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Tomy Thomas Tidmouth Bath Sheds

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Brand: Tomy / Type: Baby Bath Toys

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    5 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 15:40
      Very helpful



      Would recommend for anyone who has a little Thomas fan!!

      Oscar got these as a gift for his first Christmas when he was 7 months old. He was a bit too little for them then, but started to really enjoy them at around a year.

      They were from Toys R Us, but I do not know the price, and can't see them on the website so unsure if they are still available.

      The set consists of Tidmouth Sheds with three engines in - Thomas, James and Percy. The shed has two suction pads to stick it to the bathroom tiles. It sticks very well, and Oscar (now 22 months) cannot pull it off by himself.

      Each engine has holes for you to pour water through in different places. The engines slot into their space in the shed very easily, and can be removed just as easily by small hands! Oscar has been able to play with this quite well since he was around a year. We like to play a game where I pour water from the jug into the engine and then pour it out onto Oscar's head. This came in very handy about six months ago when Oscar was putting up a big fuss each time we tried to wash his hair. We made it into a game by using the engine, so now he is happy to let us use the jug again.

      The shed itself, and each of the engines, are very easy to keep clean. We leave the engines out to dry completely each time before putting away, and once a week, remove the shed from the bath tiles to give it a good clean.

      It's a really fun toy that has made Oscar really enjoy bathtime... the only battle is getting him back out again!


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      07.05.2012 13:49
      Very helpful



      An OK bath toy for Thomas fans.

      The toy comes in 2 parts the main bath shed that attaches to the wall and then the three removable engines. We paid around £12 at toys r us for this set which seems to be regular retail for this and my sons do love it.

      The shed

      The bath shed is basically just the storage for the toys which looks rather nice it is a rectangle shape and has suckers on the back of the shed to attach it to the bath which actually works really well I have found some bath toys seem to be useless as soon as some water passes over the suckers but this has only came of twice and that was with a lot of pulling and tugging from my children.
      Then in the front of the shed there are 3 storage spaces for each engine it does not matter which way they go back in and each engine can be stored in any shed although they can be rather difficult to put back in for younger children my eldest son can do it easily but my youngest has a little bit of difficulty as the thick bases at the bottom mean they need to be put in at an angle and then straightened out.
      The sheds are designed to replicate tidmouth shed from the program perfectly and are easily recognisable to children straight away and they are bright and colourful so as soon as my children are in the bath they grab their attention straight away.

      The toys

      You get three trains with this toy James, Percy and of course Thomas himself they are a good size for little one to hold but are just a rectangle face rather than a full train but my children do not mind the large facial features and careful design mean again they are easily recognisable to any Thomas fan.
      Each character has a different way of pouring the water out while in use which I thought was a great idea as it keeps the toy interesting rather than boring and repetitive. Thomas has lots of small holes over him meaning when you lift him out of the bath once filled with water it sprinkles like a water can. Percy has a hole in his funnel so when he is filled with water it pours out of it and I have to say this is my children's favourite no matter how many times they play with the toy they all shout look mummy Percy has water coming out of his funnel and then of course there is lots of giggling. Finally James has holes in his buffers where water sprinkles out from again much to my children's delight my son also shouts oh no James has a leak.
      The whole set is made well of durable plastic and although my children are rather gentle while playing with them it is nice to know they could stand up to a little rough play if needed. The colour has not faded over time they do not leave any marks on the bath and overall have lasted really well for the 12 months we have had them.

      In play

      Although they all have different features to pour water out of my children just tend to try and use them as cups most of the time picking up water with them and tipping it straight back out. As they have flat bottoms they also like to line them up on the side of the bath or just generally chuck them around the water and make a mess or leave them to float across the water.
      They do get a fair amount of use but they are not my children's favourite bath toys they tend to favour squirters and have water fights while in the bath and generally make a lot of mess for mummy to clean up.

      Each engine is very light so easy for little one to hold even when they are full of water and they are also a great size for little hands to hold and move around easily while not being too small that they are uninteresting and get lost in the bath.
      The backs of the engines are open meaning the fun is short lived as the water tends to pour out very quickly but children soon learn if you tip them in certain directions it retains the water a little longer so this is great for problem solving and fine motor skills.


      They do need to be cleaned thoroughly like all bath toys there is the threat of mould growing if they are not cared for properly they can be rather hard and fiddly to clean because of all the nooks and crevices but to be honest after you get the hang of it this is not a time consuming job and they do seem to last a lot longer than other bath toys we have owned.

