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The First Years Finding Nemo Bath Cups

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Brand: The First Years / Type: Baby Bath Toys

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2010 10:30
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      Simple yet fun toy

      First Years Finding Nemo Bath Cups

      If you have read my previous review then you may realize that I love buying bath toys for my daughter. She adores bath times and loves playing with all her toys, which helps keep her amused whilst I wash her hair! I first bought these cups when she was 7 months old and still has them in the bath with her!

      Usually I separate my daughter's usual playing toys from her bath ones though these bath cups tend to be played with both in the bath and out of it, as well as in the paddling pool on one day when it was sunny the other week. I say one day as I never know when the next real sunny day will be here!

      ******The product******

      The first thing that appealed to me and my baby girl was the bright colours and images of these cups, or rather my daughter pulling them from the shelf I guess was the first thing that made me look at them, and then the colours!

      They are beautifully bright in colour, each colour bold with a lovely finding nemo image on them. All three have different shaped holes in the bottom to allow water to flow through and onto the child.

      One is bright purple with an orange seahorse on the front (you will have to excuse me if the seahorse and others have names, I only remember Nemo's name!!). This one has three small clusters of holes in the bottom allowing a small shower like stream of water to come through, though very slowly. This is the smallest cup which goes on the top if stacked.
      The second, medium sized cup is bright yellow which hosts a sea turtle on the side. This has a whirl pool shape holes around the bottom and allows water to flow quite fast through it. It also has rubber handles which my daughter loved to bite on as she is teething.

      The third and biggest cup is bright blue with a bold image of Nemo the fish on it. Although it is the biggest, there is not really that much difference between them all which makes stacking them hard. The top of the cup (the rim) has soft nobly bits around it which my daughter also likes to suck on. This cup has small holes around the edge at the bottom of the cup as well as a raised pink starfish in the center on the bottom which spins around parallel to the cups edge. This in turn also makes it difficult to stack the cups, though keeps my daughter entertained.

      The cups are between 2.5 inches in diameter and 4 inches approximately.

      Each cup fits very snuggly in one another to create space, though you have to push each one in occasionally as they do not leave too much room around them.

      Recommended Age: 6 months upwards

      ******Playtime Test******

      My daughter has played with these in three places, the bath, the paddling pool and in her bedroom. She loves looking at the bright colours and 'experimenting' in her little way.

      In the bath she loved me filling them with water and letting them flow over her head and back. I think they tickled her back as the water trickled out onto her skin. The feeling seemed to make her happy, especially the smallest one. I am very lucky, though, that my daughter does not mind in the slightest water going into her eyes. She also loved playing with the turning part on the Nemo cup and bobbing them up and down. She is too young to know how to scoop and pour yet, though this is something which would be good for older children. She also loved biting the edges as mentioned above.

      10/10 for bathtime play! (and paddling pool play!)

      We also took them into her room to play with (dried obviously) because although she has other stacking cups, these are much brighter and bolder and she loves the spinning part.

      Whilst these are great for playing with individually (spinning bottom, chewing, bashing etc) they do not work well as stacking cups as the added extras on the end of each cup as well as the spinning area makes it very difficult to stack, not that my daughter minded - she was too busy trying to eat them!

      My daughter has played with these quite a bit and they are still looking as good as new.


      These are very easy to clean, and obviously fine in water being a water toy! I am terrible at drying toys after my daughter plays with them in the bath , instead I just put them in the bath toy bag, but so far no mildew has appeared. Easily to wipe/wash clean.


      These at full price were £5.99 which is a little more expensive than most I have seen in shops, and just for the three of them. I managed to pick these up new on ebay for £1.99 which is a much better price.

      ******Final Word******

      Although I think the price is a little too expensive for what they are, I have to admit that they are lovely bath time and play time toys. My daughter absolutely loves them and they keep her entertained for ages which is a miracle as she is at that age where she gets bored easily. They also help me with washing her hair in a gentle way which my daughter finds fun.

      The stacking of these cups is the only other thing I would say is thumbs down as they are just not very good because of the added bits, but then on the plus side, these added bits keep my daughter more entertained than stacking probably would.

      So would I recommend these to others?

      Yes I would, though I advise check around for prices as I was able to get them £4 cheaper than rrp.


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