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Bumgenius Flip System

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Brand: Cotton Babies / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2012 12:34
      Very helpful



      Great for out and about, poor poo containment for younger babies.

      The Bumgenius Flip system is a hybrid cloth nappy solution. It has two parts - one is the outer, and then there is a choice of three inners - a stay-dry insert, which is a complete insert, the organic insert, a flat piece of fabric that is folded into a pad to fit into the system or a disposable insert. This review will cover the outer and the stay-dry insert, both used together and other uses separately. I've used these nappies several times between my son being 4 months old and 7 months old as he is now.

      The outer
      The outer is made from PUL. It comes in a range of colours and more recently some designs. I like that the elastic is covered by the same fabric as the rest of the wrap as this means that it is less prone to stains than those wraps which cover the outer with a separate white fabric. I also have not had any 'wicking' around the edges where the edge takes moisture away from the insert and through providing a wet edge takes moisture onto clothes. We have used both the velcro/aplix and popper solutions and I've found a good fit with both. I do find that with use, the elastic appears to slacken a bit with usage, a problem that may be evident amongst bumgenius nappies as they sell elastic replacement kits. Other than that my wraps show no signs of wear, even though I bought them preloved (second hand). The outers have a flap at each end, which is where the insert tucks under. The rear one of these is slack due to the elastic, runching the fabric, that reduces the effectiveness of this flap, but not of the nappy questioning the need for the flap. I've tried using the outer in other circumstances. I've folded my terry squares and put a fleece liner over them and these fit in well, although the resulting nappy is a bit bulky. Over my terry squares folded into a kite or bat fold, the wrap is not roomy enough to provide fit. It does provide a reasonable fit over my little lamb and lollipop microfleece fitted wraps. This is sold as a birth to potty nappy. We started using it at 4 months where it fit on the smallest setting, which makes me doubtful that it would fit from birth, though I don't think it would last long after that. We have also used them on my 4 year old at night when an infection caused him to wet at night and got a good fit. There are three adjustments to rise/height of the nappy, and many on the waist.

      The inner
      The stay dry inner has several layers of microfabric topped with a layer of fleece. The fleece is non-absorbent so keeps the baby's skin dry while the microfibre is absorbent and stores the moisture. The pad folds down to fit different sizes. It's promoted as being positionable depending on the gender of your baby and where they wee, but in my experience this bit ends up under the flap so doesn't make any difference. I've also used the pads within pocket nappies successfully. I normally get 3-4 hours of absorbency out of the pad and find that now little T has more solid poo, this flicks off easily when emptying the nappy. When he was younger and poos were looser, this nappy didn't contain them and I often found they had leaked onto his clothes. These inners fold down small, so are good for out and about. I can easily fit one of these a couple of wipes and a small wetbag inside my handbag taking up much less space than their disposable counterparts if I want something quick for out and about which I think is the nappy's real advantage. You only need to change the inner unless poo is on the outer, so it really cuts down on how much you have to carry.

      Overall, this is a great out and about nappy, but is let down by poor poo containment for younger baby's poos.


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