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Mamas & Papas Nuvola Changing Unit with Bath

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mamas & Papas / Type: Changing Tables

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    3 Reviews
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      10.08.2010 18:00
      Very helpful



      Why did i think i needed this changing table

      When i was pregnant with my princess i had see the mamas & papas changing table in the argos book and thought it was a must have baby item.

      The changing table cost £59.99 and i went to argos and picked it up.

      The changing table was easy to put together and instructions easy to follow.

      The table is mainly made of plastic with a steal frame, the colour scheme of the changing table is in cream and brown.

      The table has wheels on the legs so it can be easily moved around.

      The top half of the table has the bath on it with a plug and a handy storage tray at the side so it is easy to grab the shampoo, infacare cotton wool etc.

      To empty the bath it has a tube but still need to wheel the unit to the kitchen sink to empty.

      The changing mat sits flush on the bath for getting my princess dried and dressed. It is thick and padded with a wipe clean surface.

      There are two other shelf's underneath, i stored my nappies, wipes spare vests etc.

      The table was definitely handy for the first few months but after that it got stuff dumped on it and i found it so much easier to dress and change my princess on the sofa.

      I feel the changing table was way over priced and not needed.

      I don't recommend the table it wont get used, useless and annoying to empty.

      Jem x


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        21.02.2010 22:43
        Very helpful



        Definitely one to pick up second hand!

        When we were expecting our first baby we decided to visit an NCT nearly new sale to see if we could get any bargains.

        Not having a clue what you needed for a baby we just wandered around looking at stuff and took suggestions from the volunteers there. One of the items that a male volunteer suggested to us was a change station. He showed us a Nuvola one that was selling for £20 and told my husband how it had saved his back from lots of pain!

        We bought it and took it home - setting it up just before the baby was born.

        What is it?
        It is a changing table / storage unit / baby bath all in one.

        This has many benefits and features which make it a brilliant product.

        Firstly it is on wheels which mean that it is easily portable. As we have discovered with our baby, you get a "poosplosion" (parents will understand - if you are not a parent you don't want to know!) you can wheel the unit into the bathroom to wash the unit or the baby.

        It has two shelves which you can store all of your changing / washing items on the unit. These are plastic so they are washable (see above) and easy to dry. We keep nappies, wipes, baby soaps, cotton wool, muslin squares and towels all on the shelves. There is loads of space and it means that babies room is not nearly as cluttered as it could be.

        THe changing mat on the top is at the perfect height so that you don't have to bend down too much to change your baby. It is washable and is quick to dry. It has raised sides so that the baby should not be able to roll off the changing mat. Now I would still not recommend leaving your baby unattended on there as they are amazingly mobile. That said I feel very confident that Brad cannot fall off. The changing table is a good size so that you can change and dress your baby. THere are three plastic holes beside the change table. You can store water bowls, cotton wool and creams in them.

        Under the change table and reached by lifting up the hinged table to the left is a baby bath. This again has some great features.

        It has a "plug hole" which has an emptying tube attached to this. The tube can be tucked up the back of the table on special catches when not in use. The best thing about this bath is that you are able to wheel it into the bathroom and fill it up using the shower if you have one. If not you can lift out the bath and fill it under the bath taps. When baby has finished you can just pull the plug and then put the tube into the bath. You can then put the mat back on top and change baby. There is also a hook on the edge of the station that you can hang your towel on so it is close to hand.

        The bath also has a hump in the middle of it - now this is there to support the baby so there is no need for a separate baby bath support. You should, in theory not have to support the baby as they can sit up on the hump themselves. Again this works pretty well but would not trust him by himself. He does love his bath though - soon I am sure that he will work out that he can splash the water all over the place - for the moment he is just well behaved!

        This is a brilliant bit of kit- main thing is it is well designed and really does save my back plus hubby loves using it so I dont have to change all the nappies!

        I would not pay full price for it I saw it for £69.99 in Babies R Us and I think it is a bit cheaper at Argos but not much.

        Much better to check out your local NCT or other nearly new sale or try Gumtree or Ebay. For £20 this was a bargain but wouldnt pay much more!


