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V-Tech Splash & Sing Submarine

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3 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Bath toy / Interactive sounds and games / 6 months +

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    3 Reviews
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      11.10.2012 23:03



      Good for a short term bath toy, alternative being sought

      Our son loves this, but within a couple of months of buying this the water stopped spurting out of the top, we changed the batteries and it worked again- for 2 days. Then it stopped again. He does still like it though, enjoys putting the creatures in and out, and as it has wheels on he also likes to play with it on dry land, it's handy when I'm trying to have my own bath, he can get this out of the cupboard and play with it on the floor in the bathroom.

      If it worked better it would definitely be a 5 star review. My son plays very nicely with his toys, looks after them well, but we've so far not found one bath toy that keeps working well, that tomy hippo no longer pedals, the octobubble won't blow bubbles... we'll try again with another bath toy this christmas but it seems that even toys designed for the water just don't last.


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      16.05.2012 14:33
      Very helpful
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      Great bath time fun

      I have two young girls in my house and both of them have always loved bath time which I think is great the laqst thing I want is a fight for getting clean, towards Christmas we were struggling for which presents to buy the girls as they already had so much and there were so many toys in the loft ready to be handed down to Emily and so we bought this bath toy as a joint present for them.


      The toy is created by Vtech which is a leading brand in childrens educational toys and is very widely available, we have a lot of Vtehc toys in our house and generally are very pleased with them, we bought this toy from Tesco but it is also available in the usual places such as Asda, Argos and Amazon, we bought the toy for £15 and you can get it for that price from Amazon now however the RRP of the toy is actually £24.99.


      The toy came packaged in an open front box which allows you to have a play with it before purchase although you cannot get full effect until the toy is in the water. The box was bright blue in colour which most Vtech boxes are and stated that the toy was suitable for ages 12 months and up and would help to teach colours, numbers and animals. I was quite concerned about how an electrical toy could possibly be safe to go into the bath but of course it is perfectly safe. The submarine was held in the box by plastic covered wires which had to be unwrapped to release it from the box and although this isn't difficult it did take a long time as there were so many of them added to this our daughters trying to get hold of the toy and it wasn't the easiest of tasks.

      In the Box

      Inside the box there are four hard plastic pieces you get a large bright yellow submarine with other colourful bits on it, a cute grey seal, a pale blue dolphin with a white tummy and a bright blue and red boat with a opening for one of the characters to sit in.

      The submarine is bright yellow for the main part of it and then it has what looks like a green clover on the roof which is where water will come from once in the bath, the underneath of the submarine is blue and there are little extra bits in orange so you can see the toy is very brightly coloured which of course always encourages a child to want to play with it. The submarine has numerous bits which stand out from it and a opening at the front for the characters to sit in and become the captain.

      The Buttons

      The submarine has four buttons on one side of it and then the speakers along with some embossed sea animals on the other. The on off button is a very small circle which is at the same level as the surrounding plastic so it doesn't stand out, my eldest can manage to turn it on and off herself but my youngest can't or at least not intentionally although she does sometimes manage it by accident.

      The three play buttons are circles about 2cms each in diameter and coloured red, blue and green, the red button has a lobster drawn on it and a number 1, the blue button has a seal drawn on it and a number 2 and finally the green button has a seahorse drawn on it and the number 3. The buttons are large enough for little fingers to be able to press down and there is not too much resistance from beneath so I have found my youngest daughter can manage to activate the toy without help once it is turned on.

      The Animals

      The animals are made of hard plastic and apart from little cute faces they don't have any detailing to them, there is a space at the front of the submarine for an animal to sit in and then the boat that comes with it attaches to the back of the submarine and an animal can sit inside there too. The little boat causes arguments between my girls as my eldest wants it to sit on the submarine but my youngest likes swirling the boat from side to side and making waves. When you place an animal into the front of the submarine it will announce that they are the captains of the ship, when you place an animal into the little boat and let go it will capsize and they will fall out so this isn't the best of designs.


      When you turn the submarine on it plays you a little tune and starts to squirt a fountain of water out of the green clover shape at the top, the tune is catchy with sea animal sounds such as a seal in it too. When you press the red button it states that the button is red, pressed again it says 1 and plays 1 note, pressed again it tells your child that the lobster has 2 claws and makes a clicking noise and then lastly it plays a well known tune although I recognise it I can't for the life of me put a name to it.

      When you press the blue button it states that the button is blue, pressed again it says 2 and plays 2 notes, a third press and it tells you the seal likes basking in the sun and then finally it plays ring a ring o roses.

      When you press the green button it will tell your child the button is green, pressed a second time it says 3 and plays 3 notes, pressed a third time and it tells your child that a seahorse has a bendy tail and then finally it plays another well known tune which again I am struggling to put a name to.

      When the buttons are pressed the water will also squirt out of the top which my youngest finds funny until her sister points it in her face, the water squirts out at 3 different levels getting higher each time and then going back down again so sometimes my youngest will get a little bit of a shock when the water heightens and she is too close so gets squirted.

      Sophie's Opinions

      Sophie likes the submarine whilst her sister wants to play with it but at nearly 5 years old now if she has a bath on her own she won't play with the toy. She enjoys soaking her sister with the fountain which gets her sister rather stressed and doesn't do much to impress Mammy either. She enjoys singing along with songs but the numbers and colours are old news to her since she is now learning letters and is well acquainted with numbers and colours now she doesn't seem to understand why her sister doesn't know them yet.

