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Boots Botanics Gentle & Mild Baby Oil

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bath Oil

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    4 Reviews
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      26.08.2011 15:31



      will buy again

      I brought this product for baby massage classes, we were told to bring a natural baby oil and I didn't have a clue where to start! I looked in Boots and found this which looked ideal, it was a bit pricy at almost £3 compared to regular baby oil but I thought we'd try it.

      The oil is very slippery so only a very small amount is required at a time so the bottle lasts for ages, we've been doing baby massage for a year now and we're still on our first bottle. I find it this brand is very easy to work with and applies very smoothly so massage is very easy.

      The oil is very gentle on the skin, my baby suffered eczema for a while and this seemed to help rather than aggrevate it. It leaves baby feel nice and soft and does wonders for your hands!

      I will be sticking to this brand and would recommend it to anyone attending baby massage classes, it is a little dear but does last ages so is worth the extra.


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      23.07.2010 17:09
      Very helpful



      A brilliant, cheap baby oil that's very effective!

      The Boots Botanics range is very quickly becoming one of my favourite brands and this Gentle & Mild Baby Oil has become one of my must have products.

      I was originally scanning the Boots Botanics section for an alcohol-free moisturiser that wouldn't irritate my legs after shaving (you wouldn't believe how itchy and red they would get! Even E45 cream irritated me!) So after checking the ingredients, I happily bought it.

      After shaving, I applied the oil generously on my legs. It's very, well, oily, and when all over your hands it makes handling the bottle a little tricky to say the least. Even now, after much handling with oily hands, the bottle feels a little slimy. I'm sure washing your hands before handling the bottle would stop the slimyness, but I'm a little bit lazy.

      Anyway, there wasn't even a slight itch after I had applied this. It did make my legs quite shiny for a bit, but it did sink in to leave lovely smooth skin.

      It's also very very good for shaving with! I took some to Glastonbury but (again, due to my laziness) I decided to smear some on my legs in the tent to shave with instead of going to the showers (classy, I know). It works brilliantly and makes a very close and easy shave. Naturally, it does clog the razor a little bit, but if you rinse under hot water, it comes away easily!

      Botanics Gentle & Mild Baby Oil is £2.98 for 250ml, which is a brilliant price as the product lasts ages. I've had mine for 3 months now and I'm not even half way through. It's a lovely sunshine yellow colour and smells lovely, very natural. The ingredients are also very natural and good for your (or your baby's) skin, with grapeseed oil and jojoba amongst others.

      I very much recommend this to anyone with dry, sensitive skin. I suppose you could use it for your baby too... :)


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      17.05.2009 23:18
      Very helpful



      Lovely but expensive compared to other products that do the same thing


      £2.98 for 100ml


      The oil comes in a small plastic bottle with a flip cap lid.
      It has a label on the front but you can see the product clearly.

      What does the product claim to do:

      (Taken from the boots website)
      This gentle, non-greasy baby oil contains a nourishing blend of Jojoba,Wheatgerm,Peach and Grapeseed oils. perfect for daily moisturisation or baby massage and suitable for use on cradle cap

      How to use:

      Massage into your own or babies skin after bathing or put a few drops in the bath to make your skin soft.

      My opinion:

      I love baby oil its fantastic, i put it in the bath, massage it into my skin and it keeps me really soft.

      I don't have a baby i only use it on my own skin.

      This product is lovely, it smells absolutely fantastic and left my skin feeling fantastic.

      BUT it didn't leave me wanting to buy it again for nearly £3 for 100ml! Not when i can buy aloe vera baby oil in a normal supermarket at 98p for 300ml which does the exact same job.

      My opinion is.. this makes a lovely gift if you want to treat someone who you know loves baby oil, but if you love baby oil yourself, save your money and buy a supermarket brand or Johnsons!


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        19.07.2008 01:27
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended

        I want to start this review off by saying that I don't have a baby!

        But there's nothing to stop grown women using it, after all...and we all know that baby oil is perfect for moisturising Baby. As a result, this review is written from a rather different, adult perspective. Enjoy!

        **Why This Particular Product?**

        Creams had begun to irritate me. With summer approaching, I wanted something lighter than my usual body butter - I'm normally a fan of the Body Shop's offerings and the like.

        The other thing I find is that 'decent' creams are very overpriced these days. Delectable as the Body Shop flavours are, in the past few years I've seen the price rise from £8 to £12 a tub. I just can't rationalise spending that much on a body moisturiser for daily use.

        **The Botanics Range**

        I'm sure Boots' Botanics range will be very familiar to many reading this. Mid-range, mid-price products which an emphasis on natural ingredients.

        'Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally.' This one is no exception. Rather than the multitude of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, E numbers, flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers or whatever else they feel like throwing in just for good measure, this baby oil mainly comprises a blend of natural oils.

