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Johnson's Pure Cotton Balls

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Baby Care

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2012 22:46
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      A good quality product

      When it comes to the different products I use on my babies skin it is important that they are soft and gentle and are not going to cause any damage or problems. One of the things I find that I use quite a lot of at the moment is cotton wool, I had bought a packet of Tesco Baby Cotton Wool to use as I know this is suitable for a babies delicate skin and it is also the cotton wool I use myself for cleansing and my make up, however as you will see from a previous review I received as a gift from work a large hamper and gift bag full of baby products and essentials, one of the items was a packet of Johnson's Baby Cotton Balls. I personally hadn't planned on buying the cotton wool balls and was just going to use the pleats breaking off the size piece of cotton wool I needed, however as I had received these I thought I may as well use them on Jayden as I find them very useful when changing his nappy, although they do come in handy for many things.

      The Johnson Baby Cotton Balls come in a plastic square bag, the majority of the bag is a pale pink with the edges being transparent allowing you to see the cotton wool balls inside. One the left hand side of the bag towards the top is the name of the product "Johnson Baby Cotton Balls" this is in blue writing with the words Johnson Baby in a handwriting style of writing. Right at the bottom of the bag is the Johnson and Johnson name (again in blue) and the amount of cotton wool balls per bag. The rest of the bag is taken up with a large picture of a smiling baby. The words 100% pure cotton appears just below this. The back of the bag has the name of the product repeated along with a statement about the product, this is written in the centre of the bag, the Johnson & Johnson address appears at the bottom of the bag should you need to contact the company. The bag when purchased is sealed at the top and simply tears open, once open you can refasten it with the two drawstrings at the top of the bag.

      The Cotton Wool Balls
      The Johnson Cotton Balls are basically balls of cotton wool, you get approximately 75 cotton wool balls per bag, the bag was full to the top more or less of cotton wool balls, however I did not sit and count them but I would say this was pretty accurate. For me it was important that the cotton wool that makes up the Johnson Cotton Balls was soft and free from sharp bits which you can get in some brands of cotton wool. I did check the cotton wool balls before I used them on Jayden just in case but I had nothing to worry about the cotton wool was extremely soft and gentle on his skin, there were no sharp pieces in the cotton wool balls so I knew that they wouldn't scratch his skin. The Johnson Baby Cotton Balls are made from 100% pure cotton.

      Price & Availability
      The Johnson Baby Cotton Balls are available in a variety of shops including various supermarkets, Superdrug and Boots. The price of the product does vary a little depending on where you purchase them from, recently I saw this product being sold in Boots for £1.85 for a bag of 75 cotton balls which is what I have. The product is of an excellent quality although I do think they are a little expensive. I know they are under £2.00 for quite a large bag, however with a baby you do go through a lot of this sort of product so if I was to purchase this particular brand all of the time it would work out quite expensive.

      My Opinion
      So far I have been pleased with my Johnson Baby Cotton Balls, the cotton wool they are made from is extremely soft and gentle making them ideal for a babies skin, there are no sharp bits in the cotton wool at all so there is no worry that you will scratch your baby. I have used the cotton wool balls for a variety of things, they come in handy when changing Jayden's nappy, also he recently has had watery and slightly gungy eyes and I was advised by the health visitor to wipe them gently with cotton wool and warm water, the Johnson Baby Cotton Balls were ideal for this, they held the water well and were small enough to wipe over his eyes, the soft cotton wool also meant there was no risk of scratching his eyes. The cotton wool balls maintain there shape when used and do not fall apart as you are using them, even when using them with water. For me the only disadvantage of this product is the price, whilst it isn't a massive amount to pay out, you do tend to go through a lot of cotton wool with a baby so in the long run buying these cotton wool balls would work out quite expensive. However despite the price I would use this product again and would certainly recommend Johnson Baby Cotton Balls as a high quality product.


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  • Product Details

    Great for applying astringents, cleansers, lotions and make-up. Ideal for make-up and nail polish removal or anytime you want the natural feel of pure cotton. Gently sweep Johnson's Pure Cotton Balls over the skin anytime for 100% natural care.

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