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Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Baby Bath

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Brand: Cussons / Type: Baby Bath

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    2 Reviews
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      15.01.2013 09:53
      Very helpful
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      Highly recommended from me..!

      I really love using bath and skin care products that are especially formulated for babies, as I find they are generally very kind on my overly-sensitive skin. In addition, I find the fragrances of such products are usually absolutely gorgeous and I will often purchase toiletries that have been marketed at babies for this reason alone.

      It was in the autumn of last year that my sister had a beautiful baby boy and she received several items in a sort of 'pack' from the hospital when she left to take him home. Some of these items were surplus to her (and baby's!) needs at the time, so she asked me if I would like them, as she knows of my love of using baby-care toiletries and bath items. Among some of the items were two small bottles of a "Baby Bath" product from the well known "Cussons" brand, namely the "Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Baby Bath" and this review outlines my experiences of using this bath product.

      My bottles are very small, being what I would describe as sample sized or 'travel sized' and I believe that these bottles are not available to purchase individually. There is a full-sized bottle available to purchase which I believe is 500ml in size, and this is available to buy in good supermarkets, as well as some drugstores such as Boots. The current price (info correct as @ January 2013) of this bottle is £2.99 in Boots, or you can purchase online at www.boots.com.

      The liquid baby bath is clear and I found the consistency to be thin enough to allow it to be poured easily from the bottle, without it spilling and dribbling everywhere so as to cause an unsightly mess. I tend to pour a little solution under the running tap at bath time, and this allows the liquid to infuse within the water to create a sort of 'bath soak' solution to bathe in. Even as the liquid meets with the hot water, the most gentle, fluffy bubbles start to appear on the bathwater's top layer in a light foam, and I found these seem to multiply whilst the bathtub fills. I find too that the bubbles remain in the bathtub for a rather long time rather than dispersing quickly during bathing.

      The fragrance of the Cussons Baby Bath is rather pleasant, being very reminiscent of baby lotion as you would expect with a product like this one. The powder-like quality of the product's scent is what is most prominent, but a light floral element is easily detected underneath this main scent and this gives the overall fragrance a very delicate feeling that is quite beautiful. I know from reading the 'blurb' on the bottle's label that the product contains lavender which is where this soft floral scent undoubtedly originates, and I find its presence in the overall fragrance is very calming and quite soothing. This makes the product feel very relaxing and when I use it at bedtime I am able to obtain a calming feeling that is extremely welcome as I suffer terribly with insomnia. Whilst I cannot confess to finding this product being the solution to this troublesome problem, I do think it offers a relaxing feeling that is useful at night time when trying to induce sleep.

      The light fragrance lasts quite well on my skin, although I do find if products with a more 'robust' fragrance are used shortly after bathing - such as strongly-scented body creams for example - then these fragrances will easily 'swamp' the whiff of fragrance the Baby Bath solution leaves on my skin. This is perhaps to be expected, and certainly this aspect in itself invokes no disappointed feelings for me personally.

      In terms of the product being gentle and kind to skin, I do feel that it is, mainly because I have suffered nothing in the way of irritation or sensitivity to my hyper-sensitive skin that will flare easily if harsh products have been used during or after bathing. In actual fact I find the product to have quite the opposite effect, and the dry skin on my upper arms has felt rather calmed after using the Baby Bath solution. Based on these results, I do feel the product is entirely suitable for use on a baby's delicate skin and of course the product is marketed as such. I certainly would have no issue with using the product when bathing either of my young nephews as I trust its formulation is completely gentle and mild.

      Another plus point for me is that I have found a little really goes a long way with this particular solution, which offers a stark contrast to other Baby Bath products that I have used recently that have seen me squeezing their bottles continuously in my attempts to create any sort of 'real' lather or bubbles in my bathtub. The Cussons Mum & Me Baby Bath in comparison, performs very well in this regard, with an abundance of bubbles being created quickly and easily with each use, even if only a small 'blob' of the liquid is poured under the running tap.

      For the reasons outlined in this review, I completely recommend the Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Tight Baby Bath solution and I would consider purchasing it for myself in the future. The purchase price is slightly higher than many alternatives available in my opinion, but I do feel the product is economical in terms of use which allows the purchase price to feel more justified. I feel the product is deserving of full marks in the Dooyoo product rating score as a result of the positive results achieved after use.


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        13.01.2013 18:53
        Very helpful



        lovely product and worth a try

        This is a review of the Cusson's Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Baby Bath which we received from the hospital as a sample bottle in our Bounty pack. Whilst we are not using products on our new baby yet to give her skin a chance to build its own defences up, I used the sample in a bath with our older daughter.

        In use
        I used a small dash in running water and was amazed at the amount of bubbles it made. The next thing I noticed was the delicious smell of the bath. I tried to guess what it was but was struggling, it was a sweet smell but very pleasant. Upon examining the label I noted the key ingredients were camomile and lavender, which are designed to relax and soothe a child before bed time.

        Did it work?
        It certainly made me feel a bit snoozy but we have been struggling to get our daughter to bed of late, all a reaction to the new baby (who sleeps in our room at the moment). She certainly enjoyed the bath and it made a change from her 'value' bubbles we usually use!

        My thoughts
        I will be buying a bottle of this baby bath hopefully whilst it is still on offer. I have noticed this on the supermarket shelves and have been using a baby lotion from the range which has been a great product too. I think Cussons have really put some effort in to this 'Mum & me' range and I am fast becoming a big fan of it.

        500ml is on offer at Boots at the time of writing this review, half price at £1.49

        Final word
        I think this baby bath is a lovely product and worth a try if you want to get in to a routine with your child's bath time. It is nice and gentle on skin and OK for adults to use too! A bottle can last ages without skimping on bubbles which also last the full length of the bath - sign of quality in a bubble bath. Highly recommended to other parents.


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    • Product Details

      Sleep tight baby bath getting a good night's sleep is essential for yourbaby, not to mention everyone else!Sleep Tight Baby Bath creates mildbubbles that gently cleanse with added moisturisers to help care foryour baby's skin.Our Sleep Tight Baby Bath contains a blend ofLavender and Camomile, which together with our calming fragrance helpsto relax your baby for a restful night's sleep.Allergen freefragrance* *Free from known fragrance allergens.At Cussons we've beenlooking after mums and their babies for generations.Developed with theknowledge we've gained over the years, our Mum & Me range is herefor you and your baby during all the changes that are to come.Tocomplete your bedtime routine use our Sleep Tight Massage Oil at calmand relax / - Paediatrician approved - Ophthalmologist approved -Hypoallergenic - Kind to eyes - Designed by mums - developed by experts -Made with lavender - Allergen free fragrance

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