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          07.12.2009 11:56
          Very helpful



          Worth it would recommend

          When I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first child I was told that she was breach. For those who don't know breach is where your baby's feet is in the birthing position, instead of the head. Because of this reason it is unsafe for a woman to give birth to I was told that I needed a c section.

          Again for those of you who do not know what a c section is, it is where they surgeon cuts your stomach to get you baby out. Because of this reason I was worried about how I would be able to bend down to change my baby's nappy, bath my baby, and also change my baby's clothes, as I knew I was going to be in pain as you are with any operation. Keeping this in mind I started looking around to see if I could find something that would be high standing so it would not be as painful on my scar.

          At the time when I spotted the Mamas and Papas changing unit it was in 2005 and just brand new in the ARGOS catalogue for £49.99. Ok so it's not cheap but I bought it anyways, if it was going to save me being in less pain and enjoying more time with my new born baby then why not.

          It comes in a flat pack that you have to build up. It is easy enough for you to put it together so don't worry. I managed to do mine myself so it can be 1 person assembly. The unit is on wheels so it lets you move the unit around without making it heavy lifting. There are also breaks on the wheel to save the trolley from moving when you are using it.

          ~ On the top of the unit there is a big, bulky changing mat that is used just like any other changing mat. It has more padding on it than your average one; it is a nice pattern that is they have chosen it is very eye catching but not to wild or wacky. It is easily cleaned and also has like bars built up in the fabric to make sure the baby is completely safe, so that your child will not fall off.

          ~ Underneath the changing mat there is a bath. It is a reasonable size and has a bump type plastic hump in the middle. This is so you can lay your newborn down safely and he or she will not fall. It is also easily cleaned. I know what you are thinking, if you fill up the bath with water how do you get it out??
          It is simple. There is a little tube that is connected from underneath the bath that bends and hooks onto the side of the bath. Don't worry it won't leak, all you do is move the unit to a sink and unhook the tube and it automatically drains. No trouble, no hassle, no mess, it is as simple as that.
          Also at the side of the bath there are 3 storage compartments for you to store whatever you like in there. I personally used to leave my shampoo, sponge, and a little face cloth in there to save me letting go of my baby in the bath to bend underneath to get what I was needing.

          ~ There are also two storage baskets for you to hold you anything that you think you might need while you use the unit. I used to have nappys, cotton wool, a little bowl that hold water, nappy sacks, a change of clothes, bath stuff, and a towel. Although I have stated what I used to have on my unit you can obviously put whatever you feel that you would need for your baby.

          The frame is looks like flimsy but they are not. They are actually quite steady. They are made from metal and are very safe.

          This product is suitable from birth to approximately 12 months. I personally know that Your child will not fit in the bath at 12 months old but they changing mat can still be used along with the storage shelves.

          I would recommend this product to any mother especially if they have just had a c section like I did myself. It make it so much easier for you, and where you are not in as much pain as you would of been if you didn't have one you are more happier which is great because you get to enjoy your baby more.

          I would rate this product 9/10 and the only reason that I am not rating it a full 10/10 is because when I was bathing my baby I found it hard to wash her hair.
          Because the plastic hump is in the middle to keep your child safe you can't lay your baby down to do this. And you don't want to take your baby out the bath to hold them over the bath to wash their hair as they will get very cold as their little bodies can't keep heat in for long.
          So what I used to with my daughter is hold her over the bath and was her hair first, then I used to put her in the bath and play with her with the rubber duck trying to make bath time fun and give her a wash. After I done that I used to wrap her in a towel then fold the changing over the bath and lay her on it to get her dried.

          If you are interested in buying the product you can still but it in ARGOS page 1519 in the baby section for £59.99. Although the price has gone up I still think that it is great value especially id it saves you bending as much and not hurting your scars.

          I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my review. I really hope that it was of some use to you.


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        • Product Details

          Allows you to change and bathe baby without bending. Suitable from birth to approximately 12 months. Bath has moulded base to support baby, and drain tube.

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