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Little Lamb Try Them All

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Brand: Little Lamb / Type: Nappies

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2013 15:42
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      Five out of five stars

      The Little Lamb try them all kit

      When I was pregnant I already knew that I wanted to try and use cloth nappies, I had heard lots of positive reviews and although I didn't know anyone in real life that had used them after having a browse around online seemed to suggest that those who used them tended to love them.

      But like so many things with baby's it can be a bit of a minefield about where to start looking or buying, which was why when I discovered Little Lamb's 'try them all' nappy kit that I couldn't resist purchasing and truth be told I have never looked back since.

      In my experience the hardest aspect of using cloth nappies have been the negative comments from people, before my baby was here I was so sick of hearing how much more difficult the reusable nappies where going to be, how much more work and washing I would have to do, etc, etc. Some people even without any research told me that using cloth nappies made no difference financially or environmentally - which is absolutely not true. I did do my research and I read the study published by a large commercial company that stated the marginal cost and environmental difference between using cloth and disposables, but they based the comparison on washing 12 nappies every day at 60 degrees, then tumble drying them as well as ironing the nappies and finally buying new cloth nappies every six months. So far I wash nappies every second or third day at 40 degrees, I hang them up to dry (beside a radiator if it's miserable out or out on the line if the sun is shining) and I would never, ever bother myself to iron them, which in my opinion would be madness. Plus personally, I just feel better using something soft and natural next to my baby's bum and not adding years worth of disposable nappies to the landfill is yet just another bonus. Also I would like to have more children and the nappies should be fine to reuse with another baby so that means that any additional Inchy babies should be nappied for a much reduced cost.

      So what exactly do you get in the Little Lamb's Try them all kit?

      A cotton nappy with a cotton booster, a bamboo nappy with a bamboo booster, a microfibre nappy with a microfibre booster, a pocket nappy with a bamboo insert, three fleece liners, a waterproof nappy wrap and a wet bag. All for the very reasonable price of £40. It is worth noting that if and when you want to order a larger number of nappies Little Lamb offers lots of bundle deals making the nappies even more affordable, the Try them all nappy kit is just that - a chance to try the nappies and decide what type of nappy might best suit your lifestyle and your little one's bum.

      The Little Lamb's Try them all nappy kit provides you with size 1 nappies, which are suitable from birth until approximately around nine months depending upon your baby's weight and length.

      So onto the nappies...

      --- Cotton nappy with cotton booster ---

      The cotton nappy is surprising easy to use for a cloth nappy and is shaped very similarly to a typical disposable nappy with Velcro wings. I have so far found that cotton nappies are an absolute essential, I would even go as far as to say that they are the backbone of my nappy stash. The Little Lamb's cotton nappy is just a good all-rounder, it's absorbent, reasonably easy to dry, very easy to use and surprisingly doesn't stain too much.

      What I really like about the Little Lamb brand is that they are a family orientated company and they designed and tested their nappies on their own children and it is obvious that a lot of experience has went into the design of them. For example all the two part nappys (i.e., the cotton, microfibre and bamboo nappy that require the outer waterproof wrap) come with inbuilt laundry tabs that you just flip over before throwing the used nappy in the washing bucket, which means that the Velcro and nappys are protected in the washing machine and it should extend the lifetime of the nappy by quite a bit.

      As I mentioned the cotton nappy does take a little while to dry, I have found that most of my cotton nappies require nearly 12 hours to dry on a clothes airer beside a radiator that is on, but only on for a few hours throughout the day. However, because they do take longer to dry is a pretty good indicator that they are a fairly absorbent nappy, so I have found that a good mix of different material nappies have worked best for me - which is why I also love and use quite a few of the Little Lamb's microfibre nappies.

      The cotton booster is simply a double layered cut-out of cotton that fits inside the nappy to extend the absorbency of the nappy, especially if like me you have a little heavy wetter or a baby that doesn't tell you when they have wet the nappy. I almost always use a booster in the nappy and for night time or during longer car rides I just pop two or even three boosters into the nappy to increase its absorbency. Yes it does tend to make the nappy more bulky looking but it works an absolute treat.

