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Millie & Boris Cot Bumper

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Brand: Mamas and Papas / Type: Cot Bumper

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2012 10:24
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      Nice but expensive new

      This is a review of the Millie and Boris range cot bumper we originally had around our baby's cot. I say originally because we soon had to move it as she became adept at standing and undoing the knots which tied it to the cot. When loose it can be dangerous in a sleeping zone (some think they are dangerous tied on too) so although it looked lovely, it had to go.

      Why buy?
      Early on we decided on the M&B theme for our nursery as it was beige it would do for either sex and the characters are a cute bear and rabbit. Other items we bought in this range were curtains, tie backs, muslins, sleeping bags, a light shade, duvet, cot mobile, pram toy snake accessory, nappy stacker and laundry bag. All the purchases were made in a staggered way or we would have had a huge bill to pay!

      The beige theme of M&B means you can buy other items that match without necessarily buying them from the Mamas and Papas store. We found the Toys R Us bear range quite similar and bought a changing mat from there as we didn't like the material M&B version.

      The bumpers are cream and beige with a sort of wave effect in the material pattern. Millie and Boris feature on the headboard side of the cot bumper and they tie on to half way round. We just tied ours around the head of the cot to keep it away from where the baby would be sleeping. The quality and finish is perfect on this item as you would expect when you see the price!

      RRP for this item is a whopping £50 but it is currently on sale for £45. We bought ours second hand from ebay which I am pleased about for the length of time we used it!

      My thoughts
      Each year, the M&B range slightly alters in design but we found you can mix and match the different ranges without any problems and they are all that similar beige theme. The cot bumpers are soft and easy to attach. We bought the biggest cot bed (also from Mamas and Papas) and the bumpers attached with ease. They were tab top ties and we knotted them on to be secure.

      I do think these are too expensive and that you are paying for the brand. They are so nice to look at that a lot of people buy them or have them on a gift list to fit in with their theme. At least some value is retained afterwards and you can resell them on ebay whatever season you have bought. I think I will be doing that.

      There are lots of view points about cot bumpers and whether they are safe. At first our baby didn't move much when we placed her in the cot (she had previously been in the moses basket). We used blankets to reduce the size of the cot in the feet to foot of the bed position and she looked nice and cosy, her head well away from the top of the cot where the bumpers were attached.

      Final word
      If anything I think I got the most pleasure from the cot bumper before our baby was born and the nursery was ready, all clean and colour coordinated and not messy and needing the nappy bin emptying! I used to sit in there, hand on bump thinking about how lovely the room looked and how cosy our baby would be in there. Of course when the baby arrives it's total chaos and all that organisation goes out of the window! Fortunately, the bumpers can be washed easily although I only washed them when I first got them from ebay. It's a shame we had to remove them once our daughter got more mobile (the bumpers and the cot mobile had to go as she was swinging on them and chewing the knots on the bumpers). However we have saved them for the next time we have a little one in the cot.

      It is lethal going baby shopping when you are excited about the arrival of your baby and I am amazed at how much we spent on the M&B range in total. I did pick up a few items second hand but also bought some of them from the shop. I hardly dare add it up but would warn people not to get carried away and remember that especially with cot bumpers you will not use them for as long as you think.


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