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Tesco My Baby's Sponges

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Sponges

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    2 Reviews
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      24.05.2013 15:22
      Very helpful



      Makes young childrens bath time easy

      Shopping on Tesco.com for my main grocery shopping this week, there were afew items I needed for the children in regards to their bath time, including bubble bath and these items, baby sponges. For a pack of 2 they cost 60p.

      Why did I buy them?

      I bought them because I wash both my childrens bodies with baby sponges, and I tend to buy this particular product from either Tesco or Asda as they are more of less the same thing and quality. For 60p, working out at 30p each its reasonable value.

      What are they?

      2 circular sponges with the diameter of 4 inches, 2 inches depth. Soft yellow in colour. Designed for use on babies from birth.

      How are they packaged?

      Looks alittle different from the picture on this site. Sponges are wrapped in a plastic clear packet. On the front in a blue rectangular shaped section it has the ' Tesco Loved Baby 'logo in a red heart. Underneath it says theres 2 sponges, product is baby soft and suitable from birth.

      On the back is directions of use, usual warnings and company contact details.

      How to take care of

      Rinse in clean water after use and allow to dry in a well ventilated area. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.

      How do they perform?

      These sponges last quite awhile. They obviously get changed on a regular basis for hygiene reasons, but also for the fact my daughter has an odd habit of biting, chewing and trying to eat them!

      They hold there shape well whether in or out of water. They are very absorbent, but equally are very easy to get rid of any excess water by squeezing out. They are super soft, so very gentle on my childrens skin. Perfect size and shape not only for their sized bodies, but also for them to hold in their small hands, as they both my children like to attempt to wash themselves.

      Despite their size, they are very flexible so easy to get into all the body areas that need to be washed and cleaned.

      Dries very quickly after being rinsed and left on the side of the bath.

      I don't tend to find these sponges hold any odour after use, as you possibly could after they have been wet. So each time they have been used and finished with they are reasonably fresh in smell.

      Depending on what product I put in the bath, if it's a bubble bath type product for my son, these sponges aid in making the bubbles increase and in a way making the product go further.

      So what do I think of these sponges?

      They are priced very well and good quality. For me much more ideal to have 2 in a packet rather than one, so both children can have one each. Shame they are the same colour as having them in different colours would have helped them know which sponge is whose in my household.

      They are easy to use, helps clean the children quickly, effectively and gently. What more could I ask for?
      Would I buy again? Yes because they do exactly what they are supposed to at a price I don't mind paying.


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      28.01.2013 22:44
      Very helpful



      A nice baby sponge that wont scratch delicate skin

      For Christmas my Mum and Dad always do me and my Husband a gift basket each containing a variety of toiletries as one of our presents, this Christmas they also did one for my Son Jayden, one of the items in the basket were some Tesco Loves Baby Sponges. I have tried a lot of the Tesco Loves Baby (previously Tesco Baby) products and have always been pleased with them so I was sure I would find the Baby Sponges to be the same.

      The Tesco Loves Baby Sponges come in quite plain packaging, the two sponges are wrapped in a clear plastic packet, they have a small light blue rectangle on the front with a red heart in the centre with Tesco Loves Baby written in the middle in white writing, there is also a small picture of a yellow duck on the front of the packet as well. The back of the packet contains a small amount of product information which centres mainly about caring for the sponges, this information is limited but to be honest there isn't a huge amount you can say about baby sponges. The packet can be opened by pulling apart the two sides at one end.

      The Sponges
      Tesco Loves Baby Sponges are basically small round foam sponges, they are an off white colour and the foam they are made from at first glance appears to have no holes in it at all, it looks like a totally smooth surface, however upon closer inspection it contains very small holes throughout the sponge surface. The sponges are very soft so they will be gentle and delicate on your baby's skin, I also find that the tiny holes in the sponge gives the water a frothy appearance when the sponge is squeezed.

      Shower gel/ soap quickly soaks into the sponge and lathers it up when water is added and when it comes to rinsing soap out of the sponge this is just as quick and easy. The sponges are just the right size to wash your baby with measuring approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter and about 1 to 2 inches in thickness, this makes the sponge small enough to wash your baby but big enough for an adult to hold comfortably.

      Care Information
      The care information for Tesco Loves Baby Sponges appears on the packaging as well as the Tesco website, this states that you should always rinse the sponges well after use and dry in a well ventilated area. The information also says that the sponges should be kept out of direct sunlight in order to prevent discoloration.

      Price and Availability
      Tesco Loves Baby Sponges are obviously only available from Tesco as they are part of their own baby brand range, this pack of 2 sponges costs just 60p, personally I thought this was excellent value for money making each sponge just 30p each.

      My Opinion
      As with most of the other Tesco Loves Baby products I have been very pleased with the sponges, our sponges get used every day and despite this we are still using the first one and it looks as good as new. Some baby sponges we have used have discoloured quickly but this is not the case with this one and it has not started to fall apart either.

      The sponges are cheap to buy and good value for money especially as they are long lasting. I like the fact that the sponges are so soft as I know they are unlikely to scratch or be too rough against Jayden's skin. Overall I have been very pleased with the Tesco Loves Baby Sponges, I would recommend these and would definitely buy them again in the future.


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