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Safety 1st Baby Bath Ring

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4 Reviews

Brand: Safety 1st / Type: Bath Basins & Seats

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    4 Reviews
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      17.12.2009 16:37
      Very helpful



      A handy bath seat for the very young

      Baby Bath Ring

      Bathtimes can be both fun and hard work when you have a baby who won't keep still! My daughter is now 9 months old and is pulling herself into standing position against the edge of the bath which has made it tremendously difficult to keep a steady and safe hold of her during bath times, especially when she becomes too slippy to hold with the soap and bubbles!

      I looked in Argos at the time of needing one though my sister had a spare one from her year old son which she had never used so I was lucky to have not needed to pay any money. I have looked in Argos for this seat, though I couldn't find it though it could be o the page my daughter ripped out!

      ******THE SEAT******

      Although described as a bath ring, it would be more aptly named as a baby bath seat. It is of simple design made from plastic with three thin poles (front and sides) creating leg holes which are big enough for baby as they grow, and a back support piece. On the front you have three coloured shapes which baby can play with. The one I have is a bright yellow colour which I assume is normal. There are four red suction cups placed strategically on the bottom of the seat to safely stick to the bath.
      Seat comes ready assembled and is small enough for easy storage.

      ******TESTING TESTING******
      So now onto the test! This is where we see whether you have value for money or a waste of time.

      The suction cups will only stick if you put the seat into the bath before the water is flowing. You need to push firmly down onto the seat to get them to stick well, though once down I have never had a problem with them coming loose as of yet. My sister, on the other hand, finds her baby boy pulling them up himself and moving in the bath still sitting in the seat. He is 13 months old whereas my daughter is only 9 months old so this could be to do with strength. Something to consider when deciding whether to purchase one for your baby. It is stated for 7 months plus or when your baby is sitting up unaided. Our daughter has used it since she was 5 months old. Suction cups in that period of time have also held firmly without losing their grip.
      At first try, my baby daughter didn't like the seat as she preferred to be in ur arms for her safety, though with the help of her numerous bath toys, her mind was off of the fact that she was in the seat before I knew it.

      Due to the shape of the seat, baby can splash away to their hearts content as well as play with other bath toys surrounding them.
      The shaped toys on the front are not really a great factor. They entertain my daughter for a matter of seconds before her attention goes elsewhere. They can also become quite stiff and so the spin on them are rendered useless for the baby with wet hands.

      The seat is lightweight which meant if I wanted I could lift my daughter out of the bath in the seat, though suction cups do hinder this slightly. This also means that if your baby is in your arms and you only have one hand, as long as you are able to press down firmly, it is easy to carry and place.
      Getting my daughter in and out of the seat was very easy as there is plenty of room to slide her in and out with ease. Washing is also easy due to the shape making it simple to reach through and wash every inch of baby without the need to get him or her out. Of course, some moving is required for washing the bottom of baby, though this is the same even out of the chair.

      The bars at the front of the seat are made from very hard plastic and did start to rub on my daughter's tender skin causing it to go quite red which was the main downside to this seat.
      Something to note: If your bath has bumps such as with a Jacuzzi bath, then suction cups will not stick at all (tried and tested this on my mums bath).



      Cleaning is simple - just a wipe clean with water and sponge. I would recommend drying the best you can instead of leaving to drain (which isn't always easy to do) as mildew can begin to accumulate on the suction cups.


      Although I can no longer see this in the catalogue or online, my sister brought hers for £6.99 in store.
      I have seen some of these selling on ebay for between £5-£10

      ******FINAL WORD******
      I thought that this little invention was great for our baby, though on the other hand I did get given it. Im not sure whether I would go out and buy it as babies grow very quickly and usage of it may be limited. Also suction cups do tend to come unstuck after a while (my sister lost one of her completely due to her baby pulling it off and she only had it a few months at that time). It does give parents a piece of mind, though I am sure with the rate that my daughter is growing in strength, it wont be long before she manages to pull herself out of the chair and into standing position which defies the object. Storage is easy due to lightweight and size.


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        28.06.2009 14:44
        Very helpful



        A fantiastic creation, perfect for letting little ones have more independence.

        When I had my 1st child I used to take him in the bath with me as I thought that this was the safest and easiest way to bath him. He had his independence but I was there so there was no chance of him slipping etc.

        And when my 2nd came along the 3 of us managed to fit in the bath together and it was fine but after the arrival of number 3 I thought this is never going to work. As she got to 6 months and the 3 of them wanted to get into the bath together I decided to see what type of bath support was available.

        I had seen this type in Argos but stumbled across the Saftey 1st one in Ethel Austin at £4.99. Recently money has been tighter (dont we all know it) so saving £3 compared to the Argos version was a bargain to me.

        When I got it home and unpacked it, it had been flat packed, I didnt even look at the instructions. All the pieces were clearly shown in the picture and easily screwed together in under 5 minutes. There is 3 round poles made of white durable plastic that keep the seat part and round ring top part together. There are 4 large suction cups underneath that stick the whole thing securely to the bath. The cups have little tabs at the side to pull to release them from the bath.

        One using it I found it really easy to put my daughter into and she loved it. She is now 21 months and only stopped using it a few months ago. The only issue I sometimes had was getting her out off it as the bar sometimes caught her legs, similar to getting a larger child out of a supermarket trolley.

