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Bibs & Stuff Miracle Blanket

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Brand: Bibs and Stuff / Type: Blanket

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2009 19:18
      Very helpful



      worth trying

      Swaddling is a way to wrap up your baby to mimic being in the womb all snug and comfy. It is meant to stop the startle reflex, although I have yet to see this as we still get the startle reflex but not as bad. Startle reflex is when babies go to sleep often 10 and 20mins into deep sleep they jerk arms and legs waking themselves back up. The blanket or swaddling is supposed to stop it from happening.

      The miracle blanket has been designed to help successfully swaddle your baby correctly. It wraps over each shoulder, and under each arm, tucking the arms in, and there is a little pouch where the legs get tucked in, and the remaining blanket wraps around baby creating a snug feeling.
      The blanket has a triangle shape to it with extra lengths of material which is used to swaddle. Baby lies in the centre of the material and the two flaps (mentioned above) wrap over each arm, and under the back...it sounds complicated but it isn't and the instructions are more than adequate to explain. The babies' lower half then sits in the foot pocket, and this is pulled up to their tummy. The smaller side of the extra section of material then comes over babies body and under the opposite side. The longer piece of material then wraps twice around baby and I then took the end into the fold. Simple.

      A video can be seen here http://www.miracleblanket.com

      The blanket can be used from birth until baby no longer needs it and can wriggle out of it or outgrows it. It is made of 100% cotton which is gentle on baby and prevents overheating. I have only seen it in white and lemon but I do believe there are other colours available.

      The price of the blanket varies but is around the £25 mark, but you can get it cheaper from stores such as ebay. I brought mine from Mothercare as I had some vouchers to use up.

      I do prefer this miracle blanket to using a normal blanket to swaddle, although its not as effective for us as it probably should be as my daughter loses her dummy making her cry and cry, so I think if we could eliminate that problem she would sleep well in it. I do notice if I try and put her down for naps not swaddled in the miracle blanket she is more fussy going to sleep so I do believe it works.

      I do however wish I discovered this blanket with my first daughter and definitely think it's worth a shot to help baby settle to sleep.

      The only thing that worries me now, is that apparently there is new research out that swaddling can cause lung compression and other problems, so I was told by a support midwife at the breastfeeding cafe, but I haven't seen much about it yet and hospitals still swaddle.

      I would give the blanket 8/10, although I am sure it would probably get a 10/10 from a lot of mums


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      22.01.2009 14:01
      Very helpful



      See in review.

      I asked for this to be added to dooyoo, as its such a fantastic product.

      ~ About ~

      The miracle blanket is 100% cotton. This is best for babies, as cotton is gentle on the skin, easy to wash and helps stop overheating. It comes in different colours, I had pink for my girls and blue for my baby boy at the moment. It is designed to make swaddling a baby easier.

      Swaddling, for those that don't know, is a method of wrapping your baby up tightly in a blanket, as you can see from the picture of this product. Some babies prefer to be swaddled as it is tight and secure, a bit like how they must have been in the womb. It also cuts out the Moro, or startle reflex, that babies have up to 6 months of age. The startle reflex often occurs when babies are going to sleep, as their arms and legs relax, some babies jerk awake, it has been suggested it may feel like they are falling. Also when sleeping, if babies hear a loud noise, they can jump, waking them up. This blanket stops this from happening, so aiding a better sleep for your baby...and for you!

      It is designed to sit below the shoulders, the image above is not the best one actually, as it shows it over the shoulders. When you swaddle your baby with this blanket, make sure it is under the shoulders, to protect against over heating, one of the main supposed causes of cot death, that peaks between 2 - 4 months of age.

      This blanket can be used from birth, up until around 4 months, when your baby should then be ready to get used to sleeping without being bundled up. The blanket costs around £25 and can be bought in Mother Care, or online. eBay tends to sell them new for a bit cheaper.

      ~ How Does It Work? ~

      You can see a video of how this swaddle blanket works at http://www.miracleblanket.com/ . I will try to explain also.

      The blanket is in a triangle shape, but with one long section. You lay your baby in the centre of the triangle. There are two flaps, that you tuck over babies arms, then under their body. There is a foot pocket, that you tuck babies feet into and pull up to the stomach. You can then pull the short side of the triangle over babies body and tuck under the opposite side. Finally you pull the longest end of the triangle to wrap around the baby, then pull tight.

      The blanket uses your babies own body weight to keep the blanket secure, as a lot of babies can kick out of traditional swaddling very easy.

      ~ Personal Opinion ~

      I just love this product. I didn't have it with my eldest child and she was forever kicking out of her traditional swaddle, defeating the purpose of being kept nice and snug throughout her sleep. It drove me barmy constantly having to redo it. When my second child came along, I discovered this blanket in mothercare and never looked back. All my three children, my youngest still swaddled at 3 months 2 weeks old, were sleeping through the night from 6 weeks of age from swaddling and I am convinced the use of this blanket with my younger two, really helped, whilst ensuring I didn't need to keep going back in to re-swaddle kicked off ones.

      They are very durable, easy to wash, help prevent overheating, ensure a good nights sleep for your baby, all in my personal opinion. What more could you want for your wee one?

      ~ Should I Buy It? ~

      Not all babies like being swaddled. All you can do is try it and see. It is worth noting that when swaddling, a lot of babies do cry. This doesn't always mean they don't like swaddling itself, just that they might not be too keen on the initial act of it!

      If your baby likes to be swaddled, but escapes a lot, try this blanket, you will not regret it!

      ~ Where Can I Buy It? ~

      Mothercare stocks the miracle blanket. You can also buy from http://www.miracleblanket.com/ and eBay.

      ~ More Information ~



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  • Product Details

    The unique shape of this blanket makes swaddling easier than ever before. The Miracle Banket reduces stress and shock of entering the world and being away from the comfort of mother's womb. The Miracle Blanket helps babies to sleep better because it reduces the effects of startling themselves awake or scratching themselves.

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