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Tesco Everyday Value Baby Lotion

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5 Reviews
  • 20p baby lotion!
  • smells lovely
  • uninspiring bottle to have on display
  • contains parabens
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    5 Reviews
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      29.10.2014 12:54
      Very helpful


      • "lasts ages"
      • "good texture"
      • "smells lovely"
      • "20p baby lotion!"


      • "uninspiring bottle to have on display"
      • "contains parabens"

      a VERY cheap but nice baby lotion from Tesco

      I don't have babies in my home as my daughters are well grown up now and both pursuing careers so no grandchildren likely in the near future! However this does not prevent me buying the odd bottle of baby lotion as we all need a little 'babying' now and again as I'm sure you will agree.

      To be honest I have always used branded lotions and would never have dreamed of buying a Tesco Value one but I needed to top up my online cart and was 20p short so popped this in my basket. Yes, 20p!! (although the Dooyoo price says £1) so for that price I was expecting it to be runny and have a horrible smell - but I was wrong - it is a great choice if money is as tight for you as it is for me:(

      The bottle is a bit uninspiring so I tend to pop it out of sight if visitors call but the size is a generous 500ml and there is plenty of information provided on the back of the white bottle. I often find it difficult to read ingredients, directions for use etc but actually I can read these quite clearly. However, if it is a natural product you are after I have to say many of them do not appear to be so and, unfortunately the lotion contains parabens. To be fair though I DO trust Tesco and even Johnson's etc may contain the same/ similar ingredients?

      The bottle is very sturdy and has a flip top which reveals a good-sized hole from where the lotion is dispensed - not too large that you get too much out and not too small that you get only a little at each squeeze. The white lotion is a good consistency although maybe slightly thinner than others which cost far more. The lotion is easy to apply and is absorbed easily and I have to say my skin does feel softer after usage.

      The smell? well, this is difficult to explain - it is very pleasant, slightly floral/nice soap/ fresh smell but with a baby lotion-type of fragrance too. It is quite subtle when it has been absorbed yet several people have commented on how nice I smell which has to be good!

      As stated above I was hesitant in buying this baby lotion but for 20p I think it is well worth the money.


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      28.09.2013 12:42
      Very helpful



      Soft lotion.

      This baby lotion is so cheap to buy I decided to give it a go. I hadn't bought it before and so thought it was about time I tried it. I have 2 grandchildren and thought it may be suitable for moisturising their bodies when they come to sleep at my home.

      The lotion comes inside a plastic bottle and has a flip top. The bottle is very basic looking and a white colour with just a label on the front with lots of small pictures of a bath, teddy, duck and lots of baby items. I think this label is quite attractive in my opinion.

      The lotion is a very pale baby pink colour and almost white, it is fairly thick but not a rich lotion but it doesn't have a runny consistency when squeezing it onto the hands to use it. It does have a soft texture to it and much better than I expected it to be. It also has a mild baby fragrance but not one which is too strong like a branded one but it is a pleasant fragrance.

      Only a small amount is needed and I just squeeze a small amount onto my hands and gently massage it into my grandchildren's skin. It glides across their skin really well without it running or dripping, it doesn't drip from the bottle while squeezing it either like I imagined it would.

      Once on their skin, it absorbs fairly well and doesn't take long to fully soak into the skin and takes around 3 minutes or so, so not too long to wait to be able to put on their PJ's or clothes. It does however feel a little greasy compared to a branded lotion but that reflects the price in my opinion and I expected it would feel a little greasy. The greasy feeling doesn't take long though and only lasts until it is fully absorbed into the skin.

      Once fully absorbed their skin does feel nice and soft for a few minutes and then it feels very dry and not even as soft as other cheap brands. I prefer a lotion to have a lasting softness on their skin and this one doesn't really have the lasting power I like for moisturising my grandchildren's skin. It certainly doesn't nourish their skin or moisturise very well. It certainly doesn't have any effect for those dry patches at all.

      It hasn't irritated their more delicate skins or left them with any rashes. Before I used it on their skins, I used it to moisturise my own skin first. I like to test cheaper products before I use them on their skins because I like to know if I like it first and if I suffer with any irritations, I haven't had any using this one but it doesn't nourish or moisturise my skin in the way I like a body lotion to work.

      The lotion doesn't give any kind of adequate, lasting softness on the skin and I don't really like the way it works for helping the skin stay nice and soft. It only leaves the skin soft for around 10 minutes or so and then it feels exactly the same as before any lotion is even applied. So not to waste the bottle, I decided to use it just for my own body but I got so fed up of it after using it a couple of times I gave it away to a friend because I am the godmother of her little boy and the mum is very short of money and is struggling at the moment. She was grateful to receive it but she found it wasn't suitable for my little godson either but she is still using it because it hasn't irritated his skin and is saving her a little money at the moment. Would have been a shame to have binned it when someone else can make good use of the product.

