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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Baby Care

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    2 Reviews
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      12.05.2011 21:45
      Very helpful



      really nice homey smelling product, safe and gently for all the family

      I have 3 boys aged 4 months, 3 and 4. Ever since the eldest was born I have said we should use talcum powder. To be honest I don't know why I just thought that was what you did with kids after a bath! Or at least it is what was always done to me. My husband however would never let me use it as he vaguely remebered reading something about Talc not being good for you.

      I found this powder in the last month or so and as it said it was Talc free I bought it on the off chance my hubby would let me use it.

      He made me look up on the internet what was bad about talc incase it was another ingredient. It is the talc thats supposed to be bad, apparently it is rock that crushed down and the particles are similar to aspestos! Never knew it was rock, don't know what I thought it was though. And the other review is correct it is linked to cancer of both the lungs and ovaries the particles having been found in the tumours.

      The good news is that as this is talc free my other half let me use it, woohoo! lol

      This is as you would expect, a fine white powder. It is made of cornstarch and any cooks out there will know this is good stuff for thickening up sauces and stuff so I can see how it would help keep you dry. It has lots of extracts, leaves and flowers etc from various plants and herbs, it therefore smells absolutely gorgeous. Its difficult to describe but its quite a comforting homely fresh smell.

      I have used it on all 3 boys, and while the older boys don't seem to be any drier necessarily they do love it and now ask for it after baths if we forget. They do have to stand on a towel as it does go everywhere, although this is not that surprising! For the baby however, I am of course carefull that I don't use it on his face or anything but it is great in his little creases, especially the really quite deep crease in his neck. I wouldn't say it stays perfectly dry but then again with that amount of dribble I doubt anything could keep him dry there but it does do a very good job. Its also a nice soft powder as you apply it.

      I have very sensitive skin, I can only use aqueous cream on my face, and can't even use E45 so I liked the idea of these products being all natural so I thought I'd risk a few. so far I have tried one new product a week. Both to give me time to react, my skin to adjust and so I can easily identify which products I react to.

      Having had 3 babies in 4 years I do have the odd tummy crease! i have used this product on my self, and the areas where I would normally sweat, waistband, under breasts etc that you don't really want to use anti-perspirant on do not get clammy at all.

      I would definatly recommend this product.


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        17.08.2009 09:47
        Very helpful



        A great choice for hot weather.

        In the early 1980's the company we now know as Burt's Bees was formed in Maine, when co founder Roxanne Quimby went into partnership with bee farmer Burt, who was selling honey and making just enough to live on in his tiny log cabin. He had lots of bees wax as a by product, and they produced candles and lip balm in the beginning.

        A chance meeting between them, at the side of the road where he was selling honey from his hives, was to cement a friendship which was to launch a world wide business.

        Now based in Carolina and providing employment for 250 people, the company is a massive enterprise, and many of the products they produce sit on my shelves because I love them, and because I admire the fact that this company was literally built from a gem of an idea.

        The product I am reviewing is called Burt's Bees Baby Bee dusting powder and I purchased mine from Waitrose for £6.99. This powder is to me a modern day replacement for the talc of old which is now scarcely used.
        The photo provided by Dooyoo shows a lovely sunny yellow drum, but it is actually white now with a delicate mango label.

        Talc was always the first choice for my grannie, and I guess for yours too. No day was complete without the sprinkling liberally of "Apple Blossom" icing sugar, which literally coated every crevice with a thick floral layer of talc. My gran had drawers full, and it made dust in her bedroom like nothing else.

        In recent years we have been told that talc can cause cancer, and ovarian cancer in particular may be one of those most likely to occur with talc use. Together with this it has simply gone out of vogue with many people these days, as it can be messy and leaves dusty marks on clothing and furniture. With the added danger of breathing in the particles sales of talc have plummeted, and no longer do we see rows of the stuff on chemist shelves.

        One thing about talc though I do remember was that in extremely hot weather talc was effective at keeping you dry and comfortable, and for this reason I found an alternative to use on holiday when I go to extremely hot and humid destinations.

        Baby Bee Dusting Powder is an alternative to talc, and is made from corn starch and baking soda, and together with kaolin, which is French white clay, this makes a powder hardly discernable from the talc of old. The beauty of this one is that it has powdered rose buds to scent, and so is feminine and gorgeous. The powder also benefits from the addition of herbs, myrrh and powdered slippery elm bark, and so has the ability to sooth baby's chafing, prickly heat and any kind of skin irritation.

        This product is mainly aimed at the baby market for use at nappy changing time. I certainly would give this serious thought if I was a new mum again, as I still feel as it is a powder that I would not be comfortable using this multiple times a day, preferring to use a cream, or just to ensure I changed the baby frequently enough to use nothing, which I used to do with my 4 years ago. I still think that using powder carries a small risk, as it can still be inhaled and could find its way into delicate little lungs.

        However, I would certainly recommend this for travelling to hot destinations, especially for ladies, which is what I use it for with outstanding results.

        In the Maldives where I go on holiday the temperature is a humid 31c, and it rarely falls below 26c at night. Their monsoon season, which is our mid summer, is especially humid and it can get very sticky. Using this powder makes me comfortable and fresh, and occasionally when I have heat rash this clears it up overnight. I also use it liberally before the long haul flight this holiday requires. and it keeps me fresh, and hopefully sweet smelling, which is important when you are trapped in an aluminium tube at 35000 feet for 11 hours.

        The powder is white, and it easily disappears into the skin and leaves nothing but a delicate rose petal aroma, and a fresh dry feeling. The drum lasts for ages so is good value, and I find it brilliant for feet as it keeps them sweet smelling!

        Another aspect I enjoy about the ethics of this company is that they have a pledge to respect the environment, and 96% of the plastics used in this drum are from recycled materials. They actually have a desire to be the "greenest personal care company on earth". They have a goal that by 2020 they will be carbon free and operating on 100 percent renewable energy, which I admire.

        I would certainly recommend this product to anyone, in particular I would advocate its use when travelling, as it keeps you dry and comfortable, and the smell of roses is simply divine!


        This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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      • Product Details

        Talc-free powder. Helps to absorb dampness and relief chafing.

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