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Johnson's Buddies Easy-grip Sudzing Bar

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Baby Wash

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2008 17:01
      Very helpful



      A great idea but the execution was poor

      Bathtime is such fun for toddlers! Splashing away, playing with bubbles and chasing a slippery soap around the bath is all part of the fun but what about when you want to teach junior how to wash? Sure, it's fun gripping a bar of soap and watching it ping out of your fingers and, in many cases this happens by accident the first few times as junior has no idea how hard to hold such a big bar in small hands, then it becomes a game - how far WILL the soap go?!

      That family favourite company Johnson's have come up with a natty solution - at least they think they have!

      Their Junior Easy Grip Sudzing Soap is a genius idea. Stick a bar of soap that lathers easily in a bag and get junior to wash. That's the theory. Imagine, if you will, a bar of citrus scented soap. Stick it in a course green tea bag. That's it. Odd. Certainly not something that junior warmed to, no matter how "sudzing" it was and still the "oap" (for which read "soap") was demanded and the shoot across the bath game began again.

      Ok, so, for my 20 month old it didn't work but I do think it has potential although I think the child might need to be older to appreciate what you're trying to do.

      The soap itself is well and truly hidden so I can't comment on the colour. When water is added it foams very, very easily and lots of white fluffy suds appear through the "tea bag" outer covering. The bubbles are rich and creamy and remind me of a good quality bubble bath rather than a soap.

      The scent is fresh. To me it smells citrusy although there are other fruity smells, most notably watermelon, that I can detect. It's a pleasant scent but rather pervading. If you've got a bar of this in your bathroom and it's not bone dry (which it won't be, more of that later) you'll smell it whenever you're within around 10 foot or so of it. If you like your bathroom to smell "adult" then this isn't for you. If you like it to smell of "baby" then it's not for you. This is a sweet-shop toddler soap!

      The soap rinses well and doesn't see to irritate my son's skin. He's not got particularly sensitive skin but it does tend to be dry. After using this soap it's certainly not been any worse, although it's not markedly better.

      I really, really dislike the feel of the bag and I'm not sure my son was that keen. It feels like a rather rough tea-bag or cheap rough gauze. Sure, it works to improve grip, but it feels rather odd.

      We've only used the soap a few times but already the soap inside the bag is significantly smaller than the bag - it's clearly not a product that's going to last (despite the box saying that it's fresh for up to 36 months!). The ease with which the soap suds is also its let down. This is a soap that is constantly wet as the bag just doesn't seem to dry very well on a racked soap dish and I'd not dare leave this on a solid surface. I imagine that the soap inside is rather soggy with a texture of soap that has been left standing in water.

      At a little under £2 (as of February 2008) in Boots this is not a purchase that I will be repeating. I will however take the idea. My thought is to take one of those small detergent bags that you stick washing tablets in the washing machine in. I have one with a foam toggle to the drawstring so that won't be hard on baby. I'll add a bar of soap, probably Johnson's regular baby bar (a matter of pence), and see if that works. It should improve the grip for a fraction of the price!

      I think this was a great idea but it's been poorly executed. It would have been great if the bag had been refillable, it would have been good if the bag had dried properly, it would have been good... sadly, it wasn't.


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    • Product Details

      Teaching your toddler how to bathe is easier and much more fun with the easy-grip sudzing bar. Lather it up in her hands and explain that the bubbles need to clean every part-she may need a little help with the hard-to-reach spots. When she's done, the ri

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