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Hippychick Fitted Mattress Protector

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Brand: Hippychick / Type: Mattress Protectors

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    3 Reviews
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      06.04.2013 17:45
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Hippychick fitted mattress protector sheet

      Lets face it all babies are just plain messy. They pee, poo and are sick wherever and whenever they feel like it, in fact I am sure my daughter times peeing with the removal of her nappy, so with her in mind I wanted to invest in some good quality waterproof sheets. Really investing in a good mattress protector was quite high up on my list of essential baby items because we mainly use the downstairs cot as both a bed and as a makeshift changing station. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that our rather expensive mattress would be taken care of and not end up covered in pee.

      The Hippychick mattress protector is not anything unusual or game changing it is essentially a waterproof fitted sheet. However, Hippychick have managed to avoid making a horrible, noisy, sweaty waterproof sheet. Instead they have managed to create a breathable and soft sheet that feels soft and pliable to the touch while still keeping the mattress below safe from the messy baby above. The fitted sheet is cotton with a 100% waterproof backing. The Hippychick fitted mattress protector is also anti-allergic so will help to stop the build up of bacteria and dust mites.

      Personally, I wouldn't use the Hippychick fitted mattress protector as the only sheet on the bed, I like to cover it with a nice cotton sheet that just seems much softer and nicer to have next to your baby's precious skin. The Hippychick fitted mattress protector is not bulky and I doubt many people would even think that there was two sheets on the cot (not that anyone would care) but it does mean that I don't have to try and wash the integrated mattress cover, which I am sure would be lots more effort that simply removing the Hippychick fitted mattress sheet and throwing it in the wash with the rest of her dirty clothes.

      The Hippychick cotton waterproof bed protector is available in three different sizes; cot, cot bed and single bed. I own the waterproof mattress protector in the cot size and it is a good fit. The Hippychick fitted mattress protector is available as a flat sheet or as a fitted sheet. Personally, I always opt for the fitted sheet option whenever possible because they just make life that little easier and I find that they are much faster to put on with a lot less fuss all around.

      However, unfortunately the Hippychick fitted mattress protector is not the cheapest of purchases.

      Cot - £20.95
      Cot bed - £24.50
      Single bed - £26.95

      But I have gone on to repeat buy the sheets as I feel that they are worth the investment and mine still look great even after repeated wear and tear.

      It was on Mothercare's online website that I first came across the Hippychick fitted sheet mattress protector, but you can buy a range of Hippychick products in various baby stores and from Amazon.

      The Hippychick fitted mattress protector can be washed at 60 degrees and it can be tumble dried, but so far I have only washed the sheet at 40 degrees and it is still lovely and white. I haven't yet tumbled dried the sheet but I have found it seems to dry in no time whatsoever if you leave it hanging up to dry close to a warm radiator.

      I would happily recommend the Hippychick fitted mattress protector to anyone looking for something similar, it's nice and really after it is on the cot I don't notice it, but it does give me peace of mind. So far my Hippychick waterproof sheet hasn't failed me and my mattress looks unused despite my daughters best efforts to pee on everything and anything she owns.

      Five out of five stars.


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        01.08.2010 14:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        5 out of 5

        I have had these hippychick matress protectors in place on my son and daughters beds for ages. I have the sizes for single beds but they also do sizes for cots, cotbeds and adult beds as well.

        They are ideal for putting on the bed to protect the matress against accidents and spills. There is nothing worse than trying to scrub clean a matress and these sheets mean you don't have to worry about it.

        The protector is 90 x 190cm and has fitted ends so it is easy when making the beds. It also means that despite having wriggly bodies on it the sheet doesn't move at all, it stays securely in place. It is made from a soft cotton and has a thin layer of 100% polyurethane which is totally waterproof and absorbent.

        The polyurethane also acts as an anti allergy barrier and helps protect against dustmites which can irritate childhood asthma.

        The sheet is soft to the touch and doesn't make any crumpling noise when it is laid on, it just feels like an extra padded sheet on the bed.

        I have found these sheets to be excellent. I put them on the bed underneath the normal bed sheet and it makes the bed feel lovely and soft. Whenever one of the kids has had an accident the sheets have been taken off and the matress is still completely dry.

        The sheets are machine washable at 60 and are suitable for the tumble dryer. Mine still look as good as new, even a few years later. The sheets are still soft and the waterproof layer is still very effective.

        I would recommend these for anyone who has children. Even if they are no longer in nappies it is still useful to have just as a precaution, if nothing else it makes the bed even more comfortable!

        The single bed sheets start at £24.95.


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          01.02.2010 21:23
          Very helpful



          Will protect your mattress for years to come

          Hippychick Fitted Mattress Protector ...


          A wonderfully easy, practical and discreet way of guarding against wet beds and damaged mattresses, the fitted Hippychick bed protector is a great natural alternative to sweaty plastic undersheets giving adult and child peace of mind and a better night's sleep.

          Key Features:

          Made from pure brushed cotton
          100% waterproof, breathable polyurethane layer
          Soft, absorbent and discreet
          Anti - allergy, protects against dustmites
          Machine Washable
          Tumble or Line Dry

          The Review:

          I purchased the hippychick fitted mattress protector when our little girl stopped wearing nappies to bed. I wanted to make sure that any little accidents didn't result in a ruined mattress.

          Having looked in Mothercare, etc I found the Hippychick Fitted Mattress Protector on offer in Boots so I decided to give it a go. I had expected something of a plastic/chemical smell when I unpacked the protector but amazingly it was odour free. The next thing which struck me about the protector was how soft it was, the brushed cotton felt much nicer than her usual fitted bed sheets so I was immediately impressed. Additionally, the waterproof layer didn't make the crinkle noise I had expected !

          The protector fits my daughter's bed perfectly with no wrinkles, in fact it looks and feels so good that you could probably get away without having to use a top sheet if you wanted. However, I tend to use a top sheet with the mattress protector as it is white in colour, although I find that the two combined, give a lovely smooth surface for my little one to sleep on.

          We have had a few accidents and put the mattress protector to the test and it has proved to be 100% effective with no leaks, no nothing. The brushed cotton appears to absorb all liquid so even when you're stripping a wet bed, there is no need to worry about it going through to the other side or even dripping off when you remove the sheet ... it really is excellent and copes with everything from little leaks to big accidents ! The only negative is that the whole sheet has to be removed when wet rather than just the top sheet compared to if you were using a plastic undersheet; however, for me the hippychick fitted mattress protector is great, it's soft and smooth, doesn't make any crinkling noises when my little one rolls over on it and it works !

          The hippychick fitted mattress protector can be machine washed at 60 degrees but I wash it at 40 and it's fine. As I don't have a tumble drier I rely on getting the mattress protector dry by putting it into the airing cupboard. On average, drying time can be between 6 - 8 hours so because of this I invested in a second protector to be able to alternate the two ... this may be something to bear in mind depending on your needs.

          The Hippychick Fitted Mattress Protector is available in a full range of sizes from crib, cot, cot-bed, single, double and finally king - suitable for all the family.

          The price does vary depending on where you buy your mattress protector so shop around, I was lucky to get 2 for the price on 1 in Boots when they had a sale.


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