      The cotton nappy is made from 90% organic cotton and 10% microfibre.

      Five out of five stars.

      --- Microfibre nappy with Microfibre booster ---

      Personally, I think that it is really important to have at least a few of the Microfibre nappies in amongst any nappy stash, for the one reason that they come out of the washing machine feeling almost dry and with half an hour to an hour in the sun or beside a hot radiator they are more or less ready to use again.

      The Microfibre nappies are lovely, fluffy and a nice white colour. Before I first started using them I was certain that with them being bright white rather than the more cream colour of the cotton or bamboo material that they were sure to stain. And so far even after a couple months of regular use the Microfibre nappies are the nappies that look the best, they look almost like new and have retained their bright white look - I am pretty sure that this will change with time, but I really have been pleasantly surprised by how easy the nappies in general and the Microfibre nappies have been to keep clean and looking good.

      But the microfibre nappies are by far the least absorbent, don't get me wrong they do work perfectly well as a nappy but when I pop my little girl into one of these I do make sure and change her far more frequently than I would think to with a cotton or bamboo nappy. However, I have found having a few of the microfibre nappy's around has been invaluable for when I have left the washing a little late and I am down to my last or last couple of nappies.

      The Microfibre nappies are of a similar design and fit to both the cotton and bamboo nappies and are made from 100 % Microfibre.

      Five out of five stars.

      --- Bamboo nappy with Bamboo booster---

      In my opinion no nappy stash would also be complete without some Bamboo nappy's and some bamboo boosters. They are the same design as the cotton and microfibre nappy just made from bamboo which is by far the most absorbent nappy material that I have come across. For me the bamboo nappy is always my bed time nappy of choice, it just keeps my little one drier for longer and hopefully helps her to sleep through the night.

      Also the bamboo nappies are by far the softest and if I had to choose what I would want next to my own skin I am sure nine times out of ten I would pick the bamboo. In fact, I do because I use the Little Lamb's bamboo breast pads on a daily basis.

      But and the bamboo nappies do have one large but, they take forever to dry. Even with placing the bamboo nappy beside a warm radiator they still take almost a full day to dry completely, which does mean that they are great to have around but you would need quite a lot more nappies if you wanted to just rely on the bamboo ones than if you have a more mixed nappy stash. Also I have found that the bamboo nappy is the nappy most likely to stain, but even with a slight discolouration they still look good and let's face it a well used nappy is never going to look entirely pristine no matter how many washes it goes through.

      As with all the two part nappy's the bamboo nappy comes with its very own booster and let me tell you the Bamboo boosters that Little Lamb sale are just fantastic. They are also available to buy in packets of ten separately and I currently have about 20 extra because I prefer using the bamboo boosters over all other types of booster because they are just so absorbent.

      The Bamboo nappy is made from 90 % bamboo and 10 % microfiber.

      Five out of five stars.

      --- Pocket nappy with Bamboo insert ---

      In the 'Try them all kit' the Pocket nappy is probably my personal least favourite, but it is my husband's favourite and that is because it is the most simple nappy in my stash to use. All you do is fold the bamboo insert and then pop it into the nappy all ready to use and then when the time comes you just place the baby in the nappy and clip the poppers shut, there is no need for an outer waterproof layer and putting on the pocket nappy really does take no time at all.

      So why isn't it my favourite nappy? I just don't find it as absorbent as the other nappy's and it can and does leak occasionally and I do only mean occasionally. When I have on the odd occasion used a disposable nappy I do find them to leak a little more frequently than I would expect because cloth nappy's very rarely let anything sneak past. I do think that the pocket nappy is just a nappy that might be better suited to some babies than others, my little girl is long and still not all that chubby and as such her legs are just on the small side for the smallest setting, I am sure that when she grows a bit more then maybe this nappy will come into its own.

