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Boots Zinc & Caster Oil Cream

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Brand: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2013 00:27
      Very helpful



      A brilliant soothing and healing cream. Highly recommended.

      Zinc and castor oil.

      My granddaughter had a nasty case of Nappy rash when she was a baby which is mainly caused by urine that comes into contact with the skin around the groin area. My daughter had been using another good quality barrier cream but sometimes people can develop sensitivity to the antiseptic effects of this particular cream which kills off the good flora that is present on the surface of the skin.

      I told her to buy some zinc and castor oil cream which would act as a barrier against the urine and also promote healing of the skin. She trawled the shops and could not find it. I went into a couple of chemists on the way home and asked the pharmacy assistants there who looked at me as if I had two heads and said they had never heard of it. The pharmacist's told me that they do not stock it.

      Eventually I managed to get into Boots the Chemist where I was able to find this cream.
      The cream comes in a small round opaque coloured tub with a white lid. The writing on the side of the tub has the boots logo and tells you that it is approved by dermatologists and paediatricians. The price for the 250ml tub is currently £2.05 and for savvy shoppers there is currently a buy one get one half price offer. Not only that you can get 8 collection points with the boots club card on this tub. It is also available in a smaller 125ml tub

      Most good barrier creams act by preventing urine from coming into contact with skin and this cream is of quite a thick consistency which covers and protects the skin from the ammonia in the urine. As my granddaughter was quite sore I told my daughter to plaster it on to make sure that nothing will come into contact with the skin. Within 24 hours the redness and soreness had subsided quite considerably and within 48 hours there was no sign of the nappy rash.She continues to use this product as opposed to the most common product on the market.

      The cream is thick and white looking and has no smell as no perfumes or scents are added to it. It is said to be hypo allergenic too which is a bonus in very delicate baby skin. There is a warning on the tub that it contains peanut oil so those who are allergic to peanuts should for their own safety avoid contact with it.

      The ingredients include:-
      Ricinus communis, (Castor oil).
      Arachis Hyprogaea, (Peanut oil).
      Cera alba, ( Bees Wax)
      Zinc Oxide ( A healing compound that has been used for 1000's of years and is used in some dressings and drugs to induce healing due to its antiseptic nature)
      Cetearyl alcohol. ( Preservative)

      Zinc and castor oil cream is a well used barrier cream that has stood the test of time. It is useful in treating all kinds of sores for example nappy rashes and sweat rashes where you do not want to use creams that are quite as harsh. It is gentle and soothing and easy to apply. It is useful for babies and adults alike and is kind to the skin. I would definitely recommend its use however for those with peanut allergies I would recommend you steer clear of this. This is one of those products that have been used by professionals for years and I would highly recommend it.


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        26.01.2013 22:17
        Very helpful



        A good nappy cream from Boots

        A few months ago it didn't seem to matter what nappy cream I put on Jayden he seemed to have a reaction to it and it would make his skin red and sore, I tried several creams with no luck, then my Mum suggested Zinc and Caster Oil Cream, it turns out she had exactly the same problem with me as a baby and this was the only cream that she could use on me without a reaction. I decided to give it a go and purchased Boots Baby Zinc and Caster Oil Cream, I was hopeful that this cream would work as it did with me.

        The Boots Baby Zinc and Caster Oil Cream comes in quite plain packaging it comes in a clear plastic pot which actually looks white due to the cream inside, the pot has a white plastic lid on the top which simply screws on and off. On the front of the pot is a white label outlined with blue so that it stands out, this has the name of the product written on it along with the Boots logo and a couple of facts about the product, all of this information is written in light and dark blue writing so that it stands out against the plain white background. There is a matching label on the back of the pot which contains all of the relevant product information including facts about the cream, directions for use, cautions and the ingredients, again all of the information is written in blue making it stand out against the plain background.

        The Nappy Cream
        Boots Baby Zinc and Caster Oil Cream is basically a plain white cream, it is of quite a thick consistency and has no real fragrance to it at all. This cream is described as being clinically tested, hypo-allergenic as well as consultant dermatologist and paediatrician approved, it is also lanolin free, all of these facts made me hopeful that this product was going to be gentle enough on Jayden's skin and not cause it to become red and sore as the other products we had tried would. Boots Baby Zinc and Caster Oil Cream creates a gentle and effective barrier against moisture lost and helps to protect against nappy rash. When I applied the cream to Jayden it went on quite thinly which was ideal as it didn't smother his skin but at the same time it was also slightly oily which helps to protect his skin and keep it moisturised.

        Directions for use
        The directions for using Boots Baby Zinc and Caster Oil Cream are pretty standard and state that you should apply the cream to clean dry skin as part of your nappy routine. It also says that children should be supervised when using this product.

        There is only one caution under this heading on the back of the packaging and this says that the product contains peanut oil, this is obviously there for allergy reasons.

        Price and Availability
        Obviously this Zinc and Caster Oil Cream is only available from Boots as it is one of their own brand products. The nappy cream comes in 2 sized pots which are
        * 125ml - £1.45
        * 250ml - £2.05
        When I purchased our pot we bought the smaller one in case he did not get on very well with the cream, however personally I think both sizes are reasonably priced as the product is long lasting so a little bit goes a long way.

        My Opinion
        We have been using Boots Baby Zinc and Castor Oil Cream on Jayden for a while now and have been extremely pleased with it, we have tried other creams which all have worked for a little while but after a few weeks his skin has started to get red and sore and the more cream we put on it the redder it would get, we did wonder whether the same would happen with this cream but so far we have had no problems at all.

        I use this cream on Jayden several times a day, every time his nappy is changed, naturally his bum does get a bit red and sore from time to time but I know that the Zinc and Caster Oil Cream will heal it quickly soothing it and making it more comfortable for him, he has had no nappy rash at all, although he never had actual nappy rash with the other creams, he just developed a reaction to them a few weeks after using them, however as I have said we have been using this cream a while now and so far have had no problems.

        I find that you only need a small amount of the cream at a time as a little bit spreads a long way making it very economical and long lasting, personally I find this useful as nappy cream is a product we use a lot of and can go through very quickly, but I know with this product that one pot will last a long while. It is very reasonably priced and although we only bought a small pot to try the first time I will definitely consider buying the larger pot next time we need some.

        In my opinion this cream definitely does its job it locks in moisture and at the same time prevents nappy rash. This is definitely a nappy cream that I would recommend to anyone, especially if your baby has sensitive skin, whilst Jayden generally does not actually have sensitive skin he does seem to be a bit funny as to what nappy cream he can use, I would highly recommend this one to anyone.


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