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Boots Baby Skin Oil

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Brand: Boots / Type: Baby Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      13.04.2009 02:26
      Very helpful



      Great buy and so economical!

      Ordinarily I would buy Johnson's baby oil when my skin gets overly dry. Of late I've been helping to put up a new fence in our back garden in the mud, wind and rain till all hours and my skin has really suffered not only because of the elements but because I'm in and out of water trying to keep clean throughout the day! This costs £1.46 against the usual £2.09 for Johnson's of the same size (300ml) so I decided it had to be worth a go.

      The Packaging....

      Clear 300ml plastic bottle with a light pink almost transparent lid to the top of it concealing a small hole under a flip top lid. On the front in light pink writing I'm told it is Boots Baby Skin Oil that it is Consultant Dermatologist & Paediatrician Approved and Moisturising, Hypo-Allergenic and the size is stated on the bottom (as I've listed already). On the back of the product there is a large white sticky label and on that dark blue writing adorns it. I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, contact details for Boots are given, the recycle symbol is shown and finally there is a bar-code on there. Simple bottle, doesn't scream economical or anything and is straightforward to understand and gives as much information as you could possibly need.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      Boots Extra Light Baby Oil is an easily absorbed all over body moisturiser.

      It effectively seals in moisture to leave skin soft and smooth.

      Also suitable for use on cradle cap.
      Ideal for you too as an all over body moisturiser.
      Boots baby bath and skincare range, good for baby and good for you.

      Clinically Tested
      Lanolin Free
      Formulated By Boots Experts.

      Directions For Use....

      Warm in palm of hands and gently apply to baby's skin.

      Me Using It....

      Well as I explained I purchased this for myself (having no babies or children to test it on too lol). Not only to moisturise my dried out, tired and flaky skin but also to use to remove make up gently and again moisturise my face a little at the same time cos that was on the little dry side of things too.

      The product itself of course a clear liquid. It pours out of it's hole easily, however although obviously runny it's a good consistency and not like water or too thick or anything either. It's simply just like Johnson's to be perfectly honest with you in the quality department.

      Smell wise the only way I can truly describe it is that it smells like baby products. Great quality, not too sweet it smells light, airy and warm all at the same time really and once on the skin it stays fragrant for a good few hours after it's initial application but subtle and clean fragranced.

      Using this is really, really easy and I enjoy using it which I have to say is unusual when using an oil. It glides on the skin easily and smoothly and feels like silk. A little is all you need as it blends into the skin with ease and doesn't feel heavy or anything. Of course if you use too much sure you overload the skin and get into a greasy mess so I use a little and build up the amount I use but even to cover the whole body you only need a really small amount and work it in. Removes make up easily and hydrates the skin really well but it is best to use this last thing at night so it can work it's magic and after one night of using it to remove grease and grime I work up to skin that was 100% smooth and fresh faced so good as an occasional moisturiser on the face.

      It soothes skin beautifully, moisturises excellently and over a couple of days of using this on really dried out flaky skin I found it to really re-nourish me and stop me itching so much and my skin never felt so tight anymore.


      I like the quick drying ability of this oil (if used sensibly of course) and I find minimal transference once applied. Again sure if your not careful with the amount that you use you will get it on clothes, bedding etc but I have found that really I don't have a problem with transference cos I'm careful but if you do and it's a slight splattering of oil it comes out on a hot wash anyway.

      My skin hasn't reacted in any negative way at all with this and it's really very kind to my skin. Great rubbed into dry nails, great rubbed into itchy skin and after sun-bathing it really has many uses. Economical this really is and a little goes far! Recommended from me and I would definitely re-buy this without any hesitation at all. In my view it's just as good as the leading brands that are on offer out there but a damn sight cheaper! lol.

      Exclusive product to Boots.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        26.01.2002 22:13



        Well, at last I've got around to posting an opinion!! It is one that was perhaps worth taking time over anyway, as my opinion of this product has changed considerably over time. Baby lotions and oils are very popular for use by adults and kids alike. This is Boots 'own brand' which I chose as it was slightly cheaper than the Johnsons version and I thought they'd all be pretty similar. It's good value at under £2 for 300ml. First impression of the Boots version: well, it's presented nicely in a clear, contoured bottle and has all ingredients and information stated clearly on the back. It smells gorgeous, quite flowery. It really moisturises well and doesn't feel very greasy on the skin once you rub it in thoroughly. This oil contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, intended to nourish the skin and keep it soft and conditioned. The oil is also suitable for use on cradle cap in babies. The oil is also Lanolin free and hypoallergenic. I will confess now that my reasons for buying this were not very innocent - my boyfriend Mo and my naughty self were more interested in the fun to be had from massaging this stuff all over eachother, never mind moisturising the skin....pah! It's absolutely marvellous stuff for massage! It's pleasantly slidey, warming to the touch and smells lovely. We had hours of slithery fun so it gets a definite thumbs up for that, 5 star fun! However, after all that fun I decided to put the baby oil to the test in terms of moisturising. It's excellent to soothe dry skin after a bath or shower, in fact it prevented any dryness on my skin. But after a few weeks I noticed a small dotted rash on one leg! I presumed it must have been the dye in a very black pair of jeans I'd recently bought or perhaps washing detergent. I've been using the same toiletries for a long while so I'm satisfied they were not responsible. I decided to figure out the cause using the process
        of elimination. I stopped wearing the jeans, kept using the oil and checked if I was still washing my clothes in the same detergent as usual. The rash remained! Plan B was to stop using the oil and still not wear the jeans. The rash subsided after a fortnight. When it cleared up totally I did a little skin 'patch test' with some of my suspect baby oil on my leg. Sure enough, the next morning I had a small bruise-like linear rash on that small patch of skin. I've no idea what exactly it is in this particular brand of baby oil that does this to me, but I'm certainly avoiding it as a moisturiser. As for the occasional 'adult fun' with the oil, well I'll have to try another brand. Nothing keeps Laura from her adult fun! ;-) I don't have kids myself yet, but I certainly don't find it reassuring to think that the oil can make someone come out in quite a vicious looking rash. I don't recommend this oil if you're prone to skin problems, but it's hard to judge. It's possible it would have no ill effects for somebody else. So unfortunately Boots, personally I have to give this only 2 stars. And as for my jeans; happily I'm wearing them again.


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      • Product Details

        Effectively seals moisture to leave skin soft and smooth.

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