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Asda Little Angels Baby Lotion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Baby Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      26.09.2013 11:39
      Very helpful
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      Good value for money and a handy product to have.

      Item: Asda Little Angels Baby Lotion
      Size: 100ml
      Price: 50p
      Bought in: Asda

      I bought this for me, not for a wee baby so will tell you how I liked it and you can see if you or your baby would too! I was looking for a small and easy to travel with moisturiser that I could use on my hands and body and when I saw this in Asda at 50p I thought it was worth a try. I was going on a plane so the maximum size I could take was 100ml so this was ideal size wise too.

      This comes in a bottle with a screw on lid. The bottle measures 10cm in height and 4cm wide. The lid is smaller and is only 2cm wide. The bottle is pal pink and quite opaque. You can just see the level of the lotion through it though so you can tell what you have left. The bottle has a white label around it with nice, bright colourful text across it in a rainbow of colours. There is a little cartoon baby on the front who reminds you it is for baby's, but that didn't put me off haha. The front of the label tells you that it "leaves skin soft and smooth, moisturises baby's skin and it hypoallergenic". The back has further details on the how to apply it "apply using cotton wool. Use to moisturise skin after cleaning." However this is the directions to apply it to a baby so I made my own arrangements haha. The lid is easy to grip, even just after the shower with damp hands you can still grip the lid properly to open. The lid screws on really tightly and I have had it dropped in the bottom of a hold all and my handbag and no leaks. I like the look of this wee bottle. The pink is really girly and even though there is a little baby on the front I didn't feel like it was too baby-ish. The label pulls off really easily too so if you wanted to re-use the bottle after for other toiletries on flights for carry-on luggage you could.

      Use and results:
      This lotion is pale pink and is the same consistency as double cream, it pours out of the bottle easily with a light tap on the end (like getting tomato sauce out of the bottle haha). I have used this on my hands and legs, tummy, arms and have had great results. For my hands I have poured around a 10p size dollop out and rub between both hands. It dries in really quickly and has a silky after feel, but not greasy. For my legs, tummy and arms, I used bigger dollops and just rubbed it in. On these areas it also sank in really quickly and my skin felt really soft afterwards. The lotion smells pretty much exactly the same as Johnstone's Baby Lotion, which is a nice light fragrance. I find that quite comforting. I do have other lotions in the house that are specifically created for adults, but every now and again it is nice to be smothered in something that reminds me of being a wee baby. As a space saver and on a budget this a is a cracking little bargain. I wouldn't use it continually but for the short term and to save me space in my hand luggage this is brilliant.

      I will happily give this 5 stars. The bottle is cute and the lids shuts securely. The lotion makes your skin feel nice and soft and dries in really quickly. At 50p for 100ml this is good value for money too.


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        30.07.2013 10:42
        Very helpful



        Absorbs well, softens skin and nice fragrance.

        I have 2 grandchildren and a grandbaby on the way so I have been trying to buy some items for my daughter to put away ready for the new born which is due later in the year. When my grandchildren visit and get dirty from playing in the garden etc, I like to give them a quick shower so that they are nice and clean for when they arrive home and especially to help my daughter from having to bath them etc. I spotted this baby lotion and decided to give it a go since I hadn't bought it before. Thought I would give it a go.

        It comes in a plastic bottle and the lotion is a nice pink colour, the texture is soft and smooth and it has a really nice fragrance to it being like a new born baby and is quite a sweet smell. The scent is quite strong but not quite as strong as the Johnson's brand of baby lotion but it is a good enough strength it being a cheaper brand in my opinion.

        It isn't a runny consistency and doesn't drip from the bottle while pouring it onto the palms of my hands. It is fairly rich and I was pleasantly surprised how rich it actually was when I first tried it.

        You don't need a lot of the lotion because a little does go a very long way, I just pour a small amount onto the palms my hands and then add more as I go along. The lotion glides across the skin and is really easy to massage into the skin. My little grandchildren do love to have baby lotion applied to their skins because they think it is a game and I am tickling them lol.

        The lotion simply glides over the skin and it absorbs fairly quickly and it only takes a couple of minutes for it to fully absorb into the skin. Means they can get dressed fairly quickly after it has been applied and I don't have to wait a long time for it to soak into their skin. I sometimes do shower them just before they go home to their parents because they like to continue playing and want to stay a little longer, so this lotion is ideal so that they can play longer and I know it won't take long for the lotion to absorb.

        Their skins feel extremely soft and really smooth after it has fully absorbed, Their skins don't feel all sticky or tacky and just feel like velvet. It nourishes the skin extremely well and moisturises it perfectly.

        I have found it hasn't irritated their delicate skins. Caused no rashes etc, so I am happy with the results this lotion for using for moisturising my grandchildren's skins.

        I have also tested the product on my own skin and have found it has softened my skin but because I have very dry skin I find I have to top up to keep my skin well moisturised. But if you just have normal skin and it isn't too dry this one would be more than suitable to use to keep your skin soft.

