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Johnson's Baby Detangling Conditioner

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Brand: Johnsons / Type: Baby Conditioner

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2012 18:32
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      A great conditioner which gets out knots and tangles easily

      My daughter has the most gorgeous blonde hair teaming full of curls. It is the type of hair that everyone stops and comments about. However, with those gorgeous curls comes a nightmare of knots and tangles every day. It is the type of hair which she only needs to have been sat in her car seat to have a large knot in the back of her head so unfortunately she spends a lot of time with her hair up in pig tails or a pony tail to reduce the knots.

      In a bid to reduce her knots and tangles part of her bedtime routine means a bath with a proper shampoo and conditioner every night in a bid to tame the hair. There isn't much on the market in the way of shampoos and conditioners for kids as there are for adults but one brand I do generally trust and use is Johnsons and after spotting a bottle of their Baby Detangling Conditioner reduced in Tesco a few months back I thought it was worth a go.

      JOHNSON'S® is a global brand and I think the brand name is known by everyone. As a child my mother used their products on me and now I am using their products on my own daughter and generally every product I have used by them I have been happy with. The JOHNSON'S® Baby Detangling Conditioner has been designed with babies and kids in mind to help untangle those horrible knots whilst being gentle all at the same time on a baby/kid's delicate hair. It does also feature their no more tears formula which is even more helpful!

      The conditioner is meant to leave the hair soft and silky but tangle and knot free whilst still being able to condition it. The hope is hair will be left softer and more manageable and easy to comb through wet hair in the hope it will be tangle free and therefore leaving the hair just easier to manage. The conditioner only comes in a 500ml bottle and can be found in the baby aisle next to all the other shampoos and conditioners but is easily spotted by the pinkness of the bottle!

      The conditioner comes in a candy pink coloured bottle which isn't transparent unlike the other shampoo products in the Johnson's range but does come the same shaped bottle which is easily recognised as a Johnson's bottle when sitting on the shelf. On the front it features the Johnson's logo together with the no more tears tear drop logo as well as the product name. On the back of the bottle there is some information about the product itself, how to use it as well as the usual ingredients list, warnings and contact information for Johnson's.

      The conditioner is pretty much the same colour as the bottle it comes in, candy pink which has a very typical conditioner type consistency - not too thin but not too thick either so you can easily pour it out of the bottle yet it won't then slip through your fingers when you've find got it on your hand. Like all Johnson's product it has a lovely baby type aroma it's an incredibly soft and gentle aroma which although not over powering it is certainly noticeable but it is a gorgeous smell and does seem the fill the bathroom when it's in use.

      To use the conditioner you simply apply to wet hair which has previously been shampooed. Of course the amount you use simply depends on the length of your child's hair my daughter's hair when dry comes to the base of her neck and I tend to use an amount about the size of a 50p which covers her hair adequately and without waste. The conditioner is applied just as you would use an adult conditioner and you simply massage it through the hair - I always try and comb it through too just so it can get right to the roots, also my daughter loves having her hair combed so this is the bit she enjoys the most!

      Once massaged in, the easy job is to rinse it off. My daughter hates having her hair rinsed and I tend to do it as slowly and gently as I can. Fortunately she has never had the conditioner go in her eyes nor has she had any problems which her eyes becoming itchy or irritated when the water washing off the conditioner has gone over her face. I found that even after rinsing her hair I could still get a comb through without any problems whatsoever but would it last until it was completely dry!

      I never blow dry my daughter's hair, I really don't see the point when it dries so quickly on its own and it doesn't need to be damaged at such a young age. I have found that once brushed after washing I didn't come across any tangles whatsoever and it dried tangle and knot free also which is definitely a plus. Even when I get her up in the morning her hair is still knot free which is great as it means she is a lot happier not having her hair pulled to try and get the knots out. However, it may not last the day should she have her hair down but the fact that it makes bath time a lot easier as well as getting ready in the morning easy I can't complain about it at all.

      This conditioner does the job it has been specifically made for and I can't complain whatsoever. It leaves my daughter's hair free from knots and tangles which leaves her a lot happier which makes me a very happy mummy not having to wrestle her to try and brush her hair and this way she can brush her own hair without getting so upset! A definite recommendation from me. 5 stars.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Johnson & Johnson
      Availability: Supermarkets, pharmacies, discount stores etc
      Price: Around £2.99
      Size: 500ml


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