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Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Type: Bath Basins & Seats

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2011 19:59




      I was extreamly worried about bathing my new born for the first time, but purchassing this tub, and using it set my mind at ease as soon as I removed it from the packaging. It comes with a detachable hammock that can be removed once baby can sit up, also has a stump in the middle that can also be removed & came with 2 toys that child can play with, and has a fixed termometer at the base of the tub for peace of mind that the water temperature is set correctly. Unfortuantly I have only found this in blue, but the hammock has an excellent under the sea theme print. Was on offer at a large chain store. Would definatly reccomend even more to first time parents gave me excellent piece of mind, shop around for price, have seen this product at both rock bottom and extorsionately prices.


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      18.11.2010 18:11
      Very helpful



      A great fun bath for little ones

      When it came to buying items for my daughter before she was born I found it so overwhelming due to the amount of choice there seemed to be for everything! I would spend so long in stores such as Mothercare as there was such a variety. However, one thing I didn't have to think about was a baby bath as my mother had already informed me that she had purchased one as a gift so at least that was one thing I didn't have to think about!

      Instead of the usual baby baths you get which seem pretty straight forward and relatively simple in their design my mother had gone for the Fisher Price Aquarium Bath which when I first saw it looked like something the child would play in let alone bathe in! Her reasons for buying this particular bath was because it was meant to be create some fun at bath time and with the bright colours it makes it ideal for a baby. Apparently I was an awkward baby to bath and hated every minute of it so her thinking was that if I was able to make it fun for my daughter that she would enjoy it.

      The Fisher Price Aquarium Bath is just like the picture, it is bright blue in colour nd made from a robust plastic material. It is meant to be used from 0 months right up to toddler age or as long as you feel they need to be in a baby bath. For using the bath from 0 months up to infant there is a fabric style hammock which has a padded headrest and can be moved to various positions. The Aquarium Bath comes complete with a plug in the bottom and has a toy which attaches to the one side of the bath, this is 0 months + friendly and is almost like a teething toy. The bath also comes with two toys which also help wash the baby, one is water tight and the other as little holes in the bottom.

      The Aquarium Bath doesn't require any assembly as such. Once you have removed its cardboard sleeve that it comes in you will find the instructions and two tiny screws. There are two plastic blue feet (I can't think of a better word!) which require to be screwed into the base of the bath where indicated by numbers 1 and 2. This takes all of about 2 minutes and the feet ensure the bath will be secure in the bath. Just make sure you have a screwdriver handy! The instructions are handy to keep as it shows how the hammock can be changed depending on your child's age.

      As my daughter is only 3 weeks old then the hammock option is way I will be using the bath for a while. The fabric is incredibly light and brightly coloured and is attached to the bath by clips which are adjustable and fasten to the bath itself. This is easily done and I was surprised to find how secure the hammock was once it was fully attached to the bath. The head rest is again made of colourful fabric and is well padded, ideal for a newborn's delicate little head. The only thing about the head rest is that it is only attached to the hammock at the top and doesn't always stay in position.

      Now even though they do advise that a newborn baby only needs to be bathed once or twice a week I do use the Aquarium Bath for when I top and tail her on a daily basis as I find its easy to use and as she is quite a little wriggler I know she is happily secure in the hammock so it makes it easier to clean her. I have bathed her all of about 5 times in her little life and fortunately she seems to like the water! As long as you remember to put the plug in, in the Aquarium Bath then washing the baby is great as you have two hands to wash the baby properly without the worry of them slipping all over the place once they are wet. Before using the bath I panicked about bathing her as she wriggles so much but with the hammock and head rest I know she is quite secure while I gently sponge her down! After you have finished bathing the baby its easy just to pull the plug and let the water drain away! The hammock and head rest don't take too long to dry completely which is great. However, the one downside which is probably the same as most baby baths is storing them. Fortunately the Aquarium Bath isn't too wide and I am able to lean mine against the wall behind the door and it is pretty much out of the way.

      The Fisher Price Aquarium Bath costs around £30 - £35 from what I have managed to Google. Apparently my mum bought hers brand new off EBay from a store on there and paid just under £20.00 was fortunately able to collect it.

      Overall I really like this bath as it makes bathing my wriggly daughter a lot easier and as she gets older the hammock can be moved (and removed once a toddler) in a different position so the bath can still get plenty of use. Also it's a bit of fun, its bright and colourful and as most other baby baths seem quite plain and dull this one is sure to brighten up any bathroom. Granted it is slightly higher priced than other baby baths but it has slightly more options than other baths on the market.