      They are recommended from 1 -2 years of age which I would say is about right as they are perfect for little hands and the simple use of them does mean older children become bored very easily. My Thomas mad 4 year old does still love these for bath time but he uses them a lot less than my son who will be two at the end of the month. They do receive a lot of play but only for short periods and seem to be replaced after about 5 minutes and they become boring easily.

      I love that they have their own storage we already have a large net bag to keep the rest of their bath toys in and this provides a little something special meaning even the storage of the toys can be fun. I did initially think that £12 was a little expensive for these toys but they have lasted well and from the use they have received already have been worth every penny. I do think these are best suited to Thomas fans as my daughter really does not pay them much notice and finds them a little boring so I do feel that the character feature is one of the main attractions for this toy.


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      15.02.2011 08:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Thomas, Percy and James can join your baby in the bath!

      As I have mentioned in previous reviews, my boys were inundated with presents at Christmas. Family, friends and neighbours were very kind to us and not only did we receive a lot of conventional toys we also received a lot of bath toys. These included the Thomas & Friends Tidmouth Bath Sheds.

      ***What are they***
      The Thomas & Friends Tidmouth Bath Sheds is a plastic toy suitable for bath time. The basic "shed" is a green and brown rectangle with 3 archway cut out slots on the front. On the back are two suction cups to attach the toy to the bath or tiles. The bath shed is about 30cm long and 15cm high.

      There are three Thomas the Tank train characters which fit into the archways when not being played with. All of the characters are the same size so there is no specific slot to fit these into they can fit into any slot. The characters are about 12cm high by about 8cm wide. They are a reasonable size but easy for little hands to hold, even when the plastic characters are wet. These characters include:

      Thomas - Blue train. There are a number of cut out holes around the train face. When this is put under the water and taken out this has the effect of a watering can and water sprinkles out.

      Percy- Green train. He has a hole cut out on the top of this face which acts like a spout and allows water to be poured out of.

      James- Red train. At the bottom of the train there are four holes cut out (two each side). This allows water to be poured out of.
      Tomy state that this toy is suitable for children 12 months plus. Obviously as children will be in the bath they will require complete supervision in the bath whilst they are playing with this toy.

      The character shapes are easy to hold and their bright colours would be useful to younger children. As they are so basic and have no detachable parts and children I feel these could be played with in the bath from around 9 months.

      The Tidmouth Bath Sheds are available in a number of shops and also online. They are sold by retailers such as Tesco, Argos, Boots and Amazon.

      Prices range from £8-£12.99. Although I have recently seen this toy in B&M discount store for £6. Personally I feel £6 is probably a more suitable price as this is quite a basic toy.

      ***Playing with them***
      I liked that this toy was very easy to remove from the packaging. Once the cardboard sleeve was removed the toy was ready to use and be fixed to the side of the bath.

      Something I have found generally with bath toys and suction cups is that they don't stick too well to the side of my bath or tiles. I think I may be part of the problem as 3 times a week I clean my bath and bathroom with cleaners which leave a shiny film on surfaces. This is not a problem for these Thomas Bath sheds and even if both boys are pulling at the main bath shed piece of the toy they do not fall off. In fact removing the toys takes some force on my part to remove. When the toy is removed from the side of the bath it does not leave any marks on the surface it has been attached to.

      I bath my boys in a double bath seat so I know they are safe and secure and I have both hands free when I bath them on my own. Positioning the Thomas Bath sheds so they could both play with the toy in these seats meant it was best to position on the side of the bath rather on the tiles above the bath. For older larger children it is probably best to position the Bath Sheds on the tiles rather on the side of the bath.

      My boys were immediately drawn to these toys as they were brightly coloured. They started playing with these at 11 months old. I had to remove the characters from the bath sheds initially however now at 13 months old they are able to do this themselves. At 11 months old they were able to hold onto the train characters fine because of their easy to hold shape and enjoyed lifting these in and out of the bath water. At 11 months old they had not discovered the features on each character, they just liked to splash them on the surface of the water. Now at 13 months the boys are able to lift the characters out of the water and watch the water pour out of them.

      My boys now understand that the train characters fit into the slots in the train sheds. They attempt to lift the characters and put them in the sheds but they have not quite mastered this. The train characters are quite difficult to put into the sheds for younger children, mainly because the bases of the characters are wide and need slotted in at an angle. Older toddlers will be able to do this but for younger children it does take some skill.

      This is quite a fun toy and I think very suitable for children who like Thomas the Tank. Older children who like Thomas the Tank will be able to recognise the different characters. Because the characters are three different colours this is a great learning tool to help a child recognise different colours for example you can ask your child to pick up the green train, or the red train for example.

