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Mother-ease Airflow Wrap

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Brand: Mother-ease / Type: Changing Products

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    6 Reviews
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      22.09.2011 22:38
      Very helpful



      A good way to protecting baby from leaks

      I wrote a review recently on Motherease reusable nappies and mentioned the need for a waterproof wrap that encases the nappy to avoid any leaks. There are many different reusable nappies on the market and alongside these there are a variety of waterproof wraps, and so it can be difficult to get your head around what you need and which brand is effective.

      As I said in my previous review, I chose to go with the Motherease reusable nappies as well as the Motherease wraps, for which there are currently two different types: the Airflow wrap and the Rikki Wrap. The Airflow Wrap differs from the Rikki wrap simply in terms of how it is fastened around the nappy. The former of these uses adjustable poppers whereas the latter uses velcro.

      The vast majority of my Motherease wraps are the Airflow kind, simply because I happened to win more of that type of wrap on ebay when I was stocking up on these nappies and wraps prior to having my daughter. Although my Motherease nappy should suit my baby from birth to potty as they are one size, these wraps need to be changed as your baby grows, and they come in various sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. It is recommended that you have between 4 and 5 wraps per size, as these do not need to be washed with each use, as they can be wiped clean.

      I have purchased 4 of each size with the exception of the extra small and extra large, and am currently on the small wraps for my month old baby. When I first bought these wraps I couldn't quite understand how you wouldn't need to wash these after every use, but with the waterproof fabric, I can see now why this isn't necessary. The great thing about the material of these wraps is that they take no time to dry, and I can put them out on the washing line for an hour or two and they will be perfectly dry and ready to use. They can also be washed in with the nappy wash at 60 degrees.

      These wraps also come in various patterns and designs, some with plain colours, some with animal patterns, and there is no doubt that the patterned wraps are very cute for a baby.

      THis Airflow wrap, as I noted, comes with adjustable poppers, just like the motherease nappy, and so as your baby grows you can widen the wrap using the poppers. I have been using the nappies and wraps since my baby was a few weeks old and I have had no leaks so far, since the wraps tend to fit snugly around the edge of the nappy thus keeping any potential leaks locked into the nappy, and thus keeping baby dry and content. It is the poppers that allow you to get a good snug fit around the nappy and I am still on the smallest setting in terms of poppers on my small wrap.

      All in all, the reason you use these wraps is to protect your baby from nappy leaks, by providing a waterproof cover for the nappy, and so far, I have had no leaks when using these Airflow wraps, probably because of the adjustable poppers which ensure the nappy is covered well. A great wrap to go around these nappies!


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      04.10.2009 11:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      They look good, but they're just not quite up to scratch for me.

      The mother-ease airflow wrap is one of several plastic pants I've tried. We use it over a shaped birth-to-potty nappy, which makes a difference to how the pants fit. If you use a different nappy type, you my find your experiences of the pants change, too.

      For anyone still choosing between the various types of nappy available, a plastic pant (or wrap) is used with a traditional, shaped, prefold or pocket nappy, not with a disposable or all-in-one. It's basically the waterproof part which stops undesirable substances seeping out and soaking clothing.

      The Motherease Airflow has poppers up the side for easy access. It is slightly adjustable, but not as adjustable as velcro types in my experience. At around £8.50 a pair, you'd expect good quality, and that's exactly what you get: a good thick plastic, with elastic that keeps its shape wash after wash.

      It comes in a wide variety of patterns, too (I think it's 6 animal prints and three plain, but they keep changing the patterns available), which is nice for the nappy-changer, not to see the same old boring thing all the time.

      This pant can go in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees, and can also go in the tumble dryer on cool setting. For me, that means it just goes in the wash with my nappies.

      How does it fit? Sadly, the poppers don't allow for enough adjustment. They fit perfectly for about a week, then another week later on, and in between they just about do. Particularly overnight, they tend to leak, and as baby grows, these are the first patns to leak. I think the poppers are too close to the edge of the pant - in any case, they gape slightly at the join, meaning it's not a totally watertight seal.

