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Little Lamb Wraps

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Brand: Little Lamb / Type: Nappy Wraps

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2013 10:48
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      If you're using shaped nappies then these are a good waterproof option

      While we mostly use pocket nappies during the day, for those times when we want the nappy to last a little longer and for bedtime we use a two part system, which comprises of a shaped absorbent nappy and waterproof wrap. As all of our various shaped nappies are of the Little Lamb brand we have stuck to their wraps and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with their performance. With a standard price of £8.50 for one, these wraps are available in three sizes and a fairly large range of colours, with discounts being available when you buy in packs of three or five (you can pick which colours you want. Probably the most cost efficient way of trying one of these wraps is to actually buy a nappy trial pack, that way you also get a shaped nappy (cotton, organic cotton, bamboo or microfibre) and a matching wet bag for just £12 with free delivery from the Little Lamb website.

      Also available in Size 2 (20-38lb) and Size 3 (35lb+), due to the fact that he is only 7 weeks old and was only 2 weeks when we started using them we have the Size 1 that are said to be suitable for babies in the 7-20lb range. At about 8.5lb Baby JJ was well within this weight range, but a long, skinny baby when we started using them, although he has obviously filled out a bit now, five weeks later. Unlike the nappy part of a two part system, you don't need to change the wrap on every change, only really if it is soiled or after a couple of changes. This means you can probably get away with just three to four wraps in your stash, but I do like to colour coordinate wherever possible and so have at least one of each colour (and more of the colours I particularly like).

      My only previous experience of using waterproof covers for nappies is the horrible, sweaty, plastic pants that were used twenty odd years ago and the difference in using these is like chalk and cheese. Each wrap is made of a soft, stretchy poly knit that is bonded to a breathable, waterproof laminate. The outside of the wrap feels soft yet durable to the hand and the waterproof laminate appears very well bonded to the poly knit, with there being no areas where it has separated (unlike some cheap pocket nappies I have bought). While these wraps are not available with fancy patterns printed on them the choice of colours is great and the colours themselves are gorgeous. With the exception of the two pinks and the white we have at least one of each colour and my personal favourites are Hazy Sun (a bright yellow), Spice (orange), Fire (burnt orange) and Green Apple (very bright, light green).

      As I've previously said, we've been using these on Baby JJ to cover his various shaped Little Lamb nappies since he was about two weeks old. These wraps are extremely easy to use, you simply put the shaped nappy on first and then the wrap goes over the top. The combination of the elasticated leg cuffs and back and the wide Velcro strips makes it easy to get a snug and yet not too tight fit. To help the wraps fit really thin babies the flaps can be velcroed so that they are one on top of the other, but we have never needed to do this. What I love about the Velcro is that it is infinitely adjustable meaning I can get the perfect fit, without having the problem of being between popper settings. I find that to get the perfect fit, it is better to angle the Velcro slightly and then I can make sure that the wrap covers the nappy completely and doesn't gape at the legs without being so tight that it causes red marks or compression leaks.

      Once these wraps are on they not only look super cute, but in our experience they really are bombproof holding in everything from the lightest of wees to the most explosive poop imaginable, and Baby JJ can do some very explosive breastfed poops. Nothing else has managed to come close to containing some of his poops, even with disposables the poop used to escape from the leg cuffs and up the back. The combination of the excellent fit, elasticated legs and back and the clever leg gussets have literally coped with everything Baby JJ has pooped at them. I love the way that I can put an appropriately boosted nappy on Baby JJ, put one of these wraps over it and then know that it will keep all pee and poop contained. In five weeks of night time use we have not had a single leak, which is pretty impressive when you consider that Baby JJ regularly sleeps for six to seven hours in a stretch at night.

      When it comes to changing the wrap, how I deal with it depends on whether or not it has poop on and how long it's been on. If the wrap has poop on then it goes straight in the dirty nappy bucket ready to wash at 40 degrees with the other nappies, from which they come out virtually dry. If the wrap is just wet then I will simply wipe it down with one of our washable wipes and then let it dry ready use again, washing it after three or so uses (or if it starts to smell). With five weeks nightly use all of our wraps are still in perfect condition and I don't see why (as long as they are properly) cared for they shouldn't last until they become to small for Baby JJ.

      If you are planning to use cloth nappies then you will need to think about how you will deal with night time and for us the best solution is a combination of fitted nappies, booster pads and these wraps. We find the fit is great, that they are fantastic at holding in the pee and poop and look ultra cute as well. Although they are quite an expensive outlay you don't have to have as many as we do and could probably manage with just four. Although every baby is different and what works for one will not work for another, from our personal experience I cannot recommend these wraps enough, for us they have performed perfectly. My personal recommendation is therefore to buy any of the nappy trial packs to see if these will work for you.


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