      It cost only 20p for a 500ml bottle, very cheap price. I didn't expect miracles but I did expect it to moisturise a little better. It isn't good quality at all. The only thing I like about this lotion is the fragrance and the texture of it and the way it glides across the skin and also the consistency but nothing else in my opinion. I wouldn't buy it again in the future.

      I don't recommend this one for anyone who likes a good baby body lotion and it is a waste of money for moisturising the skins of my grandchildren. It doesn't give the softness or nourishment for moisturising my grandchildren's or my own skin or anywhere near the standard I like a lotion to soften skin.

      I give this one only 2 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        10.11.2012 10:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it, you'll be surprised

        This is a review of Tesco Everyday Value Baby Lotion which we use for a few purposes with our nearly-two year old daughter, but mainly when changing nappies.

        What is it?
        This Tesco Everyday Value Baby Lotion is a thin pink lotion that can be used to cleanse and moisturise skin. It has a light fragrance but nothing too smelly and comes in a good sized 500ml bottle. You can also recycle this white plastic bottle when it is empty.

        In use
        We use a big pump dispense bottle to house our baby lotion, it's easier this way as it just dispenses the right amount and you can do it one handed whilst trying to change a baby! We tend to pump a bit of lotion on to a baby wipe when cleaning up messy poos or freshening up our baby's bottom after a night's sleep. The lotion helps to remove any caked on bits and is gentle on her skin so we are not rubbing at her bottom too hard. Any excess is either absorbed in to the skin or in to the new nappy so it doesn't leave her skin slimy or anything.

        My thoughts
        Because we dispense the lotion anyway, it doesn't really matter packaging-wise whether we are using top brands or shops own, as long as the lotion actually does the job. I have used this lotion on my own skin as well as the baby's skin and neither of us have ever had an adverse reaction to it. I have used other brands, both expensive and cheap and have come to the conclusion that is it is pointless to pay more for essentially the same product.

        This is worth taking note: The price has recently gone up for this product! For ages it was an unbelievable 9p per bottle then they changed the packaging to the classier 'everyday value' range and the price went up to 46p which is still a bargain price and definitely worth paying for a 500ml bottle. Fortunately, I stocked up on a few visits before the price went up so I have half a dozen bottles on top of the wardrobe.

        Final word
        We do get through quite a lot of this stuff. It is easy to squirt out far too much from the bottles as it is quite runny which is why the pump dispenser works a lot better for us. I have no complaints or negative comments to say about this product, it works for us, we like it and it is a brand I will rebuy in the future. It helps us keep our daughter clean and fresh and doubles up as a quick light moisturiser for adult skin if you want to try it too.


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          06.07.2012 15:38
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          I'd perhaps buy it again... maybe...!

          In past reviews, I have made no secret of the fact that I adore the smell of babies, and have admitted too to purchasing several baby care products in my attempts to recreate the beautiful scent on my own skin. This practice has led me to discover that most - if not all - baby bath and skin products are ideally suited to my sensitive skin, thanks to their ultra mild formulation.

          I regularly use baby bath soaps and lotions and usually thoroughly enjoy doing so, as I find that such products allow my skin to be cleansed and moisturised thoroughly without any irritation occurring to my hyper-sensitive skin.

          I had not tried the Tesco Value Baby Lotion for quite some time, and was interested to note a bit of a 'revamp' to the product whilst shopping in-store recently. I decided to give the product a try out to see how it fared in comparison to other baby products that I use regularly.

          The Tesco Value range of products has recently been given a bit of a re-launch and is now known as "Tesco Everyday Value". I have to say that the packaging for most of the Everyday items that I have stumbled across thus far have been quite improved from the drab red and blue Tesco Value offerings!

          The packaging for the Tesco Everyday Value Baby Lotion comprises of a white bottle that is made of plastic. There is a white plastic lid on top of the bottle, with a 'flip up' design which allows for easy dispensing of the lotion into my opened palm. The bottle is a fairly generous size being 500ml, although the 'sturdy', robust nature of the bottle makes it a little bulky to store in my small bathroom cabinet. There is no denying that the bottle of lotion offers excellent value for money as it costs only 9 pence @ the time of writing, (July 2012).

          The lotion itself is a sort of pinky-white colour and it looks attractive enough to me. There is absolutely nothing luxurious about the consistency of the lotion but to be fair I hadn't expected there to be, given the budget price tag. The lotion is quite runny - slightly too runny for my own liking - and it is not the type of lotion that feels fluffy or 'whipped' in any way as it is much thinner than this.

          The scent of the lotion is evident almost as soon as it is dispensed from the bottle, and whilst it smells quite pleasant, it is without the gorgeous 'powdery' undertone that most of my other baby products contain. I noticed this element of the fragrance was missing almost immediately and I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. To be fair, the lotion's aroma is still fairly pleasant, being quite 'soap-like' with a similar fragrance to baby soap, whilst not being at all over-powering or sickly.