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        23.11.2009 21:38
        Very helpful



        A great mini bath for your newborn to six month old baby!

        A baby bath is an essential item for your new arrival and was certainly top of the list of things I needed to purchase for my new little one. I will be honest and say that I found this Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre in my local charity shop, RSPCA so I paid £6.99 for it!

        The bath comes with a hammock that is used from 'newborn'. This attaches to all four sides of the bath and supports your newborn baby safely in the water whilst you wash their body, also ensuring their body is warm and helps them to get used to the water. I think this is a fantastic idea.

        Due to my little boy being born with Dysplasia of the hip i.e. 'Clicky hip' and having to wear a harness, he didn't actually get chance to use this hammock and I could only 'top and tail' him for the first two months.

        Now, you do have the option, once your newborn baby is too big to be laid on the hammock to adjust it so that it hangs from the narrow end of the bath and thus supporting your baby with a headrest in a seated position.

        From two months old I was able to bath my baby boy on an evening, out of his harness. I didn't use the hammock as a support in a seated position. Instead I just sat him on the inbuilt step which is also located in the narrow end of the bath. This inbuilt step has a soft padded seat for comfort to babies bum.

        The way the bath is designed also means that the bath provides a backrest to your baby. Now, this worked fantastic for him - as soon as he was sat on the seat he kicked he legs about in the water in the deeper part of the bath and would just laugh and laugh! Also because of the height of the rim of the bath once he was seated on the step, it meant that you could actually get quite a lot of water in - keeping baby warm enough - this is certainly the case for my little boy anyhow!

        The bath comes with three toys:

        1 - A green shell with a small handle - should your little one like to get hold of it themselves. I found this the most useful, to scoop up water from the bath and pour over his head (which he loves!). This also means you can keep your baby wet and warm in the bath.

        2 - An orange shell toy that has holes in the bottom - this works as a makeshift shower - although due to the limited amount of holes it is only a very slight trickle of water that comes through.

        3 - Lastly, a pink toy that clicks into the side of the bath (at different points) that your baby can wave about, pull or bite - you can attach the other two toys to this as well. I haven't as yet used this toy and quite frankly, my little boy isn't interested in it.

        On the Fisher Price website the product information about this bath states, 'When your toddler needs more room, he can sit at the wider end of the tub'. This is the only disadvantage I can see with this bath. Yes, I could fit my little man into the wider part of the bath (only his bum) as there was no room for his legs to go anywhere!

        If I had to put this bath into an age range category I would say it fits into 'newborn to six months'. My little boy is now just over six months old and is an average weight for his age. He is now getting too big to fit on the step.

        After six months old, if your baby isn't already, it isn't long until they are sitting up by themselves and thus not needing this bath anymore anyway!

        I believe this Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre is well worth every penny. I believe it retails for £33.99 on Amazon currently.


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          04.11.2009 14:05
          Very helpful



          I can see why they got the ideas but it just hasn't been made with this bath!

          When I found out I was pregnant I spent so much money on things needed and of course, not needed at all! I was having twins and it was my first pregnancy and felt the need to buy anything and everything that seemed useful.

          Now of course I knew my twins would need bathing, but being babies and me being on my own I knew I'd find it difficult to try bath them in the big bath so went on the search for a suitable baby bath. What on earth was suitable though?

          After alot of searching, browsing, umm'ing and ahh'ing I soon decided on the Fisher Price Aquarium Centre, I really don't know what caught my eye with this £30 creation but that is what I bought and don't I regret it now! The price has in fact gone up now and it costs £36.99 in argos, which is where I bought it from.

          The bath is blue in colour and is a durable and sturdy plastic. The edges of the bath have a rubbery texture ensuring no cuts are caused and making it quite a safe bath to carry around too especially if it is filled up with water these rubbery grips make it safer for you to hold if you have wet hands allowing a strong grip, without your fingers slipping away from wet plastic.

          This particular bath is meant to 'grow with your baby', you see it comes with a hammock. This hammock is easily attached with clips that clip onto the edges of your bath. When your baby is newborn all four clips clip on providing your baby with a full out hammock support, making it safe and comfortable for your baby to lay on. This helps your baby get used to water without scaring them half to death in their first days. It is a safe way to bathe a newborn baby too as all parents know it is quite difficult to wash a baby as well as hold their head comfortably to make sure they don't go under the water or struggle. Instead you can splash the water on them, wash them down and do what you need to while your baby lays comfortably on the hammock. The hammock has a puffed up headrest too to allow extra comfort and stability for your baby's head too. If the bath is left and the hammock does get wet just a warning the hammock does get cold and damp and can startle your little one if laying them on there so just splash a little warm water over it to heat it up slightly.

