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Boots Expert Baby Sensitive Head To Toe Wash

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Brand: Boots / Type: Baby Wash

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    5 Reviews
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      02.02.2011 04:40
      Very helpful



      An ok but economy offering from Boots!

      I absoloutely love baby products and buy them rather often for myself. I have what I think of as sensitive skin that can be very greasy/oily and of course we all know that these types of products are delicate enough to use on babies but at the same time are good and gentle enough for us to use too!

      I usually purchase Johnsons baby products but I spotted this head to toe wash priced at £1.01 in Boots and I had enough points on my advantage card to cover the cost and try it out for nothing (you gotta love Boots! lol).

      The Packaging:

      The bottle is very plain indeed being frosted, white plastic with grips to the sides of it for ease of handling and a flip-top lid concealing a small hole to the top of if and then on the front label there is a photograph of a baby boy and we are told that it is Boots Baby Head To Toe Wash and that it is a tearless formulation, hypo-allergenic and consultant dermatologist & paedetrican approved and that the size of the bottle is 300ml (and the only size I have seen this available to purchase in by the way in Boots) and that this formula has been created by Boots experts with 75 years experience. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and directions for use are given, ingredients are listed and contact details for Boots are given too. Nice enough looking bottle but nothing special or posh to display but it is easy to handle and informative enough at the same time.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Boots baby head to toe wash gently cleanses baby's delicate hair and skin.
      Developed with Boots' unique tearless formulation this mild wash is especially gentle to eyes.
      The rich lather effectively cleanses without drying.
      Suitable to to use as a foaming bath, bodywash and shampoo.

      Boots baby head to toe wash and skincare range, good for baby and you.

      The Wash Itself:

      The liquid itself is runny, gel like and an off white colour and as stated in the information Boots have given us about this product its suitable for anyone to use that wants to and it isn't just for baby's, toddlers and/or children but us big kids can use it too and actually a fair few adults that I know do purchase products such as these for themselves.

      This has what I can only describe as a baby smell to it. If you use Johnsons and the likes I would say it smells pretty much as they do only maybe slightly sweeter but it really is a fresh and clean and a unisex sort of fragrance.

      Poured into the bath this gives off a very small amount of weak, white lather and turns the bath water soft enough but not all that noticably really. On my hair it dried it out even though I did use a conditioner to try moisturise my tresses but my hair felt so dry and squeaky clean I only tried it the once although it made my hair smell really nice but never again will I use this lol!

      The best way I have found to use this is as a body wash. Soft, mild and gentle and giving off a gentle aroma.
      , I can shave my bits and pieces with this as it gives off enough lather, freshens me up nicely and leaves me with gently moisturised skin without it being left greasy.

      This is a sensitive and kind product and I'm happy to use on myself . Would I want to use this on a child of mine though? Not really to be honest. To me the fragrance of this doesn't stay long on the skin sadly although it does a decent cleansing job and I'm sure again it would be fine on a babies hair though not so sure it wouldn't dry out anyones older than that. This does though offer good value for money even if you only use it as a body wash!

      Only available in Boots stores.


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      07.10.2010 22:22
      Very helpful




      Boots Expert is a range of health and beauty products within Boots. There is a small Expert Baby range which includes baby wipes, bubble bath and body wash for babies skin.


      This review concentrates on the Expert Baby Sensitive Head to Toe Wash. This has recently been changed to be named Expert Baby Sensitive Ultra Moisturising Wash.

      This is an all over body wash to be used to cleanse your babies skin. It can be used from birth as it has been dermatologically tested and approved by paediatricians. It is also 100% fragrance and colour free and hypoallergenic. It can be used on the skin and hair due to its gentle formulation,

      The wash contains added moisturisers which help to sooth and protect dry skin and is suitable for those with sensitive skin and even eczema, The formulation is soap free and has a low foaming addition for daily cleansing.


      The wash comes housed in a simple, sturdy plastic bottle which is white with blue writing. The bottle is conveniently shaped to have finger indents for easily handling whilst washing your baby. The simple design includes the product name with an adorable baby on the front. The product blurb is based on the rear of the tube with the directions, ingredients and contact details for Boots. The wash is dispensed through a little spout concealed within a chunky, clear lid.