          Applying the baby lotion to my skin is fairly easy to do, and the thin liquid spreads easily over the skin which allows a little time to be saved. Absorption is not particularly rapid however, and I found myself rubbing my arms for what felt like ages to get the white lotion to absorb. I thought too that the lotion felt slightly greasy when being applied to the skin at first, although this subsided a little after a short while. I thought perhaps I had applied too much lotion the first couple of times that I used the product, but continued use has proven that this is not the case, as even a small amount of lotion requires quite a lot of rubbing to get it to become fully absorbed.

          The after effects are worth waiting for however, as my skin feels wonderfully softened after use. The smell of the product remains on my skin for quite a long time after use, but not as long as I would like, nor does it last as long as more expensive baby products that I use regularly. Again, for the low price paid for this product however, I was pleasantly surprised with the longevity of the pleasant scent. My softened skin feels completely moisturised, and without that unpleasant 'tight' feeling that I can experience from time to time, particularly when 'cheaper than average' products have been used.

          Similarly, I have noticed nothing in the way of irritation or aggravation to my hyper-sensitive skin, nor has the product caused any kind of 'flare' to my eczema, so I do think the product has a fairly mild formula, which is what I would expect from a product aimed at children and babies.

          I used to regularly use Baby Lotion products to remove make up, by applying a little product on a piece of cotton wool and sweeping over my face. I have not used the Tesco product for this practice, mainly because I have three different eye make-up remover products to use up at the moment, but I wouldn't have had an issue with using it for this as it felt gentle and mild enough for me.

          There is no mention of animal testing listed on the packaging for the product, which I feel is rather poor for such a large company as Tesco!

          In summary, I will continue to use the Tesco Everyday Value Baby Lotion as it is a pleasant enough product to use on my skin, and I like the mild formula and moisturising properties to be found in the lotion. I would repurchase the product if money was a bit tight, as I felt the low cost made the product extremely economical to use. For me however, I prefer my baby lotions to envelop me in a beautiful 'powdery' aroma, and this was something that was lacking in the Tesco product. It's absence was too noticeable for me to overlook, so I feel that a four star rating is appropriate in this instance.


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            25.05.2012 13:25
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great lotion to cleanse and moisturise - super value

            ---Why I Bought This---

            .Well I must start by saying I do not have babies any more - but I found the Value Baby Lotion selling for 9p and couldn't resist the bargain. Tesco have now rebranded their Value Range to all be called Everyday Value and they all have new labels which no longer have the five blue stripes of the old Value products.

            ---The Brand---

            Tesco Everyday Value - originally called Tesco Value - most of their items are now rebranded as Tesco Everyday Value.

            ---The Product---

            Plain white bottle with flip top lid - the same as the baby shampoo and baby bath.
            The front label shows the new Everyday Value branding with cerise and magenta images of prams, ducks taps and other baby paraphenalia.
            Baby Lotion - 'formulated by baby care experts to gently cleanse and moisturise'.
            500 mls and with a shelf life of 12 months.
            Produced in the UK for Tesco.
            The back label states to apply by hand or with cotton wool. You are told to avoid contact with eyes
            The list of ingredients looks exactly the same as the original Value Lotion.
            The lotion itself is a pale pink colour and a thick consistency - it has a pleasant refreshing smell to it.


            9p for 500 mls.
            (£1.08 for Tesco's ordinary and a massive £2.60 for Johnsons.)


            I had been buying the Tesco Value Baby Lotion previously and bought this thinking it was the same with just a different label - worng. This baby lotion is slightly more pinky and much more thicker - it has the consistency of thick pouring blancmange rather than the previous Value one which was thin and watery.
            However on checking the list of ingredients they all appear exactly the same so perhaps they have just thickened it up a little and made it a little bit more pink. Tesco's non-value baby lotion is selling for £1.08 for 500 mls while Johnsons is a whopping £2.60 for 500 mls

            ---I Use as Cleanser and Moisturiser---

            I think this lotion has a lovely delicate smell, but does not actually smell like a baby product, which is a bonus.
            I buy this lotion for both using as a quick mosituriser for my hands, arms, legs and feet as well as using it to remove make up. I use it nightly with the Tesco cotton pads and it removes my make-up easily, efficiently and quickly. I cannot say how it would remove mascara (especially the waterproof kind) as I never wear it but I do use foundation, blusher and eye shadows and these come off easily and avoids the need for me to buy expensive cleansers. So I am cleaning and moisturising my face all in one go.
            At this price you can afford to use the mosituriser frequently, it is not greasy at all and is absorbed quickly into the skin. The smell is not at all overpowering but just a slight delicate aroma which I like.

            ---For Babies---

            The main purpose of Baby Lotion is obviously to clean and moisturse baby's bottoms. This product is great value as you tend to go through it quite quickly with nappy changes. It does contain perfume which may affect sensitive skins, but then so do the more expensive brands unless you specifically track down an unscented one. Personally I tried to stick to just water with my boys which worked fine, but each to their own.

            ---Star Rating---

            5 stars

            ---Would I Recommend?---




            ---Full Ingredients---

            Aqua, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Stearic Acid, Paraffinum Liquidum, Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum, Citronellol, Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, CI 17200.


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