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Little Lamb Sized Pocket

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Brand: Little Lamb / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2014 15:44
      Very helpful



      Worthy of any stash

      The most expensive of the Little Lamb range, the Sized Pocket Nappies are available in a range of colours and three sizes at a cost of £12 each. I wasn't all that sure whether these nappies would prove to be a good investment, but realising that finding the perfect nappy did involve trying many different types, I originally bought one in Size One to test on the then four week old Baby JJ and was eventually impressed enough to buy a couple more Size One for him, begin to buy in Size Two for later and some Size Three for Big Brother.

      These pocket nappies form a two part system with the actual nappy being formed of a waterproof outer layer and soft inner layer with an opening that allows you to stuff absorbent pads between the two layers in the resultant pocket. The outer material in these nappies is a soft, breathable PUL (polyurethane laminate) formed from a stretchy polyknit bonded with a super thin layer that allows air through to baby's bottom while holding liquid in. The inner layer is formed of seriously soft micro fleece, that not only forms a super soft layer against baby's bottom but also wicks moisture away from the skin and into any boosters held in the pocket. To help provide a good fit each nappy features soft elastic at the back and around the legs and to help prevent leaks the legs are double gusseted. Each pocket nappy is supplied with a bamboo insert which differs vastly from those supplied with the one size pockets. The supplied insert is woven from Oeko-tex certified bamboo and is a sheet that needs folding to form three layers before inserting in the pocket.

      When I ordered the very first of these nappies that I bought, it took me quite a while to choose which colour I wanted. While there are no fancy patterns available there are some gorgeous colours, the majority of which are unisex. Already having many of the one size nappies in my stash I had a good idea what the colours look like in real and can state that the pictures on the Little Lamb website are true to life. In the end I decided on Blue Moon, which is a very pale blue
      that is not available in the one size pockets. On receiving the nappy it did need a little preparation before use, the actual nappy needed the one wash to remove any residue and the insert needed several washes to up absorbency. Little Lamb recommend at least three initial washes for the insert, without any need to dry in between with it taking at least six washes to reach full absorbency (nearer ten in my experience). Once the preparatory washes are over and done with both parts need to be dried before they are put together with the opening between the layers being more than large enough to make stuffing very easy.

      Baby JJ was just four weeks old when I bought the first of these nappies so obviously I bought size one, which has a recommended weight range of 7-20lb. At about 8.5lb Baby JJ was well within the lower limit and so I was hopeful that these would fit just as well as the one size did. Unfortunately the reality was that even when fastening the two rows of poppers up as tight as they would go and attempting various positions with the bottom poppers, I simply could not get a good fit around his long, scrawny, chicken legs. No matter what I tried there were gaps at the top of his legs and the nappy leaked within an hour. Deciding that it was best not to risk a poo explosion, I put the nappy away for a couple of weeks, bringing it back out at around the seven week mark when we had far more success.

      We've been using our first sized pocket for about five weeks now and have been impressed enough to add another three to our stash. I love the fit of these nappies on the now twelve week old Baby JJ, they are a little trimmer than the one size nappies and just don't look quite as bulky. I love the way that I can adjust how I do the two rows of poppers up so that I get a snug fit that has actually proved pretty much leak proof and has even held in a breast fed explosion or two, no doubt helped by the double gusset. I also love how the micro fibre keeps Baby JJ's skin nice and dry, he's not had a nappy rash since being put in cloth instead of disposable nappies. In fact I've been so impressed that I've bought some size three for Big Brother, who is a rather large three and a half year old and too big for the one size nappies.

      Although Big Brother had worn cloth nappies for a while a year ago he had outgrown them and I did not realise that there were nappies available for bigger, older children. Having a developmental delay, he is not yet ready to leave the house without wearing a nappy, but we were finding he was getting nasty rashes (to the point of blistering) from wearing disposables, so these nappies are a godsend. They not only fit him, but there is actually room for growth as we are only doing them up on the second set of poppers. While a little bulkier than a disposable they are still trim enough to wear under his normal trousers and as a bonus they don't sag like a disposable with the first wee. As far as absorbency and containment goes, these are at least as good as a disposable, able to cope with mammoth pees and huge poos without any problem, I even left one on him overnight and there were no leaks. Since ditching the disposables and using these the nappy rash has improved dramatically and Big Brother has started to recognise when he is wet or dirty. The only problem we've encountered is that pre-school will not entertain him using them there and he has to wear pull-ups there.

      Dealing with these when wet or dirty is pretty easy and for the majority of the time no more unpleasant than a disposable, with the added benefit that you don't have poopy nappies hanging around for the week until the next rubbish collection. If simply wet then all that needs to be done is the insert removed from the pocket and both parts put in a lidded pail, with the same being true of breastfed poop (as it dissolves in water). Solid, toddler poop requires a little more effort, the poop needs to be emptied down the toilet and if it's particularly sticky you might need to employ a toilet brush and the flush to get the worst off before the nappy is once more placed in a lidded pail. Once you have enough for a load the nappies are washed in your machine. While Little Lamb recommends that nappies are washed at 30 or 40 degrees with approximately half the usual dose of washing powder, I do have my own routine. I begin with a rinse, which helps reduce the amount of stains setting and loosens any slightly dried poop. I then run a long cotton wash at 40 degrees using an Ecoegg rather than detergent. This routine does a brilliant job at removing almost every sign of staining and if I add a few drops of essential oil to the softener drawer then the nappies also smell gorgeous.

      Drying the nappies is pretty simple, the actual nappies will dry overnight on an airer (although if the sun ever decides to make an appearance drying outside will also bleach out any stains). The inserts take a lot longer to dry, although I do find it's quicker than those supplied with the one size pockets, it still takes a good day to day and a half. This does mean that you have the pockets ready to use waiting on the inserts. The way round this quandary is to buy extra inserts, I've bought double meaning that I always have some available, but you can use other inserts, I've used those from the one size nappies with success.

      Although I do feel these are a touch on the expensive side considering that the one size are only £10 each, I still have to admit that I rather like these nappies. While they did not give a good fit to start with, they provide a snug, secure fit on Baby JJ without being overly bulky. The largest size has also proven a hit with Big Brother, they fit him well and he is happy to wear them. So I can't help but suggest that you given these a try, am giving the Little Lamb Sized Pocket Nappies four stars out of five and am now buying in size two ready for when size one is outgrown.


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