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Weleda Baby Calendula Bath

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5 Reviews

Brand: Weleda / Type: Baby Wash

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    5 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 18:47
      Very helpful



      Weleda Calendula Bath

      The Weleda Calendula Bath is available for GBP 10.95.

      The bath is described as follows. "Weleda Baby Calendula Bath is a gentle, warming bath to calm over-stimulated babies and children, promoting a peaceful night's sleep when used before bedtime. Developed by Doctors and Pharmacists, Calendula Bath cares and soothes. With its carefully selected formulation of beneficial ingredients, Calendula Bath is a gentle, warming bath to calm over-stimulated babies and children, promoting a peaceful night's sleep when used before bedtime. Free from detergents Calendula Bath gently calms fractious infants."


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      17.02.2011 00:02
      Very helpful



      A soothing bath cream that calms the skin and mind of little ones just before bedtime

      My son has suffered from dry skin since he was born which was exacerbated by the Johnsons Wash given by the hospital which led to patches of eczema from head to toe. So being rather cautious I set out to Boots the chemist and was drawn to this product as a) it was free of petroleum b) made use of calendula (anti-septic) c) it was a cream bath (emollient) rather than a gel (bubbles) which tends to be more drying d) doesn't irritate the eyes. The following evening I tried the product and when pouring it into the bath (only a small amount is required) I noticed that the water became milky and the scent was calming and not too heavy. My son once in the bath enjoyed his usual routine and remained calm and contented and was soon out, dried, dressed and ready for bed - he was, to my amazement very settled and actually happy in his cot and drifted off to sleep with minimal fuss. Admittedly the ease with which my son went to sleep lasted for a good couple of months until the dreaded teething commenced but I still use this product as it does settle him and leaves his skin wonderfully silky soft without being greasy. The bottle lasted us a good 3 months and it is frequently on offer at Boots so I tend to stock up on this and the bodywash/shampoo which I shall also review.

      I would honestly recommend this product for use on a baby or adult with eczema/dry skin as it has worked wonders for both my son and I but would not recommend it for anyone with greasy skin as it is very moisturising.


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      12.07.2010 15:58
      Very helpful



      Great natural product

      I have never been too interested in product ingredients, natural they or not.... Because never had time or allergies. But when I was expecting a baby, I started thinking very differently. I wanted to give her everything the best quality and with the most natural ingredients. So I had to decide what bath, skin care products to buy. It wasn't easy. Read a lot of information and decided to buy some Weleda products. One of them was Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath.


      Weleda is called to be a "green company", founded in 1921, when the company Die Futurum was established to produce medicines developed by doctors practicing medicine aiming to treat the whole person and not just the illness or symptoms. For more than 80 years this company creates products that respect environment, local communities and customers all over the world.

      In 1924 the company name was changed to Weleda, with Weleda established in Britain soon after in 1925. Worldwide, the company now operates in 51 countries across five continents, and is the largest manufacturer of natural, ethical body care. Weleda has been committed to restoring health and maintaining wellbeing for all people naturally so they have 15 acres of biodynamic gardens in Derbyshire and 135 acres worldwide.

      Their body care products are made without animal testing, petrochemicals or GM ingredients, and minimal packaging is wholly recyclable, too. To ensure that ingredients maintain their innate potency, they are quickly harvested, then processed as little as possible, taking excellent care of them along the way.


      The name Weleda was originally given to the company by Rudolf Steiner. Weleda was a priestess of healing and a well known historical personality who lived at the beginning of the Christian era. She is mentioned several times in the writings of the Roman historian, Tacitus.

      The name Weleda also appeared in Celtic times. In Ile de Sein, a small, storm swept island off the west coast of France, was a Celtic mystery centre. Druid stones are still there today, ceremonies were conducted there by nine priestesses who had understanding of plants. Their leader was Velleda (same Weleda in french). Later the Romans destroyed the centre and dispersed the priestesses. They traveled to different countries and everywhere used their wisdom to help and heal the people.