      As these are designed to keep water in, that's just not good enough for me. I like the look, I like the idea of no velcro to get caught on my washing, but in practise, they're just not as good as the competition.


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        16.09.2009 15:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Would recommend them to anyone

        We bought our Motherese Airflow wraps when we gave up on the Tots Bots ones we had been using. We had many problems with the Tots wraps including difficulty getting a good fit, and binding which wicked urine away onto clothes and caused sore legs. The Motherease wraps solved all of these problems (I have written a separate review of the Tots nappies and wraps).

        The Motherease Airflow wrap is essentially the waterproof layer that goes over the top of a washable nappy. We found that it fits over the Tots Bots fluffle nappies we use very well, although of course Motherease also make washable nappies. The wraps fasten with poppers at the waist and leg, with three different settings at each point, making it easy to get a snug fit. The wraps are available in 6 different sizes to suit different weights/sizes of babies and come in several eco-theme prints, as well as plain white. My boys really liked the pictures on our ocean and savanna print wraps- much more interesting than dull white nappies!

        We found that with these wraps we were able to use just one a day, changing only the nappy underneath at each change. Unlike the Tots Bots wraps we had no problems with urine wicking into the binding of these wraps. We dry-pailed these wraps along with our nappies with no problems, and they can be washed at up to 60oC. The airflow wraps dry really quickly, so are great in that respect too.

        I would not hesitate to recommend the Motherease Airflow wraps to anyone using washable nappies; I don't think you could ask for anymore from a wrap.


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          02.08.2009 13:50



          No other nappy wrap is made of material as kind to baby's skin

          These are the best nappy wraps by far. I used them with my son, but bought cheaper large size wraps as he grew. We gave up re-usable nappies after 18 months when he kept getting rashes around his thighs. Since my daughter was born I have realised our mistake was to stop using Motherease.

          The benefits of Motherease wraps are:
          - the edgings do not wick urine, so no rashes around thighs
          - the laminate does not crack and leak, even after many washes
          - the look and quality is still as new after use by 2 babies
          - containment is great, even with new borns

          Airflow and Rikki wraps are made of the same material, but my favourite is the Airflow. Occasionally the velcro on Rikki wraps can rub on the baby's tummy, and can get stuck on things in the wash. The popper Airflow can be easier to put on (and keep on!) a toddler who refuses to keep still.

          I have learnt my lesson and will be buying Motherease large size wraps for my daughter - worth every penny!


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          29.11.2008 12:29
          Very helpful



          A must buy for anyone that wants to use a cloth nappy.

          As i've just reviewed the motherease one size nappy i thought it would be appropriate to review the wraps that i used with them. We used these for 6 months but they are so simple to use that i know everything about them.

          ******The wrap******

          There were two choices of wraps to use that we were aware of with the motherease all in one. There was the rikki wrap or the Airflow wrap - we chose the latter. The reason for choosing this one was the popper fastening over the velcro fastening.

          The airflow wrap uses poppers both around the waist and around the legs in order to get the best fit for your baby. There are six poppers on each so they are very adjustable when your little one puts on that little bit of extra weight. These are great if the legs are chubbier than the waist too or if the waist is chubbier than the legs.

          A definite advantage of these over a velcro wrap is that little fingers should find it a lot harder to open these so they remain waterproof! On the small wraps the poppers are usually towards the front - for easy access if you ask me - with the larger wraps having poppers at the back.

          How do they work? Well the poppers allow air in and out of the nappies to let them breathe, in other words, the air circulates just like the air conditioning in a car.


          These wraps are made from polyurethane laminate which is renowned for being breathable and great for the skin. These are waterproof so they keep in every little bit of moisture which is just what you need with a cloth nappy. It has a kind of soft fabric feel and my daughter was never bothered by the feel of the wrap. These wraps are very light (quick drying) and they are quite baggy because of the poppers.