        There are other natural-based body oils in the Botanics range. Look in the 'adult' section and you'll find Nourishing Body Oil which is esssentially very similar indeed. Unlike the bargainous Baby Oil, however, which retails for £3.75 for 250ml, the Body Oil will set you back £4.99 for 95ml...

        **So What's In It?**

        Unlike nearly all other baby oils, this product contains no petrolatum. The result is that this oil feels slightly thicker than your average, and in my opinon, is rather more effective as a result. There's also just something more comforting about rubbing natural oils onto your skin.

        Jojoba, wheatgerm, peach and grapeseed oils are the main active ingredients here. The product also contains tocopheryl acetate (forms vitamin E when absorbed by the skin) and Dipropylene Glycol (encourages the oils to blend with eachother). There is also a small amount of perfume.

        For those thinking of using it on Baby, the oil is also consultant paediatrician approved, consultant dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, whilst the natural extracts are also authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew - phew!

        **So What's It Like?**

        I was drawn to the color right away. Squeeze the bottle and out from a little dispensing hole drips a vibrant yellow, relatively thick oil. Thankfully when you rub it in it won't make your skin go yellow...!

        The oil brings immediate comfort to even the driest skin. It absorbs very quickly. Smooth it in and you're left with a beautifully soft, non-greasy after feel. No stinging, even on slightly broken skin - all good, gentle stuff. and feels lovely to rub on when getting out of the bath. Used even on the roughest skin, regular use will reveal visibly softer and more hydrated skin.

        The scent is also delicious. I can't stand the way that a lot of baby oils just smell like 'babies' - not unpleasant, just by association! This oil has a very subtle aroma, dominated, I would say, by jojoba.

        **Favourite Applications** :)

        Just to encourage you to go out and try this one, here are some of my top ten tips for using baby oil - some are rather weird and wonderful, but tried and tested!

        1) Starting with the more predictable ones first - this is great for all over use when your skin feels tight when you get out of the bath or shower. Because it's an oil not a thick cream, it's easier and quicker to spread, besides soaking in quicker and not leaving a 'sticky' after feel - a great advantage when you're in a hurry before work!

        2) So you've done your legs, ripped them to shreds, and just want something comforting and soothing. So many creams sting - not with this oil. It soaks in quickly, and, best of all, doesn't clog the pores which is never comfortable or attractive.

        3) It's great on the feet. A few applications and you'll be left with beautifully soft skin - no dryness, and great for preventing cracked heels. Best to apply to the feet and then put socks on to avoid wrecking your favourite pair of shoes...Sounds horrible but feels great!

        4) Dab a small amount on the fingernails (or toenails) if they're looking dry and brittle/flaking. Not only will it give them a lovely shine, but I find it really helps with the strength. Similarly, if you have very dry hair (I, too, suffer), a small amount of this can restore shine and tame frizz - the effects last even after washing a couple of times. Just don't go overboard...!

        5) Taking off eye makeup the natural way. So many (overpriced) eye makeup removers claim, as some sort of wonderful added bonus, to moisturise as well as remove your waterproof eyeliner...Nothing I've tried has ever been as effective as this baby oil. Very small amount on a cotton wool pad is all that's needed.

        6) Polishing your leather shoes. Cleans and restores shine on your favourite vintage boots and your favourite heels. Small amount on a bit of kitchen towel rubbed in gently, and then rubbed off with a clean bit for a high shine. Great results every time!

        7) Restoring the black bits on your car...By this I mean the black exterior trim and some dashboards. Apply sparingly to a cloth and rub on the bumper of your car. No need for 'Black in a Flash' anymore - faded grey will be restored to blackest black within a few seconds.

        8) Polishing the dining table. Obviously not suitable for your prize antique pieces, but perfect on my wooden Ikea dining table! Restores shine and protects within minutes - simply apply on some kitchen towel and then buff off with another bit. Although this should be tested on a small patch before you start on the whole tabletop, I also find that, unlike with some furniture creams, the colour doesn't transfer if your table is stained (mine is black!).

        9) On the sofa. No, not if you have a canvas one! But once again perfect for cleaning marks off and for the general maintenance of leather sofas. Don't use if your sofa is deliberately matt...Produces a nice shine without being glaring.

        10) Forget WD-40. I've used this stuff on everything from squeaking roller blinds to car doors - and it works a treat! Just squirt a bit on at high speed or dab with a cloth for a precision job.

        Feel free to add any other suggestions...! :)


        Highly effective, natural ingredients, smells delicious and even relatively cheap. What more could you ask for in a beauty product? A multitude of other, money-saving uses!

        I don't know how I survived without this for so long. A truly multi-purpose product - and I suppose it could be used on Baby as well...!

        Highly Recommended.

        **Key Info**

        Available from most Boots stores and online.

        £3.75 for £250ml.

        Ingredients: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Prunus Persica Kernel Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum, Dipropylene Glycol.

        Thanks for reading :)


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      • Product Details

        A gentle, non-greasy oil perfect for daily moisturising.

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