      Developed by doctors and pharmacists, Weleda Baby Calendula Bath gently cleanses, soothes and cares for baby's delicate skin with almond and organic sesame oils to envelop your baby in warmth and comfort. Keeping their skin smooth and supple it gently protects baby's skin from moisture loss, helps to soothe sensitive skin. A gentle, warming bath calms over-stimulated babies and children, promoting a peaceful night's sleep.

      The award winning Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath is naturally fragrant free and free from synthetic detergents so you can care for your baby's delicate skin, naturally.

      Size: 200ml (6.7 fl oz) white plastic bottle with yellow flip-top and yellow label with Weleda's logo and with a few blossoms of Calendulas.
      Price: from £7.50
      Availability: Boots, many online shops.
      Ingredients:Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride, Prunus Spinosa Fruit Juice, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Fragrance (Parfum: natural essential oils of Lavender, Pine, Sage, Thyme), Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol *, Silica, Xanthan Gum.
      * from natural essential oils (i.e. naturally present in the essential oils).
      Mother & Baby Magazine 2009 Gold Award - Best Skincare Range


      - Shake well before use.
      - Add to water just before the bath is full.
      - Add 2/3 squirts under a running tap.
      - Mix through the water with your hand.
      - Clean nozzle regularly and close the cap after use.


      We started using Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath when we brought our baby girl from hospital home. I still remember first time we bathed her... We were scared to death: baby was so small and her bath looked so big. So, I have squirted some Cream Bath into the water and mixed it through. It's texture is creamy but non-greasy, quickly dissolves in water. This Cream also created very lovely scent of calendulas in the room. I really liked it! As I've read on many websites that Calendulas are known for their comforting, soothing and antibacterial properties, I expected this to be a very good product for our baby's skin. So, after we bathed our little girl her skin was really soft, smooth, cleaned well and smelled a little bit like calendulas. I could even say that water was softer in the bath because of that Cream.

      Another good thing about Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath - the bottle. It is very easy to hold because the bottle has finger grips and it is easy to dispense.

      We still continue using Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath. And why we shouldn't? It is free from everything synthetic, and is based on 100% natural plant oils derived only from flowers, seeds and fruits. It really cares for my little girl's skin.

      I've also found information that products with calendulas should be used before putting a baby to sleep. Because they have calming and soothing effect and baby will sooner fall asleep, sleep better. That seemed a great idea. But we were very surprised to see our daughter even more active after bathing her if we used Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath... I wasn't sure if calendulas had opposite effect on my daughter or simply warm bath. So for a change a few times I used Johnson's Baby top-to-toe wash. And what a surprise - after taking a bath I dressed our girl and within a few minutes she was asleep. It was clear that calendulas do not calm our girl at all, so we simply started bathing her earlier in the evening.

      I think that the smell of calendulas is lovely, but I don't think everybody would agree with me. It's definitely nor for everybody. So before buying smell it in a shop or try to get a sample first.


      I give Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath 5 out of 5 and recommend using it for delicate babies' skin:
      - made with natural oils,
      - free from synthetic ingredients,
      - calendula is perfect for use on babies, children or adults with sensitive skin.

      This Cream Bath isn't very cheap though. But as you put just a few squirts of it into the bath, it lasts long and is really good for a baby's skin.

      More information about all Weleda's products you may get from their website www.weleda.co.uk.
      Or contact them:
      Weleda UK Ltd
      Heanor Road
      DE7 8DR
      Phone: 0115 944 8222
      Fax: 0115 944 8210

      Thanks for taking time to read my review!

      Also posted on ciao.co.uk under the same name.


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        23.06.2010 11:50
        Very helpful



        A great bath lotion for babies and children

        Since my last successful purchase of Weleda Baby and with good results I decided to purchase some more of their products, I was looking for a bath product that doesn't dry out my daughter's delicate skin that is prone to eczema, and because it is soothing it would be great to use before bedtime and this seemed the perfect choice. Even better as this product is another award winning from their range, Mother and Baby Magazine awarded this product their Gold Award.

        At the time I purchased it from Weleda.co.uk for £8.50 for a 200ml bottle. Now I see you can purchase it from boots.com for £6.95 but this is only for a 100ml bottle, so Weleda seems great value.

