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Mothercare Bath Buddies

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Brand: Mothercare

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2012 09:18
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      Mothercare bath buddies

      Every child needs a buddy when they get in their bath and these ones from Mothercare are really good. I really like toys for the bath, the only problem is when I get in and want to have a nice grown up soak with oils and candles I have to share my bath with various plastic ducks, animals, fairies etc that squirt water or paddle and splash their feet etc!! My little girl hates her bath so anything I can do to make it a bit more enjoyable I will try. That's what prompted me to buy these sea creature squirters and the fact that they were only £5 in the Mothercare sale made the decision even easier for me.

      I think the fact that they are sea creatures is an easy way to teach about animals that live in water rather than on the land and you can play with them by making them swim etc and float. In this set there are 5 brightly coloured water/sea creatures. There is a blue whale, a red fish, an orange octopus, a yellow duck, and a green frog. The colours are all nice and I like the fact that they are different so you can learn about colours with these toys too. The toys are quite simple looking with out many markings or decorations but they are very effective looking and do look very like the real animals which I like. 

      The toys are squirters too which means that they all squirt water out of little holes in their mouths. In order to do this its very easy. You just sink the toy under the water and press it in order to fill it up with water and then when you bring it out of the water you can press on it again and it will squirt. For small little toys that actually squirt quite a long distance and quite accurately as well so I like to point these at my little girl and get her wet with them. I find its a sneaky way of getting  her hair wet too. She hates this and hates shampooing it too so if I can get her hair a little bit wet by using these squirters that is good enough for me. 

      I found it really interesting watching my little girl play with these bath toys. We had some fairy squirters for the bath which we eventually threw out because like all bath toys they inevitably go mouldy inside and a few months ago she just sort of played with them by throwing them about or walking them up and down the side of the tub but now she is 2 years old she actually knows to put them under the water and how to make them squirt so it's nice to see the advancements she's made when it comes to learning and using the toys. 

      The toys come in a net bag which you can store then in when not in use. I have had net bags before with other bath toys that don't work very well but this one does stay up quite well. It comes with two suction pads that have a hook on them. On the hook is a cute yellow duck with an orange nose and its over this nose that you hang the bag. I think the fact that there are two makes it hang much better than other bags that just have one suction pad. Its a good idea to put the toys in here and out of the water when you are finished with them as hopefully this will make them last longer and help them not go mouldy as quickly as they might do. 

      All in all I think these are really cool bath toys that are fun to play with and ones I definitely recommend. 


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