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Brand: Vasogen / Type: Baby Care

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2009 17:04
      Very helpful



      Not a well known cream but its magic stuff

      I thought I'd write this review because I found this cream to be an absolute miracle cream; its one that's not very well known, but in my eyes it's a hidden gem.

      When my son was a few months old he became poorly and one of the side effects from the antibiotics he had been put on was severe nappy rash. I tried everything under the sun to stop his little bottom being scarlet, and at times it even bled. Of course everytime he passed urine he would scream as it stang. My health visitor told me to wash him with water and let his bottom air - ok in principle, but it meant we could not go anywhere. So I tried all the popular creams and spent a fortune doing so! I lived near a small independent chemist and they were begining to recognise me as I popped in every couple of days to waste yet more money on a cream that wouldn't help my baby's bottom.

      One morning, I was desperate, so back over to the chemist I went. I took another look on the shelves and tucked near the back was this pink and white box that contained a tube of cream called Vasogen. The box was a little faded and dusty, but I checked it was still in date and as it was reasonably priced I purchased it.

      At my son's next nappy change I slapped on this cream and hoped that I would see an improvement in a few hours. Well at the next nappy change his bottom looked worse than ever, only now it was covered in a flakey white stuff. I washed the area, took out the tube of cream again, but this time I read the instructions! I learnt that Vasogen needs to be applied SPARINGLY - ok, I hadn't done that, so I gave the cream another chance!

      At the next change I could honestly see a huge improvement in the redness of my little one's bottom; it was now pink, not scarlet. Within the next 24 hours all signs of nappy rash vanished, and I had a happy bouncy baby back again. What a huge relief! From then I used Vasogen at each nappy change, remembering the word sparingly each time!

      I used Vasogen for my next two babies, and I always add a tube to new baby gifts when my friends/ family have babies. I have converted lots of new mums over to Vasogen. Sadly it is still not widely available in the big shops but a lot of smaller chemists sell it. A 50g tube (ideal for changing bag) costs approx £1.45 and the bigger 100g tube costs £2.30.

      The tube, which has a screw on top, comes in a pink and white box and can be found in the baby section of your local chemist - if you can't find it, your chemist maybe able to order some in for you. The cream itself is white with a slight hint of pink, is fragrance free and of a thickish consistency (you need to shake the tube first otherwise you get a little water out first.)

      ***** ACTIVE INGREDIENTS****
      Dimeticone 20%
      Zinc Oxide 7.5%
      Calamine lotion 1.5%

      Also contains wool fat, aluminium hydroxide, methylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, E218, E214 E216 and purified water.

      I personally describe it as zinc and castor mixed with calamine lotion (which I think is the secret ingredient as it is so soothing)

      Although Vasogen is sold for nappy rash, it is also great for us lucky well endowed ladies who sometimes get a little sore under the breast area, especially in the heat! The tube states that it can be used for bed sores as well.

      Just a little note to tell you how I looked after my youngest and therefore most recent round of nappy changes. I washed her bottom with water if at home (genlte wipes when out), gave her plenty of nappy free time and did not apply any cream to her unless she was beginning to look pink for whatever reason ( teething, too much fruit, antibiotics ect). I would then SPARNINGLY apply a thin layer of vasogen, and usually by her next change her bottom was kissingly soft again!


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  • Product Details

    The prevention and treatment of nappy rash and bedsores. Local protection of skin around the stoma after ileostomy and colostomy.

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