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Avent Baby Massage Gel

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Brand: Avent Baby / Type: Baby Oil

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2006 08:03
      Very helpful



      A baby massage gel that glides on easily and doesn't leave an oily residue.

      Long before my little one was born, I began to look into ways of bonding better with my child once he was born. Most research I read showed that baby massage promotes this bonding as well as helping to develop flexibility and suppleness, improve skin texture, help babies to sleep more soundly and suffer less anxiety, promote a general sense of well-being by stimulating the release of endorphins and soothe colic and boost immunity of childhood illnesses!

      I was sold on the idea of baby massage with a combination of baby yoga. So, after a few weeks and we got to know each other I decided to begin a twice daily massage session with my little one.

      I tried different things to enhance the massage process. I tried regular baby lotion but found that it dried very quickly and I had to reapply several times. I tried baby oil which made the massage very smooth. However, I was left with a very oily and slippery baby.

      That is when I came across a sample for Avent Calming Massage Gel and have been sold on it ever sense.


      It is a light gel formula that does not contain mineral oil and is preservative free. It has 100% natural oils with a light lavender oil fragrance that helps to calm the baby for sleep. It also contains grapeseed oil to soothe and relax and Avocado oil to moisturise and soften.


      It comes in a 200 ml white bottle with a green flip cap. The oval shaped bottle allows you an easy grip. It also has a picture of a little bear to add to its decoration. It looks lovely to have on a shelf so that it is in easy reach.


      I bought my 200 ml bottle from Boots for £5.99. It does seem like a lot. However, the amount you use is not a lot and I have been using this bottle for a month. I use it both morning and night and it still has about another week of use. By my calculations, that is about 8p per use.


      When one pours the gel into the hand it feels as if it will be just like any other baby oil. However, once you start rubbing it in on the baby, it seems to absorb a bit and evenly spread. It allows you to easily massage your little one and bond. By the end of a session the gel is completely absorbed and the baby is left feeling lovely, smooth and soft! It also leaves my hands feeling nice with a lovely light lavender smell.


      My little one LOVES having a massage! As soon as I ask him if he wants a massage, his face lights up and he laughs and giggles through the entire session. I even think he ASKS for a massage sometimes when I am changing his nappy as he will raise his arms on the side of his head and bring his legs straight into a massaging position. He has enjoyed it more now than when I was trying the other lotions and oils. He laughs and coos during and after the massage!


      I would definitely recommend this Calming Massage Gel for all those with babies, mums and dads who want a bit more bonding with all the other added benefits. I feel the cost is well worth it. It is something I will be using for many more years.

      SIDE NOTE:

      I think that this gel would also be perfect for an adult massage! I have tried it once on my husband's neck and shoulders and he says that it gives a lovely feel of hand movement and is very relaxing. He especially liked that he didn't have the oily feeling when it was complete. I think I will need to get him to do the same on me!

      Also note that they have recently renamed the Baby Massage Gel to Baby Calming Massage Gel. It is the same product just with a new name.


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    • Product Details

      With milk extracts and almond oil to soften the skin and lavender to relax, this light oil/gel glides onto your baby's body and is easily absorbed. Gentle massage before a nap or bedtime helps you both bond and can calm the most fretful baby

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