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Sainsbury's Basics Baby Lotion

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4 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Baby skin lotion

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    4 Reviews
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      15.11.2011 22:49
      Very helpful
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      Great product

      I went out to buy this product after reading foxyred's excellent review... yes it really is 9p but good luck actually getting some as the first time I went the shelves were swept clean except one lonely bottle which I snapped up. I went back and got some more as it was so good and I felt my trial had gone well.

      Use it for this
      The main use for baby lotion in my household is with cotton wool on my baby's pooey bottom. I find that baby wipes are OK but you use loads on a poo and they can make her bottom a bit sore if you keep wiping. With the baby lotion it removes the mess and leaves her soft and clean.

      Price and pumpage
      At 9p a bottle I was wary that it wouldn't be any good. Up until now I have used either johnson's or Asda's Little Angels lotion. I dispense the lotion in to a pump bottle as it's easier to pump it out one handed whilst keeping an active baby on the changing table. So the packaging matters little to me.

      I think this is a little thinner than the Johnson's lotion but other than that it performs just as well and is the same light pink colour.

      Tested on humans
      I also tested a bit of this lotion as a general moisturiser on me, using my arms as the base for testing. It was nice and light, sunk in well and smelt just fine. Not too strong or baby-fied.

      So where's the catch?
      I really don't see why you would pay up to £3 a bottle of baby lotion when this is on the market. It's well worth a trip to Sainsbury's to stock up (as long as the shelves are stocked). I don't think they stock boat loads but I think that's a deliberate ploy. I wasn't able to get any of the Sainsbury's basic baby wipes on either trip so it's just timing or going in lots to get what you need. A few bottles won't break the bank and can be used for babies or adults with great results.

      Final word
      I wouldn't recommend using products on very young babies as their skin needs to fend for itself at first. However when they get a little older it does help with keeping them clean and their skin nice and soft. I can't believe the price of this, it's definitely a loss leader on the supermarket shelves as they hope you'll fill your basket with other products while you're there! I also bought some baby bath (bubbles) for the same 9p price to try out so watch this space for further reviews.


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        31.10.2011 17:44
        Very helpful



        A none greasy, easy to use baby lotion!

        When it comes to baby lotion it isn't actually a product I use very often at all and if I do, then I do have a couple of bottles of Johnson's in my bathroom cabinet. I suffer with very sensitive skin and it's very temperamental indeed too being greasy on my back and shins and scaly in other regions. I have to be careful what I use on my skin as if I don't it becomes an oil slick mess which is why I buy Johnson's products as often as I do. As the saying goes not just for baby!

        This I spotted on a trip to my local Sainsbury's store. This isn't a shop I frequent but my mate I was out with at the time loves Sainsbury's and shops there often so I found myself wandering through the aisles when I spotted lots of 'Basic' products.

        For anyone not familiar with Sainsbury's 'Basics' range let me take this opportunity to enlighten you. This is basically a large range of what is thought to be family favourite products, in very basic packaging which tends to be white, orange and yellow and rather cheap looking however with very cheap prices to match. This bottle of 500ml baby lotion is currently only 9p to buy! Yes you did read that right!

        The Packaging:

        Like I have just mentioned this comes in a 500ml size and on the front of it we are simply told what it is. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes directions for use, ingredients, warnings and cautions are given and contact details for the manufacturer (which is of course Sainsbury's). It has a flip top lid to the top of it and should be used up before the best before date which is a whole 12 months too!

        Using It:

        Well this product of course is suitable for anyone who wants to use it of course!

        The lotion itself is a very pale pink colour and the first thing I noticed is that compared to my favoured Johnsons baby lotion this is actually rather runny in it's consistency. It has a very clean baby like product aroma to it and all you do is massage it into clean skin and to where you feel you need it.

        A little of it goes a very long way indeed due to its runny consistency and it sinks into the skin with a little rubbing/massaging very quickly indeed giving way to fresh and clean, gently fragranced skin which feels smooth, supple and none oily leaving no residue behind itself at all meaning I can dress basically as soon as it is applied.

        It doesn't agitate my sensitive skin at all. I did try this for removing make-up with, which it did struggle with a bit (particularly dark and waterproof make up) however as a gentle, everyday moisturiser I have been rather pleased with it actually and would have no problem using this on baby/child at all!

        It lacks the moisturising capabilities of a lot of higher priced baby lotions as well as the fragrance not being quite as potent but really, I'm amazed it softens my skin at all for the price of such a large bottle it costs lol.

        Only available in Sainsbury's stores.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          31.10.2011 12:46
          Very helpful



          Nice lotion.

          I am always on the look out to buy cheaper products whenever I can to save a little money. I bought the baby bath from this range of products and quite liked it for the price and so I decided to buy this baby lotion too, to see if it was also a nice lotion. I have a lot of grandchildren and so saving money when I can is a great help.

          This lotion comes housed in a white, thick plastic bottle with a flip top. It is quite a wide bottle and just has the usual colours of this range on the front and not fancy label etc. the bottle is easy to hold in the hands and to pour the lotion onto the hands etc. it does not drip from the bottle, which is good for when trying to apply the lotion onto the baby.

