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Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheet

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Quilts & Covers - Cot Bed Sheet

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      A good waterproof sheet from Tesco

      At the moment Jayden is still sleeping in his Moses basket in mine and my husbands room, however he wont be too long before he moves into his own room at night so to get use to it we have been putting him in his cot in his own room for most of his naps where possible. His cot is fully made up and ready for him with sheets, a duvet and so on, we also purchased some waterproof sheets for his cot just in case of any accidents whether that's when he moves into his own room or during his naps. When we purchased the waterproof sheets we didn't want to spend a huge amount on them and some of the brands we looked at were quite expensive, however we discovered that Tesco sold Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheets at a reasonable price so we decided to give these a try.

      The Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheet comes in a clear packet with a card and the name written on it inside and the sheet is neatly folded up inside. There is nothing fancy about the waterproof sheet, it is basically a plain white cotton sheet with a waterproof layer that stops your baby's mattress becoming wet should they have an accident. The sheet measures 140cm x 70cm, I found this was an ideal size for Jayden's cot bed and it actually fitted perfect, there was plenty of sheet spare to tuck underneath the mattress and hold it in place, the corners were also slightly elasticised which also helped it to stay in place and fully cover the mattress, it prevented it from slipping off as Jayden moved about.

      I was a little disappointed to discover that the Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheet was not machine washable, I was hoping for something that could be put in the washing machine to ensure that it was cleaned properly, however with this item you can only wipe it down with a damp cloth, I do wash mine thoroughly with water and a sponge and then an anti bacterial wipe to make sure it is properly clean before putting it back on Jayden's cot, however I would feel a bit happier if I could put it in the machine with all my other washing, however this has not put me off using this item.

      Obviously the Waterproof Cot Bed Sheet is only available from Tesco as it is one of their own brand products, you only received one sheet per pack and this costs just £4.47, I personally thought this was a good price especially compared to some other places we looked at waterproof cot bed sheets, for such a cheap price the sheet was well made and appeared strong making it well worth the money.

      I have been using the Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheets for a while now when I have put Jayden in his cot for a nap and I have been pleased with them, we have had occasions where his nappy leaked a little and the sheet kept his cot clean and dry meaning I did not have to struggle to clean the mattress, the waterproof sheet prevented it from becoming wet.

      The sheets are very well priced and in my opinion well worth the money, they are a lot cheaper than some brands you can buy and are just as successful. The cotton layer on the sheets makes them comfortable for your baby to sleep on and just like a regular sheet, also I find that they do not make a noise as Jayden moves around in his sleep, I did wonder if they would be a bit noisy however this is not the case. The sheets only come in white so if you wanted different colours to match your room these would not be ideal, however for use they are perfect, I put a plain sheet over the top of them if I want a different colour sheet instead of white. The sheets fit perfectly to Jayden's mattress and I like the fact that they are elasticised so that they stay in place. I would highly recommend the Tesco Waterproof Cot Bed Sheet to anyone as they really do do what they say they will and I will certainly purchase these again in the future should we require some new ones.


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