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Hooded Baby Towel & Mit

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bath Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2013 14:37
      Very helpful



      Drying baby made easy

      Before my first child was born, I was lucky enough to get some gifts from friends in work for my impending baby.I was extremely happy to find alot of these gifts were practical rather than things that wouldnt be used.One of which was a hooded towel with matching mitt. It was from Asda ( as it had the George logo on the tag ), and after recieving this I bought acouple more from Asda, also Primark and Tesco. The one I bought from Asda cost £3.50 at the time.

      What does the towel look like and how do you take care of it?

      The towel was ( its getting on abit ) white in colour with grey and white very thin border around the edges which is doubled over giving the effect of piping. Hooded, with a grey outlined bunny over the hood area and matching bunny on the front of the towel mitt. Towel is 24 x 24 inches and the mit 7.5x4.5inches in length and width.

      100% cotton.Wash at 40 degrees. Iron on the lowest setting but not on motif.Wash similar colours together.

      Why use a hooded cotton towel for baby?

      Firstly, cotton is a natural fibre which means it naturally is more gentle on the skin than something that isnt.Its absorbant, easy to clean and very soft.

      I think its important for a young babies/children to have their own towel because its made specifically for them.Its just the right size to cover their bodies, the hood keeps their head warm and makes it easier to dry hair and alot of these towels have very cute child like motifs/designs on them to give a sense of fun which to be fair, most towels we use as adults are not quite like that.

      The mitt is a great idea as you can place your hand in it, and this gives you the perfect control in regards to washing little faces e.g how softly to wash/wipe. Also, because its a mitt rather than a sponge, it can reach in all little areas that may not be that easy to reach such as the ears, behind the ears, noses etc. Another added bonus is the mitt is washable and only really needs to be replaced due to wear and tear.I have never used the mitt on my childrens bodies as they have sponges for that, but use mitts on their face to ensure I can clean them thoroughly from the neck up.

      What do I think of this product?

      I think that alot of the supermarkets out their do a very good job in regards to good quality and competitively priced items for baby.Many moons ago everyone would buy all their essentials for baby from stores such as Mothercare, and you would be paying at least double for the same itme as you would while buying your fruit and veg and throwing one of these in your basket.

      Considering that this towel I have reviewed is 4 years old is a testament to its quality and indurance as my son still uses it to this day. It dries him still very well, it has held its shape ( and the mitt also ). No holes, no obvious wear and tear. The only thing that has changed is the colour and the softness. Its not quite as soft as what it originally was, but by no means is it rough on the skin. The colour, once white, is now off white/grey, but you would expect that considering the age of it.

      My son is obviously alot bigger now than when a baby but the towel still is a decent size ( probably not for much longer ) and the added bonus now is he puts the hood section over his head, and runs around pretending to be a superhero! A very cheap superhero outfit in my books.

      Would I buy again? Yes, if needed.I have loads of these towels between my son and his sister so wouldnt need any anytime soon, but I think this is a great addition to a baby shower gift box or just an item in general bought for a baby.It really has stood the test of time and considering how much it cost, its done well!

      Great cheap buy.


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      22.06.2012 22:29
      Very helpful



      A nice towel and mitt set from Asda

      When I was buying all of my baby essentials one of the things I decided to buy was some baby towels rather than using our towels on Jayden as I thought these would be much softer and gentle on his skin. I ended up buying several baby towels in the end from several different shops as and when I saw ones I liked.

      One towel I saw was the Hooded Baby Towel and Mitt from Asda, I stumbled across this whist getting a few bits in our local Asda, they only have a few baby bits as it is a small shop, but the towel and mitt set caught my eye and it seemed to be of a good quality so I decided to purchase it.

      The Hooded Baby Towel and Mitt came in a clear plastic packet, this had a silver card in it with the name of the product printed on it, from what I can remember about the packaging it was quite basic and there was not a huge amount of information on it, however I got rid of this a while ago.

      The Hooded Baby Towel is basically a square shaped towel with rounded edges and is made from 100% cotton. The towel I purchased is a pale blue colour although it does also come in pink and white as well, it has fully bound edges with a fabric which is a slightly darker shade of blue than the main towel. One corner of the towel has been made into a hood, you can put this on your baby's head and then wrap the rest off the towel around them to keep them warm and dry, the hood part can be used to dry your baby's hair/head. The main part of the towel is just plain, however the hood has a bear and rabbit stitched onto it, these are made from a different type of fabric but in a similar shade of blue, the bear and rabbits features are then stitched onto the fabric in a slightly darker shade of blue cotton. The mitt which comes with the hooded towel is made from the same 100% cotton towel type material as the towel, it is a small rectangle shaped mitt, there are no finger or thumb holes you simply just slip the mitt onto your whole hand. The bottom part of the mitt is edged with the same slightly darker blue fabric as the towel is edged with, there is no rabbit or bear design on the mitt this is just plain blue, it has a small tag on one side which I am assuming is what you can hang the mitt up with to dry.

      When it comes to washing the towel there are no special instructions, I simply put the towel and the mitt into the washing machine on either a 30 or 40 degree wash depending on what you are washing it with. Our hooded towel has been washed on several occasions now and it is still in excellent condition and looks as good as new, the towel has not faded and the fabric has remained soft, it has not gone hard like some towels do with constant washing. The mitt can be washed in the same way, however this has not been used as much as the towel which does tend to get frequent use.

      The Hooded Baby Towel and Mitt as I have mentioned came from Asda and was very reasonably priced at £4.00, I was surprised that the towel was of such good quality for being such a low price, I did wonder whether after several washes it might start to fall apart of become hard and scratchy but this was not the case.

      I have been extremely pleased with the Hooded Baby Towel and Mitt from Asda, it was a excellent price and also very well made. The towel was a decent size, I have not actually measured it however when I use the towel to dry Jayden it easily wraps all the way around him, this is important because as soon as I get him out of the bath he screams and hates the cold air on his skin so I need a towel which I can quickly wrap all around him to keep him warm and dry him quickly. The hood part is also of a decent size, on Jayden this is too big really and falls over his eyes, however it is ideal for bigger babies and will be ideal as your baby grows.
      The towel is very soft and gentle on his skin and even after frequent washing has remained this way, I can happily rub his skin dry with this and know that it is not going to make his skin sore or irritated.
      As for the mitt, I have used this a few time, you simply apply the soap to the mitt, lather it up and then rub it over your baby's skin, the mitt just comes in one size and for me it was an ideal size however for people with larger hands the mitt would probably be a bit on the small size as there is not flexibility in it. Personally I do not really like using the mitt that much and prefer to use a baby sponge when washing Jayden, I found that having my hand enclosed inside the mitt meant I couldn't wash him properly and it also made it difficult to keep hold of him. Whilst I did use the mitt a few times when I first bathed Jayden I now tend not to use this as I find bath times are easier without it. I would definitely recommend this towel and would also consider purchasing another in the future.


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