detachable toys, the arch and a small cover for the top.

      All the items except perhaps the arch can be used separately. There is a soft padded blanket that can be used when baby is born to 3months where they can lie and get used to their surroundings. It is a beautiful design with lovely soft colours. Can be hand washed so its easy to wipe up any accidents.

      The blow up ring is perfect to help baby sit up and fill with either balls or toys to encourage grasping. The blow up ring cover has small activities for baby to pull or grasp on to and feel different textures or hear different noises.

      The toys include a bright yellow bees nest that has a mirror on the end, a Tigger that can be pulled and will go back up and two crinkly leaves. They are great to encourage baby to reach and colourful enough for them to focus on. They can be used separately and on the gym. The yellow mirror is big enough for baby to see in and small enough for him to hold.

      Perfect from birth to crawling and gives baby a safe place to play when he isn't being held.


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      14.10.2008 13:55
      Very helpful



      a great set that amuses babies from newborn up to sitting position

      i bought this tomy winnie the pooh hundred acre wood play mat and gym for a eldest daughter when she was 4 months old.

      The gym set consists of a mat, poles that you put together to make the bits where the toys han on (4 toys - 2 crackily leaves, a tigger and a honey hive with mirror on base) covers for he poles and a leave type canopy that sits on the top,and a blow up ring and cover.

      first of all my daughter was too small to sit in the support ring and used to lay on the mat and reach for the hanging toys, she loved the crackily leaves best!
      when she was old enough to go in the ring we used to use it alot, there are various activies on the ring (eyores squeeky tail and other shiney surfaces and materials.

      the only thing i found with this was that after a while where the poles arch to meet at the top it puts pressure on the area where the poles join and mine split and meant i had to brown tape them back together - which was a bit of a pain.


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      10.07.2008 10:51
      Very helpful



      Great fun brought to kids by the one and only Winnie the Pooh.

      Winnie the Pooh Hundred Acre Wood Play Gym

      ***What is it?***
      Well as you probably have guessed it is a play gym which is made form three parts. Different parts can be used depending on your child's ability. There is a mat which basically looks like it's meant to be a wood (the 100 acre wood most likely). This is a soft playvmat which is extremely soft to touch. It is also padded so if your child falls on it they will not get hurt. This mat can be used on it's own when your baby is very small and can not sit up and perhaps when they learn how to roll. The hanging toys can be given to the baby to keep them happy whilst on the mat. There is also a rubber ring which has a soft cover to cover It with. This can be used to help your child sit up and give them support when they can not sit up. However I do not recommend putting your child in it lying down because they will not have much room and can feel quite confined also they can no roll over therefore it does not encourage their learning. There is also an arc with hanging toys which can be placed on the playmat. The toys can be moved down so your child can reach them. However you can also put the ring in the middle under the arc and move the toys up encouraging your child to sit up and play with the toys sitting up.

      ***How do I set it up?***
      The play gym is very easy to set up and on your own it takes about twenty minutes but with help it can probably be done in ten minutes. The playmat is already set up and there is nothing to do. The ring has to be blown up. This is not hard and is like blowing up about 7 balloons. It is easy to blow up but does leave you slightly out of breathe at the end if you are not used to blowing inflatable up. But I was used to it since I have to blow up an inflatable croc every time we go abroad! The cover is quite difficult to put on alone because it is quite difficult to get it all the way round and pull it on but with help it can easily be pulled over. Lastly the arc which was the hardest. You have to place the cover over two tent poles and to the same with the other cover too. It Is quite hard to push through but campers should find this quite easy. The poles connect at the top but it is quite hard to get them to connect. You have to bend and pull the poles a little but they won't break just use a little force. The toys are easily placed onto to the arc through the rings which can be easily attached to the arc. The toys can be placed at different levels for your child as they grow.