        Weleda say this product is perfect for delicate skins, which doesn't dry out the skin, it is free from detergents while gently calms fractious infants. It is the perfect bath to calm over-stimulated babies and children, in turn promotes peaceful nights sleep when used before bedtime.
        A good thing to also bare in mind it is suitable for vegans. This isn't something I see a lot on packaging and it has been developed by Doctors and Pharmacists.

        The packaging looks like the others in their baby range; the bottle is white/cream in colour with a curved shape, which fits around your fingers, which is easy to use when wet. With the usual bright orange sticker on the front and back, with the orange flip top lid it is defiantly an eye catching product.

        Putting a bit of the product into my hands, the first thing is I am surprised at is the colour, it is brown and not something I was expected at all. I am also surprised at how runny it is it practically runs off my hand. It smells of Calendula, which is a very sweet smell but not off putting I can see why it would be soothing to babies and children.
        There are selected plant extracts like Calendula flowers and Blackthorn Berries that sooth the skin and also supports the natural functions of your baby's delicate skin.
        It is brilliant on the most sensitive skins and suitable to be used from birth.

        I have used this product since my daughter was born, after all anything that soothes a newborn at night is always a plus, even if I was up every three hours for a feed, but those three hours count for me.
        That night I used some in my daughters baby bath, I shuck the bottle well as stated on the bottle and simply pored some of the liquid into her bath, which came out quite fast, and just before the bath was full I mixed it in with the water. As the liquid hits the water it is obviously brown but when mixed with the rest of the bath water but the water look that bad in colour. Straight away you can smell the sweet scent of Calendula, but with the warm bath water it gives off a lovely, soothing fragrance.
        As I put my daughter into the bath she starts splashing about and the fragrance is lifted into the air again. After 15 minutes in the bath of splashing and washing, her skin feels soft to the touch and so moisturised I don't bother putting any moisturiser on her expect for her eczema patches.
        As she was a baby and with a warm soothing bath she was relaxed anyway and that night she slept all three hours, straight after her feed she was back sleep for three hours until her next feed, result I say. Through her baby years this carried on, which is good.

        As my daughter got older to her toddler years I am continuing to use this product, you need a small amount in the bath so a 200ml bottle will last you a long time, which is great value for money and for the environment.
        Now as a toddler I put my daughter into the bath for half an hour, with the same great results when she was a baby. Although when I take her downstairs she's still running around and playing before she goes to bed, now I am beginning to wonder if the soothing effect is wearing off and doesn't take an effect anymore. I was wrong as when she went to bed she was practically asleep straight away and I didn't hear a peek out of her until the morning. Woohoo.

        I have also used this product when my daughter is teething to sooth her in the night with the same results.
        It is a brilliant baby bath lotion that I would recommend to any parents who want to sooth their children at bath time before bed.


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        05.06.2009 11:41
        Very helpful



        Needs to be thicker consistency to make it last.

        I have just reviewed the lotion for this range so won't repeat why I started to use it, suffice to say that it was the most recommended range from my circle of mums.

        The bath product has very similar ingredients to the lotion based around calendular which is very soothing and nourishing, it is also free from artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.

        The bath milk has a similar consistency to the lotion, milky and quite thin. The biggest disdvantage to this is that it is easy to pour too much into the bath and at £4.50 for 200ml you don't want to be over using it.

        Again the bottle is ergonomically shaped to help you hold on to, not so much of a benefit for the bath milk as you don't normally have a baby in your arms whilst running a bath.

        The benefits - it nourishes the skin beautifully, baby has a very, very slight oil on his skin when he comes out of the bath which seems to keep his skin really soft. The smell again is fantastic. I also think baby seems much calmer when he has his bath in weleda (although I think the Johnsons lavendar range has the same calming benefit).

        Overall I think the product is great but easy to waste and is expensive. I have to replace the bath product much sooner than the lotion.

        Although I usually only use the lotion, with the bath milk I often swap in between this and Johnsons lavendar bedtime rage.

        Good but too expensive.


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    • Product Details

      Developed by doctors and pharmacists, Weleda Baby Calendula Bath cares and soothes. A gentle, warming bath to calm over-stimulated babies and children, promoting a peaceful nights sleep. It also helps soothe sensitive skin. Selected plant extracts support

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