      For young children simply being able to play with the toys in the bath will help to improve their motor skills and hand eye coordination by scooping up water with the character and allowing the water to be sprayed out in the various ways. By putting the train characters back in the sheds also helps to develop hand eye coordination especially as this toy requires some skill for the characters to be put back into the sheds.

      These toys are very easy to keep clean. After bath time and the boys are put to bed, I dry out the bath and the bath toys. I know Mr Lools does not do this (much to my annoyance) but this has not made any difference to these toys and they look as good as new. The faces on the Thomas characters have no scratches or marks on them, despite my boys smacking them off the sides of my bath or on other bath toys. The plastic the Bath Sheds and train characters are made from are very durable and have survived rough play although my initial thoughts of feeling the train characters are that they did feel quite flimsy.

      My boys love bath time but I would definitely say these toys are a great way for encouraging them to stay in the bath longer by giving them something to play and focus on. In fact most nights as I remove the boys from the bath, I have to remove a Thomas character from their hands too. I definitely think if the boys were able to write this review on their own behalf, they would definitely recommend this toy.

      Personally this is not a toy I would have bought myself. This is because I think this is quite an expensive toy and is very basic. The features of the toy seem quite limited and I would not have thought would have been very interesting to children.

      However my boys disagree. They love this toy and play with it every night in the bath. They love the bright colours of the train characters and spend their time dunking them in and out of the bath water. They are both now trying to put the characters back into the bath sheds which is helping to improve their coordination.

      A toy my boys give a thumbs up to, therefore I do to, although try and shop around for it. £10 does seem very expensive for this toy.


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        10.10.2010 23:50
        Very helpful




        Thomas the Tank is a cheeky train engine who lives on the Island of Sodor with his friends. Thomas has been a firm winner with children and adults alike for decades. To coincide with the television episodes, there is a wide choice of Thomas merchandise for the benefit of the fans.

        Several dvds are available, clothes bearing that familiar blue train and various wooden and plastic trains to play with or collect. There is also a range of toys for different age groups available which make ideal gifts for those devotees.


        This review concentrates on the Thomas Tidmouth Bath Sheds. It is created by Tomy.

        This is a plastic toy designed to be used in the bath. It contains a long, brown and green plastic container. There are 3 archway slots at the front. The container is designed to be stuck to the side of the bath using the attached suckers on the back.

        Along with the container, there are 3 of the Thomas characters which are made of plastic. Each character has a different purpose when placed in the water.

        *Thomas - Thomas is detailed to with his big, smiley face. Around the side of his face, there are 14 little holes (7each end). Once submerged into water, this creates a sprinkling effect.

        *Percy (the green train) has quite a small face and is baby-like. His funnel is open at the top allowing the water to spout out the top.

        *James (the red train) stands out differently from the other two as the detail at the top is different. At the bottom, there is two, black circles with 6 tiny holes on each for the water to sprinkle out off.

        The back of Thomas and Percy is hollow to allow the child to dunk it into the water and see it get to work. Once not in use, the characters can be slotted into the archways. The shape of the characters outlines are exactly the same so it doesn't matter who goes where in the sheds.

        ===Who is this suitable for===

        This set is aimed at children over the age of 12months. Supervision is imperative where water is concerned.

        ===Availability and Price===

        There Thomas Sheds can be purchased in various shops and online.

        Current prices :

        Boots @ £10.00 - 3 for 2 as part of the Christmas offer.
        Amazon @ £12.89
        Argos @ £9.99

        ===My Thoughts===

        My son adores Thomas the Tank..so much so that every train he sees is called Thomas. As a child, I was a fan of that cheeky, blue train but my son loves him so much more. When we decided to edge away from the Winnie the Pooh theme, we decided to do up his room..Thomas style!

        We moved home recently and continued this theme. He has Thomas curtains, bedsheets and even a Thomas bed. He also has a wonderful collection of Thomas dvds, various trains and other toys. Can you see the obsession? He is 28months old and has me wrapped around his dinky, little finger.

        Up until a few months ago, my son was utterly terrified of stepping foot in a bath. We decided to purchase some fun toys to lure him in to de-smelly him. I first purchased the Bath Island from the Thomas range and wasn't entirely pleased with it. Ryan has some money to spend from my Dad around 3months ago - the other grandkids were off on holiday and my Dad took pity on him and gave him a tenner. So whilst browsing in Boots with my Mum, he spotted that familiar face on the toy shelves priced at £10..coincidence or what? So we took it home and have had great use from it now.

