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VTech Splash & Squirt Elephant

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Brand: VTech / Type: Baby Bath Toy

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    1 Review
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      15.03.2012 21:32
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      A well made bath toy which keeps my daughter happy

      When it comes to bath time for my daughter I think it is probably the favourite part of her day as I never hear so many giggles during any other time. She loves nothing more than sitting in a bath full of bubbles and splashing so much that the majority of the bath water ends up on the bathroom floor (thank god for tiles and a mop!). As a child myself bath time was the worst time and I knew when I had my daughter I wanted to make it a good time for her as it certainly wasn't for me so I made sure she would have plenty of entertaining toys to keep her occupied and happy.

      During the Christmas shopping trip I happened to be in Boots sorting through the 3 for 2 and realised that I was short of a gift to take advantage of the 3 for 2. Having already got the presents I needed I wondered through the toy section hoping to find a little something for my daughter as an extra gift. After browsing I came across the VTech Splash & Squirt Elephant. I am quite aware of VTech having got quite a few of their toys but I had never seen this before and as I realised it was for the bath and being the free gift in the Boots offer I put it straight in my basket and promptly bought it!

      VTech as most parents will know are manufacturers of toys from birth upwards. Most of the toys I own tend to be well made and suitable for the age range that they advertise and recommend. I don't hesitate when it comes to buying a VTech product as they tend to keep my daughter entertained and offer value for money hence why buying the Splash & Squirt Elephant wasn't a huge decision. The aim of the toy is for it to see stuck to the bath (it has a suction pad on the base) and it can squirt water out of its trunk as well as play songs/melodies and of course it comes complete with every child's favourite; flashing lights! VTech also intend the toy to help the vocabulary as well as helping develop fine motor skills.

      The toy comes already constructed so all you need to do is pull it out of its compact box and place immediately in the bath - batteries are included which is a godsend as you don't have to remember the batteries! The toy itself is a purple elephant which sits on a bright orange plastic base and it can move up and down on it, the plastic base comes complete with the suction pad which will easily stick to the bath or tiles. The elephant itself has been characterised to make it more child friendly and it features a button on one of its legs complete with various other buttons which allow the lights to flash. It isn't a large toy so won't take up too much room in a bathroom and because it can be stuck to the bath when not in use it can just sit on the side.

      I have to say when I first got the elephant out of its box I really did wonder what else it actually did. I obviously knew to press the buttons which allows the melodies to play and the lights to flash but I really did think that that was it - and no I didn't read the instructions, but I'd like to think a child's toy should be a bit more self explanatory. The melodies are fine in the short term but there is not really much of a variety apart from hearing an elephant sound they are short lived, don't last for long and are repetitive and I know a child isn't in the bath long but having to hear the same sounds every evening does get a bit monotonous! Fine for the child but not nice for the parent! The melodies play when the button is pressed one the leg of the elephant, it is hard to miss the button so ideal for a small person's hands!

      So, what else does it do!? Well, after my other half giving my daughter a bath one night he discovered that when the toy is in enough water and if you make the elephant go up and down on its orange base that two jets of water squirt out of its trunks. Of course, with an adult's force the water comes out in two clear jets and can get quite far but with a child's force the water isn't quite so impressive. However, my daughter seemed quite interested and found it funny when her dad was playing with the toy, the concentration on her face watching the water squirt out was so impressive, you really could see the cogs working in her little head as to how it was being done. Of course, when it was her go it wasn't quite as good but she seemed to enjoy herself and it kept her very entertained although the flashing lights are a major contender for the squirting water! However, I do think that the novelty will wear off with this toy within a few months simply because apart from squirting water and the music it doesn't actually offer anything else and as my daughter gets older I know she will want something more interesting.

      My daughter has had the toy since Christmas day and probably gets put in the bath 5 days out of 7 and the batteries are still going strong. Although it took her a while to watch her dad squirt the water and for her to figure out how to do it herself she got there and can make the water come out although not as forceful but what really does keep her amused is the melodies and the flashing lights. Even though she does have other bath toys the elephant hasn't been ignored once during bath time which is nice as it is definitely getting used. I personally like the fact that it isn't a solid structure in the bath despite it being on a base that has the suction pad it can move freely, if knocked into it will just wobble around a bit but it never looses suction which sometimes is a downside as removing it from them bath itself can be a nightmare as it sticks very well!

      Overall, I am definitely pleased with this bath toy and as it wasn't particularly expensive in the first place then this is even better! It is bright and colourful and provides my daughter with entertainment during her bath and it is getting used which means my daughter likes it. The only downsides that I can see is the lack of melodies it would be nice if there was a bit more variety. The other downside is making it squirt water it is unrealistic to expect a child of the recommended age to be able to squirt water properly and of course the toy has to be submerged to such an extent for it to be able to squirt water that it may concern some parents about the depth that their child will be in. The toy though does was it promises and therefore I would give it 4 stars, knocking one star off simply for the few issues I have for it.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: VTech
      Price: Around the £12 mark
      Availability: Online and in any VTech retailer
      Misc: For ages 1 year plus


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