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Peppa Pig Bubble Bath Playtime Gift Set

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Brand: Peppa / Type: Bath Products

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2012 22:07
      Very helpful



      Cheap, but not worth it for a bath toy

      My daughter really love Peppa Pig and was lucky enough to get this bath set as a presnt from her uncle for CHristmas. She was 2 and a half when she received this present.

      ---About Peppa Pig:
      Peppa Pig is a character from the TV shows of the same name. The show follows her life with her little brother George, her Mummy and Daddy, and all of her friends. The character is suitable for young children up to age 5-6 years and my daughter who is 2 1/2 loves it. Peppa gets up to all kinds of mischief like my daughter, but she generally learns something by the end of the episode.

      ---About the product:
      The bubble bath playtime set comes in a plastic box so you can see the contents and has a background which is blue to go with the water theme. The box also states that it is a Peppa Pig product and tells the name of it. Inside the box is a yellow bath with Peppa and George in it and a bottle of bubble bath next to it.

      The bath has suction pads on the back of it so you can attach it to either the side of the bath or the tiles on the wall. It then has a top that looks like lots of bubbles which can be removed so you can put things in the bath. There are two holes in the top that allow Peppa and George to sit through. They are attached to bubble wands that hand down inside the bath. The bubble wands are blue and can be removed through the holes without the need to take the lid off the bath.

      The other item in the box is the bubble mixture itself. This has a screw top and pictures of Peppa and George on the label with the Peppa Pig logo. The mixture says it can be used either as bubble bath to pour in the bath, or as bubble mixture for blowing bubbles using the wands.

      ---Our experiences:
      My daughter was very excited when she saw this as she loves Peppa Pig and wanted to play with the bath straight away. She really enjoyed being able to take Peppa and George out of the bath and make stories up with them and then put them back in the bath. Later we tried it in the bath and were pleased that the suction caps held it tightly to the side of the bath. We used the bubble mixture in the bath and it produced a good amount of bubbles which she was able to play with happily.

      My daughter is also mad about blowing bubbles and recognising the bubble wands, she wanted bubble mixture put into the yellow bath. We tried using the bubble mixture supplied but it was too weak and would not form bubbles when blown. Instead we put regular bubble mixture in the bath and tried to use the wands, but they were not long enough to reach very far down, so we had to put a lot more liquid in to get them to reach which was a waste of the liquid. As my daughter is also not 100% co-ordinated, she also kept knocking it over so we lost even more of the mixture.

      Since then, we only let her play with them as bath toys and she is still able to have a lot of fun with them. It's just a shame we can't use it to blow bubbles.

      ---And Finally:
      My daughter has enjoyed playing with this as a bath toy and making up stories with Peppa and George which has been good for imaginative play. i would therefore happily recommend this as a bath toy with bubble bath. I would not, however, recommend this for the use of blowing bubbles as the mixture does not work and the design on the size of the wands is definitely flawed! The price is reasonable at around £5, but knowing what I now know, I would not buy it again.


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