          These wraps aren't just compatible with the motherease one size nappy but with others too. I've used them with the sandy's size one nappies successfully and i know they can be used with traditional terries nappies.

          They can be used with other popular brands such as tots bots but it would be impossible to list every nappy you can use them with as the list is vast.

          One nappy you might stuggle to use them with is a prefolded nappy as the fit wouldn't be right and leaks would probably occur on a regular basis.


          There are a variety of sizes in order to ensure the best fit for your baby. There are the usual three main sizes which are small, medium and large along with extra "in between" sizes. The sizes have a guide of weight on them, but like i've said this is only a guide and not everything can be measured by weight. The weight did work out extremely well for us though.

          As a rough guide the sizes go as follows:

          XSmall 2.75-5.5kg/ 6-12lb
          Small 2.75-5.5kg/ 6-12lb
          Medium 4.5-9kg/ 10-20lb
          Medium/Large 9-12kg/ 20-27lb
          Large 9-16kg/ 20-35lb
          XLarge 16-20kg/ 35-45lb

          The extra small and the small have the same weight recommendation but the extra small wraps have a slimmer style cut to fit around the smaller legs.

          As we stopped using the cloth nappies at around 6 months we only used the small and medium sized wraps. Both of these were a great fit for our daughter and despite the occasional leak (where i'm sure we just hadn't put it all around the nappy properly) they worked exactly how they're meant to.

          ******Eco-Theme Patterns******

          The wraps are just as you'd expect from an eco friendly product and come in five different themes, or just plain blocks of colours if you'd rather.

          The styles available are Asia, Ocean, Savana, Rainforest and The wetlands. They are also available in a block of colour - White, Blue or Yellow.

          I found these themed nappies to be very cute and they kept their colours extremely well. We had just plain white wraps at the small size and i found them to go a little bit beige after a few uses, although i'm still not sure why. (i'm sure there's a very good reason for it as my sisters wraps did exactly the same)


          These are extremely easy to wash and dry and are definately recommended to anyone, tumble dryer or not. The recommendation is to wash them no higher than 60 degrees but i found a 40 degree wash was fine and a 60 degree wash once every couple of weeks.

          Drying them is extremely quick and i tended to just hang them on an airer or outside rather than use them in the tumble dryer to maximise their life. There is nothing wrong with putting them in your tumble though if you're in a hurry as long as they are on a low heat setting.

          Unlike with the motherease nappies going a little hard if you dried them outside, i found these were always soft no matter what drying method was used.


          Prices for wraps can vary greatly depending on where you buy them from and whether you want them new or second hand. The motherease website itself (www.earthlets.co.uk if you're in the UK) sells the wraps for between £8.50 to £9.50 depending on the size of wrap you need. The white style is also 25p cheaper than the themed or coloured nappies but this is to be expected. We got our wraps second hand are were very lucky with the condition as the medium wraps had only been used once and the large wraps were still brand new.

          I do have to say that the resale value for these wraps don't seem to be as high as the resale value on nappies, but then i don't think the expected lifespan is as good. The nappies should comfortably last you more than 3 children whereas i'd say replace the wraps after your second child (depending on how often you use and wash them) to ensure they are waterproof.

          4 or 5 of these wraps in each size will be plenty as you don't need to change the wrap every time you change a nappy - wiping the inside of the wrap is sufficient.


          These are fantastic wraps and it is definately worth buying a nappy that is compatible with these. They are virtually leak free providing you fit them correctly and ensure the nappy is completely inside the wrap.

          They can definately be used for more than one child if you take care of them and are a great investment. The wraps may not have a good resale value but think of the money you're saving by not buying disposables every week.


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            17.11.2008 11:58
            Very helpful



            I would use it with any number of children I have in future .

            AhhhHHH!!! Motherease system of reusable nappies I love them but then which eco-friendly mum doesn't ... ask me about it and I can talk nineteen to dozens about it .