      The bottle once used, can be recycled and should be discarded after 12months from first opening.


      This can be used as a wash or bubble bath. As a wash, squeeze a blob onto your hand or flannel and gently massage into the skin/hair before rinsing and drying off your baby. As a bubble bath, pour a drop under running water for soft, fluffy bubbles.

      ===Availability and Price===

      The new version is available from Boots priced at £1.99 for a 300ml bottle.

      ===My Thoughts===

      When my son was born 28months ago, I had already accumulated a big stock of Johnson's believing them to be the best brand to use. I tried out Boots ranges and settled on a few key ingredients to use during my sons bath time. My son has unfortunately, inherited my sensitive and dry skin, The worst areas for him are his wee chicken legs and his wee arms which are bumpy and often appear reddish. I use a baby moisturiser to soothe them but also need something to clean him up.

      About 2months ago, I spotted a clearance display in Boots where there were lots of Expert and Simple baby products reduced. This was due to the packaging and/or title name being changed. I chose this body wash for my son and paid only 15p which is a mighty reduction on the rrp. At the time, we were using Johnson's Soft Wash and wasn't overly keen on the smell. 6 weeks ago, we moved home and I brought this out to use on my son.

      Before, my son hated the bath and it was a major struggle to get him in. Now we have a shower, my son has decided he wants to go in there so his bubble baths have been made redundant. So for my sons shower, I get prepared with 2 duckies, his shampoo and a sponge..and of course this body wash. Oh and two fluffy towels! I personally prefer to use a separate shampoo for my sons hair as he has cradle cap and dryness on his scalp.

      So onto the shower...the bottle is sturdy and very plain in appearance but that baby is so cute! All the information I need is present. The indents allow me to handle this bottle comfortably though those with larger hands may struggle. I am lucky to have hubby to help me with our son so he can hold him steady whilst I squeeze some of this out. Squeezing upside down is quite awkward as the wash takes a while to seep out the bottle. It is even more difficult when the bottle is getting empty.

      Once my sons skin is damp, I squeeze a blob onto his soft sponge. The wash is mainly white with a clear edging, It comes out in a quite thick consistency and appears a combination of gel and lotion. It is fragrance free but has a slight, unscented baby wipe smell - plain and non descript. The wash once applied to the skin, immediately converts to a light creaminess. There is a light and extremely soft lather that forms on my sons skin. It doesn't overpower and feels and smells completely gentle. I wash all over and my son loves the creaminess and coolness against his skin.

      Rinsing this off is simple and I use a quick spritz of the shower head. Once my son is dried in his fluffy Thomas towel, his skin is beautifully soft. The wash works well to cleanse my son and removes any dirt from under his nails which I find awkward to get into whilst he fidgets. My sons skin has that familiar and much desired baby smell which makes those bedtime cuddles even more appealing than normal. The wash smoothes out the bumpy areas on my sons skin and replaces them with suppleness. I do still apply a slather of moisturising lotion for instant hydration and long lasting effects.

      Despite being a low foaming wash, the amount of lather is sufficient to cleanse and moisturise my sons skin. One bottle lasts quite a while as I only use it for his showers as he doesn't want baths anymore. I have tried it on my own skin and found it to be very gentle yet perhaps not powerful enough to thoroughly cleanse my skin.

      Overall, I highly recommend this body wash.

      Thanks for reading!


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        15.10.2009 14:41
        Very helpful



        A mild cleansing wash suitable for sensitive skin and newborns.

        My son suffered from mild eczema as a baby so I needed a gentle bath product that wouldn't irritate his skin. My mother-in-law worked at Boots and recommended that I try 'Boots Expert Baby Sensitive Head To Toe Wash' (£1.99 for 300ml bottle). On the bottle it said that the product was developed by dermatologists and paediatrician-approved. It also advertised that it was suitable for delicate newborn skin, including dry skin conditions such as eczema. It sounded just the thing so we gave it a try.