      ***What does it look like and what can my child do?***
      Well as I have already said the play mat is green with pictures of trees on which are also green. I believe this is meant to represent the 100 acre wood and if it doesn't then it should! The child can use the mat just as a play mat on its own. The rubber ring is quite big and unsurprisingly round! The ring cover has pictures on which are bright and eye catching. There are green trees/shrubs at the bottom which can just be seen along the bottom. There are also the winnie the pooh characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore. Eeyore's tail also lifts up. There are also butterflies and bees scattered all over the ring cover. There are lots of flaps which expose a variety of materials for the child and little activities for the child to do such as flowers with a soft furry material and soft toys such as Pooh. There is also a toy which squeaks and rattle toys. The arcs which go over the top are brown and made to look like twigs with a cover at the top where they join. The green cover is meant to be the top of the trees almost to but your child into the nature. This adds to the effect and makes it look pretty. From this brown arc there are four toys which can be moved and taken off. They can be taken off so your child can play with them on their own. They can be moved in accordance of your child's ability and height so if they can not yet sit up they can be lowered. However when they sit up they can be placed higher and as they grow the toys can be moved higher. The toys hang on big black rings which are also detachable. Your baby can pull them down as they please to play with them without breaking it. Tigger is bouncy and when you press his tummy is squeaks. There is also a large beehive which has a mirror on which is always fun for children and it also chimes. The beehive is yellow with a small black door. There are two leaves which hang down which are both fairly large. They make a nice crinkly sound which is great for children (and me since I love that sound!)

      ***How can I store it?***
      Why you would want to store it is a good question because it can be used all the time for nearly everything. When the child is very young you only need a play gym! But if you do want to (perhaps between your first and second child) then I recommend dismantling it especially the ring because it doesn't take long to blow it up again. Since the whole thing can take about 10 minutes to put together with someone or twenty minutes on your own I recommend dismantling it if your are going to store it for a long time. If you want to store it over night I recommend just leaving it in the corner. The mat can be rolled up and the arc placed behind something but there is no point in deflating the ring if you are going to inflate the ring the next day.

      ***How do I clean it?***
      I would recommend hand washing as usual because I think it is better. However if you want to use the washing machine then the play mat can be washed as well as the ring cover. The soft toys can also be washed but the beehive shouldn't be because it has a mirror so you will have to handwasit. The ring can be wiped down although it won't get dirty because it has a case on it. The arc should be hand washed and the poles should be wiped down with a cloth but these don't have to be cleaned too often because they are also covered.

      ***Is my child too young?***
      It is suitable for babies from birth. However once your child starts crawling the arc usually has to come off as it gets in their way. However the play mat can be used at whatever age and the ring can also be used at any age (until they get too big).

      ***Where can I get it from and how much?***
      You can buy them from loads of shops that sell toys. Argos are selling them for an average price of £39.99. You can order this online as well if you want (www.argos.co.uk). Ebay (www.ebay.co.uk) are always selling new and old ones cheaply so if you like Ebay that could be worth a look at. Mothercare and Kiddicare also sell them. We got ours from Mothercare but if you shop around you will be able to find them for cheaper.

      I do recommend this product but you should buy it for a new born to get maximum value. Also when your child does get too old for play gyms they can still use the mat to play on and the toys to play with. Children always enjoy playing with rings as well especially inflatable ones so this can also be used. It is a good product and although your child may not use all the pieces as one set for very long, each individual piece can be used for quite a long time.

      Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the review.


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        15.10.2005 21:55
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        well, ben enjoyed the mat, but not the ring

        For Christmas, my baby brother received a Winnie the Pooh hundred acre wood play gym for his Christmas present, as we didn't know what else to get him. He had everything, clothes toys, food, and even money, so what could we get him? Ah-hah thought my mother; we could get him a play gym, so me, mum and my other sister looked through the Argos catalogue and came across this play gym. It included a rubber ring type thing with a cover on to put the baby in, and for when they are older, a play mat with hanging toys that make all sorts of noises.

        So come Christmas day, when we were helping my 3month old brother open his presents, during which he loved all the excitement going on and all the paper noises, he and mum opened his present. We got it out and read the instructions carefully. My mum found it very easy to understand and had the main mat set up within twenty minutes, and the ring set up within ten minutes because it needed to be blown up. When they were set up, we put Ben in there and he loved the ring to start off with, as he could sit up, but didn't like it a few days after. I thin that after a while, babies may become bored of the ring, as there isn't that much room to move around. The features on the ring are: a squeaky toy, a rattle toy, and various other soft-toy characters.

