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Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Baby Lotion

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2012 20:30
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      A nice product for my baby

      As you may see from previous reviews when Jayden was born I received a lot of different toiletries and baby essentials which I am gradually working my way through. One of the items I received was Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion, I have tried several of the Tesco Baby products since Jayden has been born, for a few weeks when he came home from hospital he had quite dry skin on his arms and legs as well as a little bit on his forehead so I decided to use this lotion on his skin to try and moisturise it and smooth it for him.

      The Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion comes in a large white plastic bottle with a purple flip lid on the top. On the front of the bottle is the name of the product "Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion" written in purple, underneath this is information about the product again written in different shades of purple. On the back of the bottle is further product information including product information, helpful tips, directions for use, warnings and ingredients, all of this information is clearly written in sections and is easy to read and follow. The packaging of the Bedtime Lotion is quite plain, however it tells you exactly what you need to know in a clear manor.

      Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion
      Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion is basically a plain white colour, it is the same sort of thickness as regular baby lotion, not too thick so that you cannot squeeze it out of the bottle but not so runny that it drips off of your hands as you use it. This product is specially developed for babies skin and is also suitable for newborns, this is a non greasy moisturising lotion which will help to soothe and relax your baby before bedtime, it is easily absorbed and promises to leave your baby's skin feeling smooth and soft.

      The Bedtime Lotion has a very delicate fragrance to it, this is floral with a hint of lavender, the fragrance is perfect for babies and is not too strong and over powering at all, this fragrance is also described as being soothing for your baby before bedtime.

      This product is said to be specially developed by babycare experts and is paediatrician approved, it is also dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and paraben free suggesting it is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin and is unlikely to cause irritation. Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion does not just have to be used on your baby's skin, on the back of the bottle it states that adults can use this product as a cleanser or a make up remover.

      Directions for Use
      There are no actual directions for use on the back of the bottle directing you how much to use or when to use, they simply state that you need to squeeze the lotion onto your hands or cotton wool and apply to your baby's skin as needed. This product can basically be used as often as you like or need, there are no limits on how much or how often this can be used, this will depend on your baby's skin type and their requirements.

      Helpful Tip
      This is another section on the back of the bottle and simply states that you should wash your hands before applying the lotion to your baby's skin, personally I think this section is a little pointless as you would not apply the lotion with dirty hands making this a bit self explanatory.

      Again the warnings are the sort of things you would expect to see on a back of this type of products packaging and include
      * Keep out of reach of children
      * Avoid contact with eyes
      * If this product comes into contact with eyes rinse immediately with clean water

      Price and Availability
      The Bedtime Lotion is only available from Tesco as it is part of their Tesco Baby range, the 500ml bottle cost just £1.47, in my opinion this is excellent value for money, you only need a small amount of this lotion at a time so it really will last a long time. We have had quite a bit of use out of ours and are still not half way through is so you certainly get your moneys worth.

      My Opinion
      As I have mentioned when Jayden first came home he suffered a bit with dry skin on his arms, legs and face, I noticed it more after he had had a bath so I decided that after bath time I would apply a small amount of the lotion to his skin, to start with the lotion would moisturise his skin for a short amount of time but it soon became dry so I persevered with the lotion and would also apply it in the day as well as after Jayden's bath and eventually the skin on his arms and legs became smooth and less dry and flaky.

      His forehead was a particularly bad area, whilst you couldn't really see the dry skin it felt quite rough so I applied the Bedtime Lotion to it several times a day and again after carrying this out for several days his skin did start to improve. I was very pleased with the results of this Jayden's skin was soon smooth and soft as it should be, the lotion did exactly what it said it would and quickly absorbed into his skin and did not leave a greasy coating, this meant that I could apply the lotion and then dress him without having to worry about greasy marks on his clothes.

      The Tesco Baby Bedtime Lotion is excellent value for money as you only need a small amount at a time, it spreads a long way, meaning that one 500ml bottle really will last a long time. Whilst I was pleased with the lotion and loved the fragrance of it which lingered on Jayden's skin for some time afterwards he was less than impressed with it, he didn't mind me rubbing it into his arms and legs too much, although he did get cross with me sometimes, but he hated it when I applied it to his face, the fact that it absorbed quickly helped with this as it meant there wasn't too much rubbing in involved. I would highly recommend this product and will definitely purchase it again in the future when my bottle eventually runs out.


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