      Emily's Opinion

      Emily loves playing with this toy and even more so when her sister isn't in the bath winding her up, she isn't bothered by the squirting water when it isn't pointed in her face and she will put her hand in the fountain and laugh at it, she wiggles her bum to the music which I find quite funny to see when she is surrounded by water yet she is dancing around and she loves playing with the little boat although it doesn't really float well. I don't think Emily is actually learning anything from the toy as I think the music and splashing water takes away from what the toy is actually saying to her but she loves the toy and it has to be in every bath she has had since Christmas and she doesn't seem to be getting bored with it at all so I know it would get her recommendation if she could talk.

      My Opinion

      Well my eldest is only amused by winding her sister up with the toy but as it is a toy for 12 months up it is hardly surprising she doesn't get much from it, my youngest loves the toy so that's me being a happy Mammy. The little boat is badly designed as it doesn't float and when you put an animal in it it just rolls on it's side and they fall out but since Emily likes making waves with it this hardly matters. The toy can be played with outside of the water but we don't really bother bringing it out of the bathroom as the girls have plenty of toys for outside the bath. The batteries have lasted well, my daughters have at least 3 baths a week and the toy is on every time they are in the bath but we haven't had to replace the batteries yet, when we do have to replace the batteries it should be easy enough as there is a panel on the underneath held in place with 4 screws. The toy has a RRP of £24.99 which would be pretty expensive but like I said earlier you can pick it up at a lot less than that price so I would suggest shopping around. The toy is very tough too as Emily thinks it's funny to throw it from the bath when I am collecting the toys out at the end of the bath, I have started taking this toy out first now to protect my bathroom floor. I am happy with this toy and so is Emily so I would have to recommend it.


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        07.10.2011 13:36
        Very helpful



        Fab bath toy!!

        Bath time has always been fun in our house with a couple of yellow ducks and a jug to play with. I decided to buy a bath toy as Kacie was becoming bored of pouring water over the side of the bath with the jug. Until I started the search for a bath toy I didn't realise how many there were on the market today. Some go in the bath, some stick to the side of the bath and some can be drawn all over the bath! I thought I'd keep it simple and went for one that went directly in the bath.

        ------ What is it? What does it do? ------
        I had settled for the V-Tech Splash and Sing Submarine. The submarine is an interactive bath toy featuring fun sea characters. There are 4 pieces included, the submarine, 2 sea creatures and a small boat.

        The submarine is brightly coloured in yellow, orange, blue and green with 3 buttons on one side and the speaker on the other side. The buttons are numbered 1, 2 and 3, each one a different colour and with a different animal picture on each one. There is a slot on the front of the submarine for the sea creatures to plug into to become the captain of the ship! There is also a slot for the boat to attach also. A dolphin and a seal make up the two sea creatures. The small boat is blue and red in colour with a slot for the animals to enter.

        As soon as the button is pressed to turn it on the submarine starts playing tunes and squirting water. Each time a different button is pressed the water gets squirted out of the top of the funnel in rhythm to the sound of the music. When the numbered numbers get pressed they try and teach the child about numbers and animals, but with all toys like this, the water and music take away the enjoyment from learning. The water squirts out at 3 different levels, the first is a couple of cm's high, the second is about 10cm high and the third and highest level is about 20cm high.

        ----- Time to play -----
        When Kacie gets into the bath the first thing she does is turn the submarine on and stick her head above the funnel so she can get squirted by the water. The novelty of this never wears out, and for owning the toy for 10 months she gets just as excited with the squirting water as the first time she played with it. When the water squirts in time to the music it will squirt at three different levels so she gets so when it squirts down low Kacie will put her head above it and wait for it to squirt high again. She thinks it's absolutely hilarious!

        The little boat that can be attached to the submarine is a little disappointing. It doesn't float very well on it's own as there is a small hole in the bottom that fills up with water and capsizes the boat. If you wish to put one of the sea creatures into the boat there is no chance of it floating in the water whatsoever as the uneven weight distribution makes it even harder to stay up. It does clip onto the submarine with ease, but once it's on the submarine it doesn't really do anything except give one of the sea creatures somewhere to sit whilst the other one becomes the 'captain of the ship'. It's a bit of a design flaw if I'm honest.

        The three buttons on the submarine are pressed often by Kacie, I don't think she particularly wants to hear what they say after they've been pressed but more rather wait for the water to spray out of the funnels. That's why she only likes playing with it in the bath apposed to outside the bath.

        The main submarine has little wheels on the underside so that it can be wheeled around when it isn't in the bath, of course it can't squirt water as it only travels through the toy when it's placed in water. This took away the best feature of the toy for Kacie and she doesn't touch it when it isn't able to squirt water. The buttons don't give her enough excitement when she knows what the full potential of the toy is.

        ----- Other information -----
        This Splash and Sing Submarine is available from most toy stockists, like Boots and Mothercare for example. Vtech have given this bath toy a RRP of £24.99. The submarine is suitable for children aged over 12 months. It requires 2x AA batteries.

        ----- Overall -----
        This submarine is quite expensive for a bath toy but Kacie has loved and will continue to love it for a long time. She gets so excited by the water squirting out, the look on her face is priceless! Although Kacie doesn't play with it outside of the bath I still think we have had more than our moneys worth of play out of it. We've only had to change the batteries once since having the toy, which is amazing, considering it's one of the most used toys in the house.


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      • Product Details

        Let’s splash and play in the water. The Splash and Sing Submarine is a fun interactive bath toy featuring fun sea characters. Watch the water squirt from the funnels in time with the music. Press the buttons to learn numbers 1-2-3, colours and sea animals through fun phrases, melodies and a sung song. Built-in motion sensor activates melodies and sounds when the submarine is taken out of the water. Includes interchangeable dolphin and seal characters.

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