        I have used it to remove make up and found it is a nice gentle lotion which also hasn't irritated my sensitive skin. It does remove make up really well too and leaves adult skin feeling also soft and smooth.
        This lotion is also a nice one to use on the soles of the feet. I have used it to soften my heels, thought it worked well to soften them and after soaking my feet and removing the dead rough skin. I massaged the lotion into my granddaughter's hands when she last slept at my home the last bank holiday weekend.

        Sometimes when she won't go to sleep at home my daughter sits with her and holds her hand until she drops off to sleep. She sometimes massages baby lotion into her hands which helps relax her because she was used to attending a baby massage session when she was first born. I found this lotion massaged into her hands just helped her feel more relaxed until she was ready to sleep. It also then helped to soften her tiny hands.

        It is paraben free and hypoallergenic and also dermatologically tested. Asda are also against animal testing.
        Is a suitable lotion for new born babies, young children and adults.

        For a 100ml bottle it only cost 50p, it is also available in a larger bottle size of 500ml which costs around £1.30. I think these prices are super and they are very good value for money in my opinion and very affordable for any budget. The quality is really good considering the cheap price.

        I highly recommend this baby lotion, I will buy it again in the future and buy more bottles for my new grandchild's arrival later this year. Is a nice lotion for my little Angels and I am more than happy with the results.

        Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

        I give this lotion 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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          22.05.2013 17:44
          Very helpful



          a lovely baby lotion

          ~Asda Baby Lotion~

          This baby lotion is part of the Little Angels range which is exclusive to Asda stores. It is designed to leave your childs skin soft and smooth. This baby lotion is free from parabens, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and has also been approved by paediatricians. It is suitable for the whole family to use but is best suited to baby skin. The ingredients in this lotion haven't been tested on animals and this lotion is suitable for use by vegetarians.


          This body lotion is available in two sizes - 100ml and 500ml. The 100ml size is what we have. The lotion is presented in a small, smooth plastic bottle with a screw off lid. This is the ideal size for taking on holiday. The bottle has a simple label with the essential product information and the pink baby lotion is visible through the bottle. The larger bottle is a little different - tall and curvy with a flip top lid.

          ~Price and Availability~

          At present, this baby lotion can be bought instore and from www.asda.com. The 100ml size is priced at just 50p and the 500ml size is just £1.37. You can purchase two x 500ml bottles for £1.50 which offers a considerable saving.

          ~Our Thoughts~

          Around 6 weeks ago, I was shopping in Asda and spotted a few 100ml bottles of this body lotion reduced to just 10p. I can't resist a bargain so picked some up. My five year old son is as cute as a button but his skin isn't great. I have quite bad skin myself and my son seems to have the same issue as me - spots and rough bumps on his arms and legs as well as dry patches. I previously used Boots baby lotion on his sensitive skin but having had positive experiences with Little Angels products in the past, I was content to use this on him.

          I apply this to my sons skin once a day and find it to be effective at keeping my sons skin less irritated and generally less rough. The lotion itself is quite thick so is a little awkward to dispense from the smaller 100ml bottle. The baby pink lotion is beautifully cream and feels silky smooth and cool to the touch. You don't need much of this lotion for it to be effective - just a small blob. It glides across my sons skin smoothly and he is often appreciative of the cooling sensation it offers especially after his warm bath.

          This baby lotion smells really nice and isn't much different compared to Boots or Johnson's. It has a scent which I identify as being a baby product smell - soft, powdery and with a very slight hint of sweetness which at times, reminds me of sun lotion a little. The baby lotion absorbs very quickly and with very little effort on my part. This is always a bonus with a wriggly baby or impatient young child! Boo is able to pop his pyjamas or clothes on within a minute of this being applied to his skin as it doesn't leave any tacky residue on his skin.

          This baby lotion is very effective and does what it claims to do - softens and smoothens my sons skin. He doesn't mind me applying this as it does leave his rough skin feeling calm and comfortable. His skin is silky smooth and if applying in the evening before bedtime, his skin is still beautifully smooth the next morning which is excellent in my opinion. If applied in the morning, his skin remains soft and nicely moisturised through the day and a light scent is evident for a few hours. It moisturises dry patches well and leaves my sons skin looking and feeling great. My son hasn't experienced any irritation from using this baby lotion - it is perfectly gentle against his dry, sensitive skin.


          I have tried this on my own skin too which is very dry and rough. It softens my skin beautifully and is a treat to apply. Whenever I have applied it to my sons skin, I notice that my hands are left super soft rather than sticky. It is a lovely baby lotion to apply to all skin types in my opinion and I cannot really fault it. We took a small bottle on holiday with us and it was practical to transport without any leakages.

          Given the low price of this baby lotion, it works a treat. It is kind to my sons skin and is suitable for everyday use or just after a shower/bath. A little goes a long way and we have just opened our second 100ml bottle. I am delighted with the price I paid for this and will happily purchase the larger size whilst it is on offer. Highly recommended!

          Thanks for reading :)


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