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Asda Little Angels Cotton Wool Saftey Buds

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Brand: Asda / Type: Safety Buds

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2012 10:23
      Very helpful



      Safety cotton buds that I recommend and will buy again.

      I regularly buy cotton buds for my household, as I expect many people do - whether they have children or not. I actually buy two different kinds of buds, namely traditional cotton 'rounded' buds, as well as 'safety buds.'

      The two types of buds are quite similar in that each version consists of a little piece of plastic or thick cardboard which is like a little stick with a cotton bud on each end. The cotton bud is of course made of cotton wool and the buds are designed to be used for hygiene reasons such as applying (and removing) make up, cleaning babies nose and ears (very carefully of course!) and about a zillion other uses around the house.

      The main difference where the 'safety' buds are concerned is in the shape of the cotton wool bud. In the case of more traditional cotton buds, the budded end is rounded and quite thick, whereas in the case of the safety buds, the tip is actually a lot thinner towards the tip of the bud itself, so it has a thick bottom end, with a narrow tip on top. My understanding of the idea behind this design is to prevent any damage to your child's ear or nasal passage that might occur with the use of a more traditional 'larger tipped' bud, say if you were to accidentally push the bud too far into the ear or nasal canal. Of course, cotton buds of any description should be used with caution on the ears and around the eyes and nose, and of course near an infants naval, and there is usually a warning to this effect printed on the packaging of ANY type of cotton bud product, or at least those of a decent quality.

      I have bought several items from the "Asda Little Angels" range of baby cosmetics and healthcare items, for use by myself as well as my young nephew when he stays over at my house. Whilst shopping in a local branch of Asda recently, I picked up a box of "Little Angels Cotton Wool Safety Buds" which cost me only 41 pence for the plastic box containing 56 individual cotton buds. I thought this price offered excellent value.

      The packaging for the Little Angels Buds is fairly simple, but there is an attractive-looking label stuck onto the lid of the box depicting a little cartoon image of a cute baby in a nappy. The other (rather more important) point to note about the product's packaging is concerning the lid on the plastic box. I have had several experiences with similar products being housed in poorly-made packaging, which often results in the buds spilling all over the place. This has not been the case at all with the Little Angels Buds however, and I find that the plastic lid is fairly sturdy and secure, whilst being fairly airtight, giving a clean, hygienic feel to the product's packaging.

      The Little Angels Safety Buds have a white plastic 'stick' in the centre which seems to be made of a fairly sturdy material. Certainly, I have had no issues with the stick bending or snapping when the buds have been getting used, which is something I have found can often be the case with cheaper or 'budget-branded' cotton buds.

      The budded 'ends' of the safety buds are shaped as expected, with a sort of 'nib' in the end of the thicker cotton bud. I have found that the safety buds are extremely helpful for lots of things, particularly when it comes to applying and removing make-up. For example, if I happen to smudge my eye make-up, and in particular my eyeliner, as it is much easier - and neater - to remove a small smudge with the help of the little cotton 'nib' at the end of one of these safety buds, rather than risk causing a larger smudge by using a traditional cotton bud. Traditional cotton buds have a much more 'cumbersome' feel to them when it comes to certain make-up application and removal techniques, and for this reason I often favour a 'safety bud' for the job in hand, particularly if it is one of a more intricate nature, such as applying/removing eyeliner or mascara for example.

      I find the little 'nib' in the end of the bud is also ideal for removing eye make-up and eyeliner, and the safety buds feel very gentle when used around the sensitive eye area. The Little Angels buds are certainly without that 'scratchy' feeling that often occurs with very cheap or 'budget' branded cotton wool products and I have not experienced any irritation or sensitivity from using them.

      When it comes to applying nail polish, I have to admit that I can make a bit of a mess around my fingernails. I do not have the steadiest of hands, and so I often have a little 'blotting' around the edges of my toe or finger nails. No need to worry about smudging the nail polish on the rest of the nail with an over-sized cotton pad or cotton bud however! The neatly-sized tip of the safety cotton bud dipped into some nail polish remover (and then blotted on a tissue) provides a neater-sized removal tip and thus gives me more control over the removal process.

      I have found the Little Angels safety buds are great for a variety of other uses too, such as cleaning my ears. I am of course reassured that the little bud will not venture too far into my ear canal thanks to the thicker end of the bud acting as a sort of 'stopper'. I find the buds helpful around the home too, for a whole variety of uses, such as cleaning intricate jewellery items, cleaning around taps or other tricky areas, cleaning around my cat's scratches and wounds when necessary, and all sorts of other uses. There is the occasional time too when I have used the buds soaked in a little warm water to carefully clean my nephew's ears.

      I have found that the cotton wool on the ends of the Little Angels buds is of a fairly high quality as I touched on before, but I also think it is important to note that there is very little in the way of 'fluffing' or 'shedding' from these buds. I do not find that the buds unravel at all when they are being used, and I have never experienced the end of one of the buds coming loose from the little stick. Both of these problems are common with cheaper-branded cotton buds in my opinion, so I do think the Asda Safety Buds are better quality than a lot of alternatives that I have purchased in the past.

      I haven't experienced any problems with using the Asda Little Angels Cotton Safety Buds, and think they are a good, quality item that I will buy again. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend the Safety Buds and think they deserve full marks in the product rating!


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