          The bath then grows with your baby until they are classed as an infant. Once they are a little bigger the clips of the hammock can be unclipped at the bottom end of the bath. This allows your baby to still lay comfortably on the top of the hammock and rest their heads allowing them to feel safe and their legs can paddle freely in the bottom half of the bath, which is the larger section and contains the most water. At least that's the theory of it but it never worked out that way I'll explain why shortly!

          Once your little one is sitting up confidently the bath is then meant to grow so your little one can sit in the larger section of the bath, as if sitting in a big bath but this is much safer as their isn't alot of water so no chance of struggling in the water. This enables your baby to get used to water without feeling out of control and scared. Sounds good doesn't it?

          The 'Aquarium' part comes into play with the three toys provided. You are provided with a rubber 'string' sort of toy that clicks into a random space provided on the side of the bath. Your little one can pull it, wave it, lean it out of the bath and put it back in. You are also given two plastic shell shapes, brightly coloured with holes in them as well as small handles. Your little one can use these to fill up with water and pour out.

          Now all this sounds brilliant in theory but none of it is all that practical in my opinion due to the strangest shape that the bath is made in.

          The overall outline of the bath is to be expected a curvy oval sort of shape but for some reason it comes in two sections meaning the middle of the bath has a plastic bit which sticks up levelling up to the sides of the bath. This is fine when your little one is new born and is on the full hammock and is only light as the middle plastic bit has no effect on them, sort of. Once they grow to the infant stage though it looks so uncomfortable and unpractical to be able to still lay them down on the hammock. They will be too heavy to lay on the full hammock and the bottom of the hammock which hovers over the larger section of the bath has to be unclipped. This means your baby gets to rest their head on the puffed up headrest above the smaller section, their backs then have to lay on a plastic bit, which is bound to be uncomfortable and in the way and then dangle their legs in the water in the larger section. You picture yourself laying on the floor with a hoover pipe underneath the bottom part of your back - I'm sure this is a great example of what your baby will feel like laying in the bath like this.

          The bath is suitable from birth, which to be honest I think 'newborn' is the only suitable for age for the bath!

          There is a 'plug' at the bottom of the larger section so once the bath is finished with you can hover it over a sink or your bath, pull out the plug and the water comes out that way, there is one problem with this though. If you have water in the small section you do have to pour that out by tipping the bath upside down as thanks to the rise in plastic in the middle of the bath the water can't just flow out down the plughole. Making the plughole a complete waste of time.

          The hammock is a good idea as it does provide support and stability for a young baby, but thanks to the bump in the middle it means your baby is too far up and not even reaching the water. Only their bum or their legs will be in the warm water and the rest of their body in the air making them cold, uncomfortable and could even lead to them hating bath time as being so cold as a baby can obviously be daunting and scary. If the bath didn't have that 'rise' in the middle it would be more practical, leaving your babies head supported and comfy on the head rest and the rest of the body laying in the warm water, allowing them to feel at ease laying in the water.

          Advantages of the bath;

          The hammock (ish) - when using it completely open all four clips hooked onto the bath.
          The 'grippy' bits on the side of the bath making it safe to pick up and carry around, especially if it is full of water.
          The headrest on the hammock - makes perfect support for a newborn baby!
          The toys provided - the toy attached makes a good stimulation toy for a growing baby, the other two however are meant to be toys that you can play with in the water. A toddler won't even be able to fit comfortably in the larger section to move a finger let alone their whole body to play with two scooper shells to pour water in and out - mostly a disadvantage here!
          It's a strong and sturdy plastic.

          Disadvantages of the bath;

          Ridiculous price tag for a bath that is unpractical.
          The bath design, it just doesn't make sense I don't see the logic in having a larger section, smaller section and a split in the middle, it actually makes it smaller for older children rather than spacing it out a bit which is what I'm assuming they've tried to do.
          The split in the middle can also force your baby to far up meaning they will be cold and shivering as their bodies won't even be in the water.

          As you can see there isn't many advantages to the bath in my opinion, and as for the disadvantages, well I kept it short as I'd just be writing my review over again. I wouldn't recommend this bath to anybody, it's only 'sort of' practical for the first week or two, literally and even then it's not ideal as your baby will freeze as their body won't even be in the water. A complete waste of money, a lot of 'good' ideas unfortunately not made practical with this product, this was like their practise model gone horribly wrong!


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