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Sassy Soft Swimmers

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Brand: Sassy / Type: Bath Toy

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2013 22:41
      Very helpful



      Nice bath toys but expensive

      For Christmas Jayden received a few new bath toys including Sassy Soft Swimmers, these were a product that I hadn't seen before.  They were totally different to the other bath toys that Jayden already has so I was sure that he would enjoy playing with these.  

      The Sassy Soft Swimmers come attached to a black and white card, they have the name of the product at the top with product information about the Sassy Soft Swimmers on the back of the card including care instructions and warnings.  The toys are attached to the card using plastic tags which can be removed with a pair of scissors, it is important to ensure that all plastic tags are removed before giving these toys to your child.  

      You get 3 Sassy Soft Swimmer toys in this set these include a crab, a fish and an octopus, the toys are bright and colourful to capture your child's attention however each one has different features including
      * The Crab - The Crab Sassy Soft Swimmer is a water squirter, the crabs body is made from a bright red polyester fibre material with the legs being made from the same material in bright orange, the whole under side of the crab is made from a purple towelling type material.  

      The crab has large eyes and a smile stitched onto its face in back and white cotton and there is a same label attached to the underside which could easily be removed with scissors.  The crabs body has a plastic container inside of it with a small hole and a tube inserted inside of it just beneath the mouth, to fill the crab with water you place it under water and squeeze the body allowing the water to flow in through the small tube.  Once full when you squeeze the crabs body the water sprays out from the mouth.  

      * The Octopus - The Octopus Sassy Soft Swimmer is very similar to the crab, the top part of it is made from a dark purple material with the underside being made from a lighter purple towelling material.

       The octopus has large eyes and mouth stitched on in black and white cotton.  The head of the crab has a plastic container inside it as with the crabs body and a small tube coming from the top of its head, this is where the water squirts from once filled up.
      * The Fish - The Fish Sassy Soft Swimmer is different to the other 2, it is basically a fish shaped sponge it is covered with a blue towel type material with its fins being in the same material but green, it has a large eye and mouth stitched one side.  The fish is filled with regular sponge type material and could be used in this way.  

      The Sassy Soft Swimmers although bath toys do need to be kept clean and hygienic, in order to clean them you need to wipe the toys down with a clean damp cloth.  It is important to ensure that these toys are fully dried between uses.

       When Jayden has been using his Sassy Soft Swimmers I ensure that all of the water has been emptied from the water squirters and squeeze any excess water out of the fish sponge and leave them in a ventilated area to dry, I often leave them on top of the radiator to help them dry out quicker to prevent them from remaining damp and becoming mouldy.  

      When it comes to warnings the only real thing it stated was to never leave your child unattended in the bath, from what I can remember there were no other warnings, there are no small parts on these toys, you may want to remove the small labels on the underside of the toys however I have not done this and have never had a problem, also Jayden is never left along with the toys in the bath so someone is keeping an eye on him at all times.
      As I have mentioned the Sassy Soft Swimmer bath toys were a Christmas present for Jayden so I am not sure where they were purchased from, however I have since seen them sold online from sites such as Amazon for £9.99.  Personally I think they are a little on the expensive side, I was a bit surprised when I saw how much they were for 3 bath toys, however they are of a good quality and so far are wearing well despite being in and out of water on a regular basis.  

      Since Christmas Jayden has had a lot of use out of his Sassy Soft Swimmer bath toys, he seems to enjoy splashing them around in the bath.  To be honest he is a bit young to use the water squirters and does not know how to fill them up with water and squirt it out again, however when we do this for him he sits and laughs.

       Although Jayden does seem to enjoy having the toys in the bath I think he is a bit young at a year old to use them properly, a slightly older child would be able to use them as they are designed to be, and they would also be ideal to use in make believe games in the bath, again Jayden is a bit young for this at the moment.

       I think at £9.99 the toys are a little on the expensive side, but they are of a good quality and have not faded at all despite constant use.  The characters are brightly coloured and have smiling friendly faces, they are ideal to help your child develop their co-ordination as well as recognising different textures in the materials and also different colours.  I would definitely recommend the Sassy Soft Swimmer bath toys but I do think they are more suited to children a little older than Jayden is.  


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