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Me Time Cotton Buds

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Brand: Me Time / Type: Baby Care / Subcategory: Bath Products

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 20:42
      Very helpful



      I definitely wouldnt buy them again

      I usually buy cotton buds from Tesco or Superdrug but recently my husband Mark popped to Asda for a few bits and I asked him to pick me some cotton buds up while he was there thinking he would get Asdas own brand ones. However when he came back he had bought me a tub of Me-Time cotton buds. I had never heard of these before and looking at them I wasn't convinced they were going to be very good. 

      MeTime Cotton Buds are sold in a round clear plastic tub, this is very thin and flimsy but adequate. It has a clear lid which pushes on and off but once off the tub is so flimsy its hard to get it back properly. Inside the lid the is a label which shows the MeTime logo and informs the customer that the pot holds 800 cotton buds which are made from 100% pure cotton, it also states that these are suitable to clean the outer ear or any visible dirt and wax. 

      Inside the tub the cotton buds are closely packed and when I pulled one out I could see that they were very poor quality, no surprises really when the tub of 800 buds cost just £1.00. The cotton buds are made from white plastic which is very flimsy and bendy and they measure approximately 7cm's long. 

      The actual cotton on each end feels quite course and nothing like the usual soft cotton on any others I have tried, there isn't much of it either! 

      I personally never use cotton buds on my ears, I tend to use them for cleaning up any little make up smudges such as mascara or  to neaten up eye shadow. My other main use for cotton buds is to tidy up any nail varnish that I get on my skin around my nails when I'm painting them. I find dipping the end of a cotton bud into nail varnish remover is very good for this and it was what I was taught at college when I did my manicure course. 

      The first time I used one of the MeTime cotton buds was when I was doing my make up and needed to remove a couple of mascara blobs from around my eye, the first problem I found with these was with the cotton being so thin when I wiped around my eyes with one I could actually feel the end of the plastic scratching my skin and this was with very little pressure being put on the cotton bud. 

      The same thing happened when I tried to tidy up around my toe nails after painting them, once again I could feel the hard plastic through the cotton on my skin and if I put the slightest bit of pressure on the cotton buds they would just fold in half. 

      As I mentioned Mark my husband only paid £1.00 for a whopping 800 buds but it really wasn't a bargain as they are just sitting in the drawer unused and I have since bought some more. 

      If you use cotton buds for any reason then in my personal opinion I would steer clear of these, they are useless!


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