            However for my review here I will just obediently stick to the motherease airflow nappy wraps..

            My little one is long out of nappies but I would still like to tell people that after loads of differents brands and types of wrap this is the top nappy wrap to go with reusable/cloth nappies ..provided your baby does'nt have too chubby legs.

            The first time I bought one of these wraps from the nappy lady I was really sceptical about a popper nappy wrap(much preferred the Velcro Motherease rikki ones uptil then) but I really could'nt resist the pretty ocean scene on it.

            Main features of this wrap:

            1. Adjustable waist and leg openings with sets of 3 poppers (The poppers are placed toward the front on the small size and at the sides on the larger sizes). Poppers particularly tough for nosey little fingers to open.

            2. Very pretty unisex patterns to chose from and showoff your baby in during the summer months ..or just plain white or pale blue ones.

            3. Inner surface soft breathable waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer side has a brushed polyester fabric-like feel..

            4. Very light ,flexible , baggy and loose.

            5. It has gaps at the sides between the poppers to allow air exchange without causing leaks.

            6. Legs and waist is elasticated too.

            7. Very trim under clothes.

            8.Easy to wash.

            9. Main feature in my opinion is it plays a big role in saving the environment without making life complicated.

            Size Options:

            Available in five sizes. Though it all depends on the childs size really.

            Like I needed the med/large but my little one was trained before she went into the large size and I have'nt really used the XS size either.

            XS 6lb - 12lb (2.7kg - 5.5kg) Covers the same weight range as the small size but with a trimmer cut suitable for a smaller baby.

            Small 6lb - 12lb (2.7kg - 5.5kg)

            Medium 10lb - 20lb (4.5kg - 9.1kg)

            Medium/Large 20lb - 27lb (9.1kg - 12.3kg) ..ideal for slim babies.

            Large from 20lb (for chubbier babies) or from27lb (for slim babies) - 35lb (9.1/12.3kg - 15.9kg)

            XL 35lb - 45lb (15.9kg - 20.5kg)


            Five gorgeous Motherease 'Eco Theme' prints, each depicting a different important wildlife habitat:
            'Rainforest', 'Wetlands', 'Our Oceans'(my personal favourite), 'Savanna' and 'Asia'.

            Plain one colour options include white, soft yellow and pastel blue.

            Compatible with:

            Any type of motherease nappy..except the all- in- one which of course has its own built in wrap( specially recommened for Sandy and one-size birth to potty-training) , Huggles, Tot-bots and Littlelamb.

            Would say the white ones tend to go a bit creamish in colour due to the wrap picking up lots of static dust/lint over time.


            Somewhere around £7-£9 depending on where/whom you are buying from. Believe me you won't regret paying £8 for it .

            Longevity :

            Will comfortably see you through two children and a third one even .

            Care and washing :
            Machine washable at 40ºC or up to 60ºC.

            Can be tumble dried on low heat but I just hung it to dry as this increases longevity and dries real quick too..

            My opinion:

            They were the best wraps I have used .

            Absolute value for money

            Never had a single leak even at night.

            Kind to any baby suffering from nappy rash and/or excema.

            Very fast drying.

            My over-nosey little one could never undo the poppers what an added bonus.

            Saved me the from the guilt of filling up landfills with disposables that take 200??? years to degrade!!!!


            I never had any as my little one is very slim but the legs just might be a tad narrow for chubby thighs ( don't mean to be rude but to put it honestly if your cute little bundle is somewhere above the 91st percentile this woudn't be the ideal nappy-wrap).

            Handy Tips: [coming from the horses mouth]

            Air-drying to tumble drying increases the life of a wrap.

            Just rinse inner side when changing a wee-ed nappy.

            For newborns use a small sized wrap to an extrasmall one if putting over a one-size nappy.


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            They keep the nappy snugly in place allowing the nappy to breath whilst keeping it leak free.

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