          This lotions is white and it is quite a thick one, it has a really nice smooth texture and is a nice consistency. It does not run or drip on the body at all. It is very easy to massage into the skin and it soaks into the skin in no time at all. This lotion after it has dried leaves the skin very soft and smooth. It does not feel greasy on the skin, it just feels nice and soft.

          It has a really nice baby smell to it and for the price of just 9p for a 500ml bottle, yes 9p, I just think it is a really nice pleasant smell. The fragrance is left on the skin for quite some time after it has dried. It has not left my grandchildren's skin with any irritations or rashes. It has just left it feeling soft and smooth. For this cheap price I think it is excellent value for money and the quality is very good indeed. I think it is a good one if you are struggling with money at the moment and looking for a cheaper but nice lotion for your baby.

          It moisturises the skin very well indeed and it is just a nice mild, gentle baby lotion. It is suitable for both babies and adults. My older grandchildren have used this lotion and also my wife and they all find it suitable for their older skin. It is good for dry patches and helps soften them too. Only a small amount is needed to soften the skin. The amount of lotion in this bottle can last a very long time because of the small amount needed to use on the skin to give it a nice soft feeling.

          I would not hesitate buying this one again in the future, I recommend it for others to give it a try because it is a good, cheaper brand of baby lotion that suits all of my families skin. Just cannot got wrong for just 9p for this lotion.

          The bottle can also be recycled after use too.

          I rate it 5 stars.

          Title a basic lotion.


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            15.03.2011 07:19
            Very helpful



            A cheap and cheerful lotion or babies and adults!

            Quick update December 2011.
            Sainsbury's have further reduced the price of this product in my local store to a purse pleasing 9p!

            Review of Sainsbury's Basics Baby Lotion

            In common with most major supermarkets, Sainsbury's have their own economy range, known as 'Basics'. These products are simply packaged and aimed at the budget end of the market. Products cover a wide selection of goods, from groceries to toiletries, alcohol to fresh fruit and vegetables.

            I have found myself, for various reasons on a very tight budget over the past couple of years. Subsequently, I am trying more and more of the these budget products. I have read many reviews on basics type product, which have prompted me to try items that I was otherwise unaware of. Some of these items are excellent, some are not so good.

            The following review is most definitely in the excellent category.

            ~~The Product and Packaging~~

            Baby Lotion is one of several items Basics items to be found in the baby aisle of Sainsburys.
            I do not have a baby, being in my fifties, it would be pretty much impossible, but I do buy baby lotion to use myself as a make up remover and a light moisturising lotion. I usually buy a named brand, such as 'Johnsons', but when I saw this at a fraction of the price of the other lotions on the shelf, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

            The price for this baby lotion is a jaw droppingly low 11p! That is not a typo, it really is just eleven pence!

            The baby lotion is presented in a very plain and unremarkable recyclable white plastic bottle with a flip top lid. The bottle bears a simple line drawn teddy bear on the front label, under the orange and white Sainsburys basics logo and the strap line 'mild and gentle'. The rear label details directions for use, ingredients, company information and warnings. The bottle contains 500ml and should be used up within 12 months of opening.

            ~~In Use~~

            Sainsbury's Basics Baby Lotion is a very pale pink colour. The lotion is slightly thinner in consistency than that of the better known brands, however it is thick enough to require a good squeeze of the bottle to get it out!

            The baby lotion has a delicate and pleasant scent. It is a light and powdery, fresh and clean fragrance. The fragrance does not have particularly long staying power and the lotion is easy to apply to and rub into the skin. It is very quick to be absorbed and leaves skin feeling remarkably soft, supple and moisturised. I do suffer with occasional outbreaks of contact dermatitis, so have to be cautious with skin care products. I am happy to report that I have had no issues with this baby lotion, it really is mild and gentle, as the label promises!

            ~~Ingredients and Warnings~~

            I won't list all the ingredients here as I am sure no one really wants to trawl through a list of unpronounceable padding. For those who want or need to know, the ingredient list can be read on the product label or on Sainsburys website http://www.sainsburys.co.uk

            Basics Baby Lotion is produced in the UK for Sainsbury's supermarkets.
            The product should be massaged into the skin. It should be kept out of reach of children, used externally only and users should avoid getting the product in the eyes.

            ~~My Thoughts and Conclusion~~

            As mentioned, I bought this on a whim, instead of the well known product I usually purchase. I was very pleased with the lotion, both in the price and in the results the lotion delivers.
            It does exactly what I want it to. It removed make up in a trice when applied on a cotton wool pad, I only wear very light make up so of course cannot guarantee it would remove full 'war paint'!

            As a moisturising lotion, this is nothing short of amazing, it even smoothed and improved the appearance of the dreaded dry heels I seem to suffer with every winter! The lotion is pleasant to use and it hydrates the skin easily and quickly.

            I really cannot think of another product costing a minuscule 11p that is this good. Considering my usual baby lotion was on sale in Sainsburys for £2.65 for 500ml., I would urge anyone who uses a baby lotion, either for their baby or themselves, to give it a go.

            After all, at 11p, you wouldn't have wasted much money if you don't like it!

            Thank you for reading

            ©brittle1906 March 2011

            N.B. My review may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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