        The design of the toy is simple and not very striking but the appeal is that the characters from Thomas are there. My son thinks that all of the Sodor residents are called Thomas but we are getting there by learning Percy and James by name and colour. Thank goodness Gordon isn't there though as he is almost identical to Thomas except for his grumpy face.

        Tomy is a trusted brand and the quality of the sheds is good..they are well made and reasonably sturdy. The features on the characters are life like and colourful enough to not be plain but not strong enough to be overbearing.

        Using this in the bath in our old flat proved awkward as the suckers didn't stick to my tiles particularly well. For that reason, we just took the characters into the bath. Unfortunately this didn't encourage Ryan to stay in the bath any length of time. In our new flat, the sheds stick a little better but are only on for a short time as my son now prefers a shower.

        We use these perhaps once a week with Ryan preferring his duckies on other occasions. The sheds feel secure for the short time they are stuck to the wall and Ryan takes the characters out before going into the bath.

        Whilst in the shower, Ryan comfortably holds one of the characters at a time and holds it under the shower to fill it up with water. His favourite is of course Thomas as the water sprinkles out in different directions. It does have to be held downwards to work though which I feel takes away from the Thomas experience. The water goes into James through a slot at the back which proves a little more difficult for my son to operate so he is often left to the side. When James is filled, the water light sprinkles out the bottom holes but isn't particularly impressive. Percy fills up well and needs to be turned upside down for water to shoot out his funnel. Another one but son isn't particularly keen on.

        Overall shower verdict - Thomas comes out on top!

        I find these characters keep Ryan amused whilst we wash his hair - a job that no one would evny as he is a fidget and hates water in his eyes! Once we are finished with them, I towel dry them as best I can and leave them to fully dry before slotting them back into the sheds. I find that they have kept well and aslong as dried each time, have kept clean and as good as new.

        Outwith the bath, Ryan likes to play with the sheds too. He enjoys tipping the characters out of the shed and slotting them back in. Although the characters can slot into whichever slot, I find that the base of them is quite difficult to fully slot in - this caused some annoyance at the start but my son now can do it easily.

        We also discuss the characters and their names whilst watching the Thomas dvds and my son is able to recognise the characters from his other toys. He interacts well with the characters and can be regularly heard reciting the Thomas theme tune followed by a random "choo choo".

        Overall I would say that the toy is ok for any Thomas fan and as a distraction in the bath - I personally don't think that it is worth £10..I am sure Ryan would disagree as he is easily pleased.

        Thanks for reading!


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          29.06.2010 12:54
          Very helpful




          My son has always been a Thomas the tank engine fan and was delighted to receive the Thomas Tank engine Tidmouth sheds bath toy for Christmas when he was about twenty months old.

          What is it?

          The Toy is made of hard plastic. The sheds have three spaces for them most common trains used in Thomas merchandising: Thomas, James and Percy. The sheds have two suckers to stick to the tiles. The trains do not have a particular shed they fit in as they are identical shapes. Each character does something slightly different. Thomas has a sprinkler effect which comes from holes in the side of his face. Percy has a hole in his funnel which lets on stream of water out and James has little holes in his buffers where the water pours out.

          Our Experience

          When my son first received them he did instantly love them however he was not able to manipulate the trains to gets them to their spring action and tended to use them simply as cups which seemed to seep away. He did however still enjoy this. He was unable to put them back in the sheds as it requires them to be set straight to be put back in. As my son has got older he has had more fun with them. He will line them up behind each other on the bath and make train noises. He has also brushed their teeth and washed their faces when I have been encouraging him to do his own. He was about two and a held before he figured out how to get the trains back in the sheds without mommy's help.

          From my point of view we have owned this toy for a tear and a half and there are no signs of damage. The suction cups on many of these toys don't tend to be that effective but these only tend to come off when you make and effort. With my son he will pour water over the top of the sheds to wash them and did discover once to my horror that mould was growing in the sealant behind this toy so it is essential that this toy is removed regularly and now I tend to move it up and down the side of the bath. The toy itself while easy to clean doe has lots of fiddly bits to clean. Toothpaste in the crevices of the trains mouth can be particularly time consuming to remove.

          Overall I am very happy with this toy. My son is now three and still plays with this toy although I don't know how much longer it will hold his interest. This is one of my sons most regularly played with bath toys although this may be due to the fact it is always on display.

          This toy is recommended for children twelve months and over and while I don't think there are safety issues at that age I would suggest that it is more appropriate for about eighteen months for a child to get more fun out of.This toy is a useful toy for imaginative play, fine motor skills, and sensory play as well as for simple fun.

          This toy is available on Amazon for £9.57 and also Argos for £9.99.


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