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Kids Line Camelot Quilt Clips

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Type: Bedding

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    1 Review
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      02.04.2009 21:29
      Very helpful



      These quilt clips will help to make a beautiful display on your baby's bedroom wall.

      Just before my baby granddaughter was born I had a small win on an online games site and ended up spending my prize money, which had been deposited in Paypal, on items for the impending birth. Nice extras which would brighten up her bedroom at home and things that hadn't been top of my daughters priorities.

      One item I bought from Ebay was a set of Kidsline Camelot design Quilt Clips, the reason I bought these was because I knew my sister had bought the baby a beautifully embroidered quilt but was also aware that my granddaughter would not be using a quilt for at least twelve months. The idea of the quilt clips is that they are used to hang quilts from the wall, the clip attaches to the wall and the castle picture holds the quilt in place in much the way a crocodile clip would hold something.

      The quilt clip is excellent quality, made from a thin but strong wood with the back of the clip painted a beautiful pale pink and the castles being an equally lovely pale purple. The two clips which come with this pack are different designs which is nice, but honestly I'd have preferred matching clips which is how the rest of the Kidsline Quilt Clips are designed. The castles are beautiful and look like they have just been taken from a nursery rhyme, one is actually a carriage shaped like a castle but it's a castle none the less in my opinion!

      First you need to fasten the clips to the wall, then when they're screwed in fasten the quilt to it one end at a time. The clips don't open terribly widely so would be more suitable to the coverlet style quilts rather than the thicker ones they sell in Mothercare. In fact you don't want to use a too thick quilt as it will obscure the beautiful design of the clips. Also try to position the quilt as well as you can first time round as the clips don't look like it would take much to split the castle from the backing, repeated opening and closing of the clips would probably cause problems.

      They look stunning in my granddaughters' nursery and even now she's old enough to have a quilt she's decided that she won't have so much as a sheet over her at night let alone a thick quilt, so the clips have had even more use than I thought they would. They hold the quilt snug to the wall and keep it hanging securely, these have been in action for nineteen months now with the quilt being removed twice for washing and they are still in tip top condition.

      They were rather expensive at £8 for these two small 1 inch square clips but they look so lovely that I don't begrudge paying this at all. I know the quilt could have been hung on small nails but this would have meant damaging the beautiful fabric, these clips don't mark or ridge the quilt at all so this is worth the money alone.


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