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Mothercare Ergonomic Nail Clippers

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Manufacturer: Mothercare / Type: Baby Grooming

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2010 12:04
      Very helpful



      Well worth having!

      Before I had my daughter I was filled with all these ideas on what you need for your baby. Well a lot of the stuff is more gimic and you dont actually need it! We must of wasted so much money but I look on the bright side and just think how much money I saved for my friends.

      However I did purchase the mothercare ergonomic nail clippers and wow its the best thing I ever purchased!

      Ergonomic nail clippers are shaped to cut small, tiny nails on fingers and toes with a well designed easy use grip handle for parents/carers for extreme safety. Ergonomic nail clippers are small nail clippers with a round shape handle that make it easy to use as safely as possible. You use it exactly like any other nail clipper its that easy! They are sharpe so no bending and damaging the nail.

      These can still catch there skin so I would say to do it when you have time and be patient. A good time on a baby/small toddler is when they've just been fed and bathed. There nails have been softend in the bath and when there sleepy or a sleep they don't wriggle!

      I'm so lost without these! So many times I have miss placed them and have to use the small nail clippers you tend to get out of your christmas cracker and even with my small hands I find it hard to control.

      I am very experienced with cutting toe/finger nails as you may already know I am a Beauty therapist. I am not at all nervous with cutting her nails even when she was a tiny little baba so for parents that only have experience with their own nails this must be a nervous job.

      A lot of parents bite their own childrens nails to prevent an accident but personally I find this rather yuck! (No offence to anyone that does this, its just my own opion.)
      With children it is very common to get thread worms. These are tiny white worms that live in your belly and bum. This is mostly caused from bacteria under the nails! A lot of people think it's from animals but only a very small percentage does.
      The best way to prevent this is by washing there hands before eating and nail brushing under their nails when bathing.

      Fancy biting there nails now?! My daughter is now four and half years old and I still use them.

      You will find these in your local mothercare or on there website www.mothercare.com.

      I am sure you will find these in most baby/child shops just a different brand.

      Ergonomic nail clippers cost me about £4 but now £4.99 which I still think are very reasonable!

      Thank you for taking the time to read :-)


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