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Trenykid Super Scoop

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Brand: Trendykid / Type: Toy Scooper

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2012 21:26
      Very helpful



      A very useful bath time accessory for parents of young children

      This is a fantastic product! There is room for improvement, but nevertheless it is an item that I have welcomed into my life, and genuinely enjoy using. It is a bringer of order, a container of chaos, a drainer of drips.

      The Dooyoo picture can only give you a hint of this item's merit. As you can see, the Superscoop is a large, blue, oval, bucket-style scoop, the base of which has large holes for drainage. It has a handle on the side. Its purpose is being demonstrated: it has been designed specifically to scoop up small bath toys en masse.

      I can tell you from experience that, with one mighty swoop, six small ducks, five stacking turtles, four friendly frogs, three magenta sharks, two octopodes and a starfish/squid mutant can become 'scoopees', swept from their watery playground in a little under five seconds. Sometimes you do have to go back for a subsidiary scoop of course, but once you get the knack this is a rarity and can be reserved for other, larger specimens of bath time play such as Splashy the Penguin by Tomy. Indeed, it can be argued convincingly that a subsidiary scoopng action is beneficial.

      The primary reason for the subsidiary scoop is that it gives the Scoop Operator 'shake' time, in which they shake the scoop so as to ensure the small occupants shuffle down and create space for their larger chum. A corollary of this movement is the additional shedding of water, for which reason the shake should take place over the bathtub. If bubbles are present in the tub the subsidiary scoop can be used for the rinse procedure: a complex operation involving the parting of the foam as the scoop enters the water and lightning speed to achieve exit before the swathes of bubbles regroup.

      The purist may prefer to remove all detergent residue thoroughly and this can be done under a running bath tap, with the water escaping easily through the drainage holes.

      Although the scoop itself is made of a hard plastic, its rim is of a flexible, rubbery substance. This prevents scratch damage to the bath. In my early days I did hit the sides of the bath tub and it remains a necessity on occasion to get right up next to the wall of the tub to ensure all toys are captured. I have detected no bounce factor from the scoop when this has occurred: it continues along its directed path.

      Post-scoop when all toys are gathered, you have two options: to stand the scoop to drain or to hang it up. There are two possibilities in this latter category. My preference is to hang the scoop over the redundant member of our towel rail trio. It is redundant in the sense that hanging a towel over it would cause the towel to become a perfidious barrier between us and our laundry basket: hard to imagine, but true. The Trendykid Superscoop, by nature of its size does not a barrier make. Moreover, the subsequent drips from it will be absorbed by our laundry as we are too lazy to put the lid on the basket. Indeed we view the lid, like the aforementioned hypothetical towel, as a barrier.

      It does not matter if you do not have a spare rail in your bathroom. Trendykid provide a hook with the scoop that can be attached to the wall with a suction pad. I have not used this method, and I do wonder whether the hook would be strong enough to take the weight of the scoop when it is full of toys. Looking at it, I would say probably not, so you would have to empty the scoop and have a separate storage container for the toys. It's just not a neat solution.

      It may be that you have a rail, but no strategically placed laundry bin to absorb drips. Fear not! The Superscoop comes with a detachable base. When attached there is a gap of about 2cm between the drainage holes and the base itself, and the base acts as a water collection tray. One downside of this design is that the base shoots off if too much water drains into it, so woe betide the inefficient Superscoop operator.

      The inclusion of the base into the design means that if you have no rail and eschew the suction hook, you can simply stand the Superscoop in a convenient location, and the water will be contained.

      The Trendykid Superscoop is an absolutely brilliant product. I recommend it to anyone that has a bath menagerie.



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