      However, it is a great nappy to have when you are out and about because it really is no effort to change. Also the pocket nappy shell is really fast drying and the bamboo insert comes in handy for using as a booster in other nappies if you don't have a booster handy. Or my favourite use for the square bamboo insert is lying my daughter's bum on top of it for some nappy free time, but without the worry that if she pees (which she always does) that it will go everywhere.

      Four out of five stars.

      --- Just a few extra tips ---

      1) Buy and use some tea tree oil when washing the nappies. All I do is add a few drops of tea tree oil in with the washing powder and the nappies come out smelling fresh and really nice. Also tea tree has some natural anti-bacterial properties.

      2) Buy a nappy bucket and more importantly a mesh laundry bag that fits inside it - all I do is then take the mesh laundry bag from the bucket and put the whole thing in the washing machine it means that you don't have to touch the individual nappies. The nappies also don't need to be soaked.

      3) Wash all the nappies at least three or four times before you use them to help get their absorbency up, but you don't need to dry them in between, just throw them all in and keep rewashing them time after time. Personally, I have found that my nappies did take about 10 or so washes before they started being at their peak.

      --- --- --- And all the extras --- --- ---

      --- Nappy wrap ---

      The Little Lamb's outer waterproof nappy wrap is fantastic, besides coming in quite a few lovely colours the wrap really does do its job well and keeps everything inside the nappy inside the nappy. It is very simple to use with Velcro tabs that allows you to get the nappy snugly fitted for a range of baby sizes and will allow the nappy wrap to grow with your child. It really is just a thin waterproof layer that makes a world of difference and so far the majority of times has successfully managed to contain even the wettest and poopiest nappies.

      Colours currently available to pick from include: White, Cerise pink, Turqoise, Jade, Big sky blue, Candyfloss pink, Truffle, Hazy sun yellow, Grape, Green apple and Spice orange.

      I own quite a few different colours of the wraps and my favourites has to be the cerise pink, grape and the spice orange. However, the green apple and jade are also lovely colours that would be perfect if you wanted something gender neutral. The only colour I don't own is the truffle, but from the list I really do like all the colours and they look far more interesting than the typical disposable nappy.

      --- Fleece liners ---

      Personally, I don't use these fleece liners for their intended purpose, which is to catch the poop and stop any nappy cream from adhering to the actual nappy and really to keep the nappy cleaner. If you do use the fleece liner they are incredibly soft and thin to allow the fluid to pass through but the solids to remain in place and then you can either shake any solid poo off and into the toilet or rinse. I use disposable paper lines (also sold from Little Lambs) that are flushable or just pop them into the nearest bin. I love using cloth nappy's but I still want as easy a life as possible and I personally find that by using a disposable biodegradable paper liner it just makes my life that bit more straightforward and simple.

      What I do use the fleece liners for is makeshift bum wipes.

      Three out of five stars.

      --- Wet bag---

      The final item in the 'Try them all' Little Lamb's nappy kit is the wet bag, which is essentially a small waterproof bag with drawstrings that comes in the same colour as your nappy wrap, which you can use to store soiled nappies or clothes when you are away from home. I have four of these wet bags and so far I have used them loads, they are just so handy for throwing into my changing bag and making cloth nappies still my nappy of choice for any day trips and afternoons out.

      Five out of five stars.

      --- Overall ---

      If you haven't already guessed from reading the review, I do love using my Little Lamb cloth nappies and I wouldn't ever go back to relying on disposables. I own all of the different types of nappies above in various quantities and I can honestly say I don't have a favourite because they are all suited to slightly different tasks. I cannot recommend Little Lamb enough and if you are considering using cloth nappies then the 'Try them all' kit is really great way to get started and decide just what you want from a nappy before investing in a larger bundle.

      So far in speaking to people about cloth nappies I have found that those who use them usually love them and can be quite passionate about them, which I very much doubt is ever the case with disposable nappies.

      Five out of five stars - it's a great cloth nappy introduction kit.


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