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Waitrose Baby Cotton Buds

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Cotton Buds

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2012 17:33
      Very helpful



      Waitrose cotton buds

      I was in Waitrose recently picking up various baby bits and always like to put a tub of these baby cotton buds into my basket as they are so handy.

      I think cotton buds are something every mother should have on her changing table at home as they are such a handy product and for me have a number of different uses.

      When both my children were first born I used cotton wool balls to change their nappy with and clean their bums and I then tried to use these cotton balls to do more intricate jobs but nothing beats the precision and accuracy you can get with cotton buds.

      Just recently my little three month old baby boy has had something of a sticky eye. It's not conjunctivitis, I just think he has a bit of a cold but when he first wakes up in the morning his eye is full of going. The tips of these cotton buds are really quite tightly spun and are nice and solid so you can dip it in water to get it a bit wet and then it's perfect for getting right into the corner of his eye and wiping all the gunk away. It does not cause him any harm, it's really quite gentle around the delicate eye area and it gets rid of everything. I like the fact that they come on a stick as it gives you something to hold onto rather than a flimsy piece of cotton wool or a balled up tissue which is way less effective.

      He also has quite a runny nose and these buds are great for fishing out stubborn little bogies as long as you don't stick the bud too far up the nose to cause any damage. I find the cotton makes quite a good little sticking pad for the bogies.

      These cotton buds can also be used by adults as well, they're not just for babies. I find they are great when it comes to my make up routine. It always happens to me, I've just about finished my whole face when right at the end I smudge a bit. These cotton buds work perfectly for me to correct my mistake without having to start my make up again. I put a little bit of make up remover cream on the end and then gently rub over the smudge so it takes away only this and none of my other make up.

      The cotton wool on these feels nice and soft and like I've said above is well packed together so you don't have to worry about the end falling off. I don't however use these in the ear as I've heard and read several times that they are dangerous for the ear and rather than remove earwax there merely push the wax down further into your or baby's ear and cause the ear to become blocked.

      The buds are extremely cheap. A tub of 200 costs just 64p which I think is great value for Waitrose so you really can afford to use quite a few a day. They are made from 100% pure cotton and in my opinion are a great, handy product.


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