        It was easy to apply - simply flip the lid and squeeze onto your palm or a sponge. The plastic bottle was designed to be easy grip (which is useful with wet hands!). It didn't lather up very much but seemed to give a thorough clean and was fine for washing hair too. The results were good, with no eczema flare-ups after bath time. We continued using the product every other day until my son was about 12 months and the eczema wasn't a problem any more. I would definitely recommend this product - although very bad eczema cases may need specialist creams and washes on prescription. It was good value for money, lasted a long time and left my son's skin feeling clean and moisturised after bath time.

        Another advantage is that head to toe wash is an all-in-one product - so there's no need to buy a separate shampoo (although we did move onto Johnsons shampoo eventually as it lathered up much better). It is also no-tears.


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        27.01.2009 00:18
        Very helpful



        baby wash

        Boots expert baby wash

        I find I am acquiring more and more baby products which is a good thing because I can use them on myself and of course baby.

        WHAT IS IT?

        The blurb explains to me that baby's sensitive skin needs special care and so this range has been formulated by dermatologists to provide that care It is 100% fragrance and colour free, hypoallergenic and can be used daily by anyone with sensitive skin including those with eczema. It is also soap free so should not irritate the eyes.


        The product comes in a fairly clinical looking white bottle as do all of the Boots expert range. All of the information, ingredients and advice is on the back of the bottle. The blue lid opens by lifting the lid and then the baby wash is dispensed from the small hole.
        The product itself is a white colour and as I expected has absolutely no smell at all.
        There are two ways of using the product. Either pour under warm running water or apply to flannel or sponge work into a lather and apply to wet skin and hair and then rinse. Personally, for people big and small I prefer the first method because then I know that a proper wash and rinsing has been accomplished.
        When I add it to running water, the product produces a gratifying amount of bubbles but not so many that baby will be covered in them. I find that when i wash grandson (less than a month old) I use a very small amount of the stuff so there aren't too many bubbles, but when Little Miss uses it, she likes to put more of the product in the bath, because more product equals more bubbles equals better bath!

        The product lathers up easily when we put it onto a sponge, which we have done whilst baby is in the bath, and does rinse off easily, leaving no residue or greasiness.


        This costs £1.95 FOR 300ML and is available either in store or on line.


        A great product for all of the family unless there is someone very dirty who wants a more medicated bath. Himself and teenage son claim that it's not "strong" enough for them, so I assume they feel more dirty. However, for young children and babies, it's excellent.

        The product leaves baby clean and thankfully it rinses off easily, so there is no build up of the product. I can vouch for the fact that it doesn't sting eyes because Little Miss got some in her eyes and there was none of the screaming which goes when any products sting her eyes.

        A very mild and gentle product which does as it claims.
        Recommended for baby and you.

        Thanks for reading.
        Daniela xx


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          26.01.2009 00:37
          Very helpful



          Not the best but worth trying if baby has sensitive skin

          I got a travel size bottle of this free with my Boots Parenting Club Changing Bag and tried it out when we took our son away to visit family when he was a couple of weeks old. It costs £1.99 for a 200ml bottle from Boots, but often Parenting Club members get sent vouchers to get Boots Expert Baby products half price, so when my travel size ran out I bought a full size bottle for just £1. It doesn't have a particularly nice smell in the same way the Johnsons Baby products do, but it was great on sensitive newborn skin.

          It is a white liquid and comes in a white bottle with the blue product lettering on the front. It is opened by unscrewing the top. The bottle is slightly ribbed on either side which is well thought out because it allows you to keep a firm grip on it even with wet hands (bearing in mind the fact that you are likely to be holding baby in one hand so may not have both spare).

          I used it to wash body, face and hair and there were no tears even when I accidentally got it in his eyes. It does not have much of a smell at all and doesn't lather up particularly well but it is especially good for babies with very sensitive skin. It is very mild and ideal for a newborn.


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      • Product Details

        A no-tears, soap-free wash, especially kind on eyes, gently cleanses and moisturises baby's skin and hair.

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