        This has served us well and is still in great condition and is about to be handed down to my new nephew.


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          10.08.2007 09:22
          Very helpful



          Was Rubbish and unsafe

          As having c-sections with both of my two kids I had always found bathing them hard in the 1st few weeks so having a baby chair was a must have for me as this made bathing them a lot easier for them and me. So when they got to around 6 months old and to big for their baby chairs I had to find another chair for them to use as they both loved being in the bath and I liked the ideas of the chairs as this meant my hands where free to wash them and play with them. We did not have this long though as this was to wrong for our bath. Will explain read on.

          ♥ What Is The Baby Bath Ring ? ♥

          This as you can see and probably tell is a seat for babies from 7 months old. Made by Argos. The seat is designed for using whist giving your baby a bath. Whist you baby sits in the seat you have your hands free to wash your baby or play with your baby.

          This seat has 3 toys on the front bar for baby to play with. This toys are stupid and really not toys. All they are is 3 different shapes that can be turned round. Keeping baby entertained for a matter of seconds.

          The seat as you see is bright yellow and made of plastic. Which is pretty durable. In the middle of the seat where the legs go has a bright yellow bit of plastic. This was the bit where my kids moaned as they would lean forward to get to their toys. Like most kids would and do.

          Moving onto the bottom of the seat now. On the bottom of the seat there is 4 suction cups. The suction cups are what stick the bath making the chair safe. On each suction cup there is a small plastic tab. The tabs are supposed to be used for removing the chair from your bath. All the suction cups are link together by plastic strips.

          Placing your baby in and out of the chair is quite easy if they wont to come out. The bar that goes between the legs is not very good for boys. As my son got a bit red down their from going forward.

          ♥ The Toys. ♥

          Now as I have said these toys are pointless and will only keep your baby entertained for a matter of seconds. The toys are shapes and these are also brightly coloured. They are a blue square, Red circle and a green triangle. All these do is turned round when your child will do it. To be honest with wet hands you have no chance of turning them let alone a baby with wet hands doing it. As I have already said pointless.

          ♥ Using The Chair ♥

          This is to why we got rid of ours. If you have bits of the bottom of your bath then I will warn you now don’t buy this as the chair will not stick properly. Making the chair very unsafe for your baby. It takes a matter of you turning away for a second for a child to come of the chair when using it like this. So you can see that it will be very unsafe. I was quite surprised at this really as you would have thought all of these tests would have been done before they sold them. Argos state nothing about they only work on some types of baths.

          You can either place the chair in the bath once you have filled the bath or before hand if you wish to do so. Making sure that you pushdown on the chair as hard as you can. Also making sure the chair is secure before placing your baby into it.

          ♥ Cleaning ♥

          This chair is easy to clean and I only used the shower to clean it and it did come up looking like new again.

          ♥ Price and where to buy. ♥

          Well there is only 2 places where you can get one from Argos and E-bay. I paid £6.99 for mine from Argos a few years back. Though they are still the same price today. E-bay you will find one cheaper.

          ♥ Safety Notes. ♥

          Recommend age from 7 months old. Or when your baby can sit unaided.

          Never leave your baby unsupervised for a second whist in the bath,


          ♥ My Thoughts ♥

          Well as I have said up above we did not have this long. So really cant comment on the loss of suction on the suction caps there self’s. Though looking at them and seeing how thin they are I should say not long.

          This only stuck to half our bath making the seat very unsafe. I think I was more in shock as Argos had not stated anything about how they would only work with some bath types. It’s quite worrying to me really as for a 1st time mother may not be aware of this.

          It’s ok for the money if it works but to me they could have made it better and placed better toys onto the bar. At least something that would keep them entertained longer the a few seconds. The other problem I have with the chair is that it is very hard to wash your babies hair whist they are in chair. Though we did find a nice babies cap from Boots that went over his eyes to stop the water. Making it slightly better.

          In my humble opinion there are better chairs out there for around the same price of not just a bit more.

          ♥ So would I recommend this Argos Baby bath ring ♥

          In some ways yes and in others no. If you have a flat bath at the bottom of your bath then yes as I could see this chair would be very safe. If you don’t have a flat bath then look for something else. Mother care do a brilliant one that would with our bath. If you have boys that I would look for something better as you don’t want to destroy his chances of becoming a father later on in life.

          Thanks for reading.


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            28.11.2006 23:26
            1 Comment



            A good product well thought out for its price

            After the hassle of holding my little boy in the bath I looked at a easier and safer option for holding him up in the bath safely. Argos has a solution , The Baby Bath ring offers support to hold your baby up in the bath safely.
            The Item is made from tough durable yellow plastic , It has 4 suction cups on the base that seal to the bottom of the bath . to the sides of these is a red pull that makes it easier on both sides to remove the suction cups from the bath after use.
            The ring has a tough consruction with a central support between the legs and a front support bar , " looks like a childs moulded bucket swing seat". I purchased this from Argos for £ 6.99 and I have to say its the most practical use for my son in the bath as I feel safer and so does he when hes splashing about in the bath having fun.


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          • Product Details

            A practical solution for safer bathing. A lightweight ring for quick and easy baths. 4 large suction cups with patented release tabs secure it to the bath.

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