        We tried him on the mat next, and 7months later, he still loves it. With a soft mat on the floor, it doesn't matter too much if he falls over, and various toys above him to look t when he's on the floor, yet the freedom to move around as he wishes (although he still doesn't know how to crawl yet) he enjoys the fact that he isn't in a confined space. My mum enjoys this because that leaves her to play with my younger sister a bit more or to even have some time to her. The features on the play mat are, the actual mat has a wood-like theme to it and is soft, the poles' toys are as follows, a honeycomb- mirror to hang off the top, rustling leaves to hang off the top, and another character that squeaks.

        This play gym teaches babies and toddlers to start crawling, rolling over, and maybe even walking. They learn to sit up, and to have a bit more freedom and independency. They can also have different toys around them to play with so that they can learn hand-eye co-ordinance, and they can learn different sounds and sights. They may even be able to start talking on this.

        Ages: suitable from birth upwards
        Prices: £39.99 - Argos - www.argos.co.uk
        £38.99 - Amazon www.amazon.co.uk
        £10+ - e-bay www.ebay.com
        And other places to try:

        Further information: www.tomy.co.uk

        Thanks for reading. Happy playing.


        NB this is also on ciao under my ciao name, angiebabyqueen


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          27.09.2005 19:17
          Very helpful



          A beautiful toy suitable from birth

          I bought one of these a few weeks ago for my 9wk old daughter. I think this one is beautiful, that's why I was attracted to this one, I'm just a sucker for Winnie the Pooh! Sssh don't tell anyone!


          * Sort padded blanket (i call this a play mat)
          * Inflatable ring
          * Cover for inflatable ring
          * Canopy
          * Hanging toys and rings


          There is lots for baby to do here. This is suitable from birth and you can inflate and deflate the ring according to your baby's development (my toddler had great fun in this as soon as my back was turned). My one isn't inflated too much, this is so my baby isn't sitting up too far, the ring supports her. As she gets older and sits up herself then the ring will be gradually inflated more and more. There is a big canopy over the playgym, this comes with detachable toys and rings:

          * Tigger - pull him and he bounces
          * Yellow honeypot - this is the biggest of the toys, it has a mirror attached to the under side and rattles when you hit it.
          * Two crinkly leaves, one featuring Piglet and one with Winnie

          My baby especially likes the honeypot, I think this is because of the size and colour.

          The play ring itself has a variety of lift up flaps with different materials, there is also Eeyore's ponytail.


          The playgym can be used in 3 ways. You can use it with all the parts (ring, canopy and play mat), or without the canopy, or without the playring.

          FITTING UP

          I thought that I would be able to fit this up in 2 minutes but it took me a while. The play ring was the first challenge. Fortunately I persuaded the hubby to do this. It took him a while and he was slightly red-faced afterwards so I would suggest using a pump. The cover to go over the ring was easy but slightly fidgety.

          Up next was the canopy, this consists of tent-like poles with a cover. The cover was easy to put on the first 2 poles but was more difficult for the other two. There is a connector to connect all the poles at the top. I found this tricky. It was fidgety and I was scared of snapping the poles. You have to bend the poles to get them all to connect. They are very strong and the chances of breaking them are slim as they are made for this.

          Next all the toys were threaded through their rings then onton the canopy. This was the easy bit. There are a few holes at different levels for the toys to attached to. As baby gets older you just have to move them up a notch.


          The canopy for this is quite large and isn't foldable so it can be quite awkward for storing. I haven't attempted to dismantle this as I don't want to be bothered with putting it all together again. Meanwhile it takes up a corner of my living room.


          The playmat, inflatable ring cover and the soft toys are all machine washable at 40C max. The honeypot should be washed in a pillowcase to prevent damage to the mirror. The rest of the parts can be washed with soapy water.

          No part of this toy can be tumble dried or ironed.


          As usual when I see something I want I search for hours until I've found the cheapest supplier. I bought this from Kiddicare for £34.99. Nursery And Toys have it for £31 but delivery is an extra £4.95 whilst Kiddicare is free. Still a bargain considering my local toy shop is selling it for £49.99!

          £34.99 may seem quite expensive for a baby toy but it's definitely worth every moments peace I get from it!!


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        • Product Details

          3 different ways to provide a magical, soft and stimulating environment for your baby to rest and play. Softly padded blanket can be used on its own with the woodland frame - with or without the removable canopy. Inflatable, fabric-covered play ring prov

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