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Mothercare Toilet Training Seat Peppa Pig

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Mothercare / Toilet training seat

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2011 21:16
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      It doesn't have to be fancy - As long as it does as its supposed to

      Going through the toilet training stage can be difficult as it is without having to worry about which of the rows and rows of toilet seats in mothercare is the best one to buy. I have to say, despite how much you would love them to be (and I) none of them have a magic wand attached and none will make your child magically wee on the toilet. Toilet seats are designed for two things; 1. To ensure little bottoms don't get stuck down the toilet hole and 2. To try to fascinate little ones with colour and design enough so that they use the toilet. But to be honest I could have stuck my daughter's favourite toy on the cistern base and she still wouldn't have tried to get it! In my opinion any toilet seat will do as long as it meets point number one, and here's why . . . . . . . . .

      Peppa pig toilet seat

      The peppa pig toilet seat cost me £ 7.00 from mothercare, not a great deal of money I know but there are cheaper ones available, this one only costs that little bit extra because its peppa pig. The toilet seat is designed to fit on any standard sized toilet. It has a rim running around the outer seat and this is designed to fit on the toilet, you then put the seat down (not the lid) and the seat is positioned nicely in-between the seats rim. So basically it is just creating a smaller hole with a little back support for little bottoms to be able to sit on. It is coloured in a bright - ish pink and has a darker handle which also forms the top of the back rest. All in all, it's simple and reasonable for use at toilet time.

      Good points

      The peppa pig toilet seat looks nice (for a toilet seat) it's fairly simple and it has a peppa pig sticker on it which is why I bought it, to try to coax my daughter to the toilet with the aid of peppa pig. My daughter fits nicely on to the seat, she has had no problems with the hole being too big and she hasn't complained about the seat being uncomfortable to sit on either. Whilst looking for the right toilet seat to buy, I did come across a lot that were funkier than ours and also a lot more expensive! I didn't want to go overboard because at the end of the day it's just a toilet seat and is never really going to be sat on for more than two minutes at a time.

      Bad points

      The toilet seat in general is not too bad, no it didn't help my daughter make informed decisions about her toilet usage neither did it have her running to the toilet the minute that I bought it but for the price I paid I couldn't be more happy with the support it provides her with when sitting on the toilet. The one major thing that has got me annoyed about this toilet seat is the fact that it is supposed to be peppa pig. The design really wasn't thought out well. The peppa pig sticker is situated on the outer rim which is designed to go under the toilet seat. So once placed on the toilet it was no longer visible. That was a spell for disaster. First off, my daughter being peppa pig mad was irritated that she couldn't see the sticker or all of it anyway, there was a little bit poking out and she spent the majority of her time on the toilet trying to pull the sticker out. That in its self is wrong on so many levels, the toilet seat has been jammed under the rim on and off all day and for my daughter to be touching it is hygienically wrong. Also the sticker isn't as easy to clean as the plastic seat and it is more likely to gather germs going under the toilet seat all day long. To put a stop to the arising germ fest we had to take the sticker off and put it in the bin.


      All in all I would have been best buying a plain toilet seat and I would have even saved myself a couple of pounds in the process. The toilet seat did not aid my daughter at all in during the toilet training times and I don't think any other fancy one would have either. Its more about how you train them as parents and most important of all, if they are ready. I don't believe the colour of the toilet seat truly matters. I would recommend the peppa pig toilet seat because of the support it provides, but I would suggest taking the sticker off first or even just looking for a plain seat that provides similar support.


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