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Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net

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Brand: Clippasafe / Type: Crib Canopies

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2013 22:04
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      A good idea but it wasnt for us

      Me and my Husband have always treated our cats as part of the family and they are totally spoilt, they are basically allowed to go where they want within the house whenever they want including the bedrooms and will often sleep on our bed with us.

       Our younger cat Layla would often sleep in the spare room before Jayden was born, we were a little concerned that once he was born and sleeping in his own room that she would try to get in the cot with him.  Our older cat Daisy is terrified of Jayden now and doesn't really go near him but Layla is totally different and is very tolerant of him and even a little protective, especially if our neighbours cat came near him (even though he is very friendly) Layla would growl and hiss until he moved back, this made us a little worried that she would try to snuggle up with Jayden in his cot at night, after doing a bit of research we decided to give a cat net a try, we decided to buy the Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net as we had read these were supposed to be really good.  

      The Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net came folded up inside a cardboard box, this had the name Clippasafe in the top corner with the words Cot Bed Cat Net across the centre of the box in blue writing, beneath this are various facts about the cat net including the measurements, the rest of the front of the box is taken up with a picture of a baby's nursery with a cot with the cat net fitted over it showing you exactly how the net will fit and look once in place.  The rest of the box including the sides and back are taken up with various pieces of product information including what the net is designed for, the fitting instructions, cautions and a size guide, all of this information is very clearly written so you know exactly what you are doing with the net to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely.  

      The Cot Bed Cat Net
      As the name suggests we purchased he Clippasafe Cat Net which is suitable for cot beds as this is what we had for Jayden, the cat net is basically a large rectangle box shaped net made from a white coloured mesh, the mesh is tightly woven to prevent anything getting through it, however the holes are large enough to ensure there is plenty of air flow through the cot on all sides.

       The net has a securing tie on each corner so that once the net is slid over the cot and in position you can hold it in place by securing the ties around each leg of the cot.  As I have mentioned our Clippasafe Cat Net is suitable for a cot bed and measures 150cm in length, 75cm wide and 75cm drop (to the bottom of the mattress) when we first fitted the cat net we were pleased with the fit as it fitted perfectly without being too loose and came down far enough to ensure the cats could not squeeze underneath the net.

       This net also comes in another size for standard costs which measures 135cm in length, 67cm wide and 67cm drop.  The purpose of the Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net is described as being designed to protect your baby against cats and other similar sized pets from getting into the cot with them, the mesh is not small enough to stop insects getting into the cot, however you can buy a separate net for this purpose which has a smaller mesh to it.  

      Fitting Instructions
      The fitting instructions for this item are pretty standard, however it is important to follow them to ensure that the net is fitted correctly and safely.  The instructions state that you drape the net over the cot and pull it down as far as possible, you then secure the ties in each corner to the cot below the mattress (we secured ours to the cot legs) Once in place you then need to check that there are no gaps between the net and the cot at or below the level of the mattress.  When securing the ties to the cot you need to make sure they are positioned so that the ties cannot move up the cot if pressure is applied to the top of the net.  

      The cautions that are on the back of the packaging state that when using the cot net you need to make sure that the net does not sag onto your baby when the weight of your pet is applied to the top, if this happens you need to lower the mattress and or secure the ties lower down.  The cautions section also states that you should regularly check that all seams are in tact and that the ties are secure.  

      Price and Availability
      Our Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net came from the website Kiddicare, although they are available from places such as Amazon if you search for them.  We bought ours from here as it sold them for the best price, the RRP is £16.99 for this particular Cat Net, however we paid just £7.99 for ours which I thought was an excellent price for this item especially if it worked.  

      My Opinion
      We didn't use the Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net for the first few months after Jayden was born as he was sleeping in our room, however at around 5 months old we decided it was time for him to go into his cot, mainly as he was getting a bit big for his mosses basket.

       We fitted the cat net as per the instructions and made sure that it was fitted properly and securely with the ties being positioned so that they could not move when weight was put on the top of it.

       When we first put the cat net onto Jayden's cot I wasn't overly keen on it, the way it was made and the quality of the item was excellent and not a problem I just personally didn't like the cot being covered over (despite the mesh was large enough to give good air flow) I just didn't feel happy about it, anyway we decided to give it a try, however this didn't last long as our cat Layla did decide to jump on it (she had never bothered with the cot until the net was on it) and as soon as she jumped on it it saged right in, the net didn't actually touch Jayden or go onto him, however I was not happy with the amount it sagged and with Layla on it it really didn't look overly secure and looked as though it could sag further and go into the cot with Jayden, we removed Layla and checked we had positioned the ties correctly and tightly, which we had and then decided to give it another try, unfortunately the same thing happened and the net sagged right in again.  

      After this I decided that we were not going to use the cat net, I personally did not feel comfortable with how the net withstood the weight of a cat on it, I would not feel comfortable leaving this on the cot with Jayden in it, in the end we didn't bother with the net and just made sure that we kept Jayden's door shut when he was in his cot, we have a baby monitor so we could hear him if he needed us, also there is not a large distance between his room and ours so again we could easily hear if he cried.

       Overall I was happy with the actual quality of the Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net and the way it was made, I was also happy with the price of it, however I was not happy with the performance of it and just did not feel comfortable using it, personally I would not recommend the cat net and would say just keep the door shut to keep your pets out of your baby's room, however this may work for some people, it just didn't for us.  


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