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Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nursery Essentials Tub

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Brand: Tommee Tippee / Type: Changing Products - Nappy Disposal

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2013 08:36
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      Keeps your rooms as fresh as a daisy

      Babies, all they do is eat, sleep and poop. Obviously as they get a bit older they do a bit more but poop still features highly on the list. You clean it, you talk about it, poop in general is a big part of your life.

      Not realising quite how much a part of my life poop would become, whilst still pregnant we purchased the Tommee Tippee sangenic nappy bin, on offer in mothercare at the time, to put all those poopy nappies in!

      *WHAT IS IT?*
      Well, in simple terms, its a bin that stores dirty nappies. It's white and has a clipped lid which holds any smells at bay which alongside the nappy wrapping works remarkably well. I change the bin once a week-10 days when it is full and with the lid closed and nappies wrapped my sons room still doesn't smell at all.

      The way that the bin works is there is a refillable cassette that sits in the lid of the bin. You get one free when you purchase the bin then you have to keep buying the cassettes going forward. This cassette is filled with thin plastic bag material, it pulls through and you knot the bottom to seal it. This then is tucked up in a hook under the lid of the bin and you are good to go. The nappy drops through the hole, you push it down and then twist to seal it, put the lid down (which has a big plastic peg type thing) which means that the hole is open ready for the next dirty nappy. Continue until full! This results in a long sausage shape of nappies all wrapped in thin plastic, each separated by a twist. It seems to work at keeping the smell at bay, though it is starting to struggle more now we are eating real people food and as such are having real people poop.....

      A small gripe, maybe I let the bin get too full, but towards the end you really have to force and push the nappies in the bin, which means prolonged contact with stinky nappies!

      One cassette tends to last me 2-3 weeks with one change in the middle of that. I have had one explosion in the 9.5 months I have used it, but oh my, it was horrific!
      Considering that the bin can have week old poop in it, the smell is not too horrific, as I've already mentioned, when the lid is closed on this you cannot smell anything in the room. To change, you take the whole top off the bin, slice the plastic with the handy slicer on the bottom of the top and your nappies are free to be disposed of. I used a swing bin bag to put over the top of the bin and tip upside down. This is when a whiff of poop and pee can escape up your nostrils! A carrier bag is just too small to do this job!
      In the whole time we have had one leak, other than that once the nappies are out the bin, the bin still smells fresh and normal. I tend to bleach and rinse this once each cassette is finished. Other than that any stray traces of poop, I simply use antibacterial spray to wipe and clean. Very easy.

      I bought mine from mothercare on offer at £9.99 with a RRP of something silly like £19.99. I always see these on offer so I wouldn't buy this full price, its definitely better to shop around.

      It is a little annoying that you have to replace with the approved cassettes which are more expensive (£10 for 3) but each cassette lasts me around 3 weeks so I don't find this too much of an issue. Yes nappy bags are cheaper, but I find that they don't contain the smell as well and I'd have to change the bin a lot more often with nappy bags!

      I definitely would recommend, these are fab especially when you have a newborn who goes through what feels like hundreds of nappies a day as you both get to grips with pooping and changing! I never felt like I had an extra chore to do with emptying a nappy bin at the end of the day as this lasted a week. It's still coping well with real people poop and his room still smells as fresh as a daisy, if you do find your bin smelling, we put some olbas oil on cotton wool just inside. overall the bin is Well worth the money!


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